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three days grace operate

  • Grace - Abby Travis
    "Grace Life's seams are sewn with dreams To befriend the fates Ties a thread to the state of Grace Once attained can't be maintained Like a foam erased leaves a trace Of the state of Grace And every"
  • Three Days - Willie Nelson
    "Three days I dread to see arrive Three days I hate to be alive Three days filled with tears and sorrow Yesterday today and tomorrow There are three days I know that I'll be blue Three days that I'll"
  • Three Days - Mandy Barnett
    "(Willie Nelson) Three Days that I dread to see arrive Three Days that I hate to be alive Three Days filled with tears and sorrow Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow There are Three Days I know I'll be blue Three"
  • Three Days - k.d. lang
    "(Willie Nelson/Faron Young) Three days that I hate to see arrive Three days that I hate to be alive Three days filled with tears and sorrow Yesterday, today, and tomorrow There are three days I know"
  • Three Days - Rhye
    "I'm famish so I'll eat your man a roast Rather be stand of foolish fear Must steal your breath Like a twisted thief with a magnum globe Stressed by nature unruliness Stealing kisses in those'. Stealing"
  • Three Days - Jane's Addiction
    "Three days was the morning. My focus three days old. My head, it landed To the sounds of cricket bows... I am proud man anyway... Covered now by three days... Three ways was the morning. Three"
  • Three Days - Pat Green
    "Wake up, what you been dreaming about I ain't got a lot to say, but I could talk to you for hours The way you talk, the way that you breathe The way that your spirit moves into me Wake up, wake up, wake"
  • Three Days - Carly Simon
    "(Carly Simon) If I have known you only three days Then how will I remember you in ten? But I could swear I'll love you always And if the gods will please be kind Darling, I'll be with you soon, soon again. And"
  • Three Days - Toni Childs
    "I walk away it seems it's like a bad day on the hill I stand and stare away hoping for a brighter day and I stand staring there and I stand staring there today I feel the rain fall upon my face and wash"
  • Grace - Michael W. Smith
    "I was lost when ya found me here You pulled me close and held me near And I'm a fool but still you love I'll be your fool for the king of love He gave me wings so I could fly And gave me a song to color"
  • Grace - Robbie Williams
    "Sometimes I feel like I am Sailing on a sunken dream I try to read the signs But I don't know what they mean I know when I'm with you I'm a rich man baby Grace, I'm not yet born Come embrace A soul that's"
  • Grace - Simon Webbe
    "(Grace, grace) Reaching out, looking for some way to escape the crowd You whispered words that I've been searching for Somehow you answered my call Reaching out I feel I'm rising up You give me (grace) In"
  • Grace - Will Young
    "Feeling so strange I'm seeing you clearly now Your beauty's deadlier everyday All these people am I the only one Who found you out Is no one willing to say, willing to say, willing to say Why don't you"
  • Grace - Ruby
    "Baby comes one time and in his touch I feel a grace that only he can bring And with his kiss, I feel a grace That only he can bring, only he can bring Baby comes two times and with his touch I feel warmth"
  • Grace - Lloyd Cole
    "once you were an angel jesse honey is it hard to take does it feel so bad to be 28 you were 23 and you could do anything now you open your mouth and spit the gutter out i was walking down by the river"
  • Operate - Elastica
    "I'm really close you see Feel it breathing In my living heart I see you going for a life that's cruising Waste at smart I really do I really want it, but is it here? I love you anyway true No flickers Listen,"
  • Operate - Melodyssey
    "OPERATE!!! There right before my eyes Slowly we unfold I saw between you Slowly we unfold now And in the end you gave me nothing, think about that I need respect upon the things that you made me do And"
  • Operate - Peaches
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah Uhh It seems to me so strange Check wallet for his name His face is in the muck I think his zippers stuck He is perfect for me To practice surgery When blood coagulates Its"
  • Operate - Amen
    "Tortured and I am betrayed I am elusive and I will be unheard I'll take you and I'll play with you Stand in lines Rape you I want to destroy you I want to rape and kill you Operation operation Operation"
  • Days Of Grace - Tanya Donelly
    "This is easy this sweet cacophony It's like shooting fish in a cyclone I'm on top of this, over my head again It's like taking candy from a psycho Oh where are my enemies Have they abandoned me Where's"

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