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thrift soph

  • Thrift - Marilyn Manson
    "I sit here all knowing Knowing nothing here at all, yeah My cuts spread slower Pig hands reach into my sides, yeah I hate this life you give me I give you hate you live for me, yeah I love the pain you"
  • Soph (Spoken Word) - Bette Midler
    "From Bette Midler's Live At Last CD I was in the woods last night with my boyfriend Ernie, and he said to me "Soph",(he always called me Soph),he said to me "Soph, these woods sure are dark I sure wish"
  • Thrift Shop - Ariana Grande
    "Hey, Ariana! Can we go thrift shopping? What, what, what, what? Bada, badada, badada, bada I said, I'm gonna pop some tags Only got twenty dollars in my pocket I - I - I'm hunting, looking for a come-up This"
  • Thrift Store Girl - Screeching Weasel
    "Well she's a thrift store girl Yeah she's a beautiful loser She'll switch price tags for me Sometimes meet me for coffee And I don't think she does that For anyone but me She dresses me for absolutely"
  • Thrift Store Chair - Everclear
    "Baby go to bed And put out the light We both know If we talk anymore We are going to end up In a great big fight You can have your way again Yeah you can believe What you want to believe You can walk"
  • Thrift Shop Junkie - Voodoo Glow Skulls
    "everyday when i go to school people say i look like a fool- they don't like the way i dress- hey!, i don't wear pants made my guess- plaid pants aren't too funny- i bought them with yesterday's lunch money-"
  • Thrift Shop (feat. Wanz) - MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS
    "I’m gonna pop some tags Only got $20 in my pocket I-I-I'm huntin' lookin' for a come-up This is fucking awesome Now, Walk into the club like what up I got a big cock I'm so pumped I bought some shit"
  • The Megaphonic Thrift (An Odd Assembly) - Guided By Voices
    "We were the losers or so they thought But what we wanted is what we got We were nobody But now we're somebody And you can't take a name from a man Once he's made it And we have made it Here at the megaphonic"
  • Thrift Shop (jako Macklemore - Twoja Twarz Brzmi Znajomo) - Chris Cugowski
    "I'm gonna pop some tags Only got $20 in my pocket I-I-I'm huntin' lookin' for a come-up This is fucking awesome Walk into the club like what up I got a big cock I'm so pumped I bought some shit from"
  • Thalassocracy - Frank Black
    "Well, it isn't so great Since you learned karate chop-chop-chop-chop-chop You're walkin' machs and I'm just Swimmin' in the slop-slop-slop-slop-slop You wave your wand at me and Make me dance flip-flop-flip-flop-flip I"
  • Counter Parts & Number Them - Alexisonfire
    "Jennifer, they lied to you When they said you Couldn't breathe underwater So here it is, the end is near (I lied, too, when I said that I was hard, I'm soft) Never would've thought this might Be something"
  • Transmigrating Beyond Realms ov Amenti - Behemoth
    "there is a flame untamed deep in my heart unyielding, pure Ain Soph 'tis measureless our right divine: aspire to all horizons to seek nature ov things retreat within yourself to find the primal breath"
  • Severed - Mudvayne
    "And we hide behind, Lies, anger, Hate they shoo love away, Build shells of ourselves outside, It shelters body from cold reigns of reality, Come on, Step out, of your rind, assemble strength, focus, Release"
  • Horns Ov Baphomet - Behemoth
    "Rise thy horns For I'm at one with the dark Divine presence ascends Touching the forehead ov god Hark! I was not, I have become In rapture, in vengeance, in blood From word into flesh From man into god "Strive"
  • Junk Shop Clothes - The Auteurs
    "Junk shop clothes Will get you nowhere Theyre out of season Its betrayal with no treason Junk shop clothes Will get you... There is no reason why Your mother was a seamstress Claim soutine never spent A"
  • Counterparts And Number Them - Alexisonfire
    "Jennifer, they lied to you when they said you couldn't breath underwater. (So here it is, the end is near... Never would've thought that I'd be something you'd so easily discard) I lied to when I said"
  • Sequence 3 - Flesh Goes Out Without Grace - Anorexia Nervosa
    "Yantric symptoms & collusion of the body with the need... play of a spirit ready to leave... Ebola-Monkey visited me... I had to kneel, to implore its grace "Nothing more is to hope" "Won't be there tomorrow" The"
  • Karen - Innocence Mission
    "I met the sweetest of angels yesterday.And I knew it was trueSince she got thoseFlowers with a message"The Angels are watching your every move"And I never saw the most innocent of clothesThat she's chosen"
  • Amelia Bright - Ben Folds Five
    "Hey, something is new It got into me and I hope that it got into you The way my covers are made Trumpets will play And I hope that it's inside I hope that it got into you There's no doubt Here lies Amelia"
  • Carolina - Adam Green
    "Carolina, she's from Texas Red bricks drop from her vagina Oh, her lips taste just like sunk ships But her breasts taste just like breakfast There's her hand now on the cock sock Filled with white tears"

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