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through the boty

  • Through & Through & Through - Joel Plaskett
    "Im the Berlin Wall, Im a communist Youre a wrecking ball in a summer dress Youre the horizon line, Im the last sunset I might be going down but Im not set yet Im as white as a ghost, digging foolish gold I"
  • Through - RAMP
    "Through friends we feel The sense of life Through love we seal The point of life Through the hate we show our pain This fire kept inside our brain Through humanity This we see Through war we show We"
  • Through - Brettell
    "So through how it all so seems never in time, but always in her dreams a trip to the mills, it went so slow that was the sound, of the time that was the sound you brought a ticket to her world and I've"
  • Through - Chrissi
    "Chrissi Miscellaneous Through Remember when we were friends? we had it all. we agreed to be best friends forever but now its gone. what happend? you left. and im sick of crying ~Chrous~ im falling forever never"
  • Through - Michael George
    "Is that enough? I think it's over See, everything has changed And all this hatred may just make me strong enough To walk away They may chase me to the ends of the earth But I've got you babe And they"
  • Through - George Michael
    "(George Michael) Is that enough? I think it's over See, everything has changed And all this hatred may just make me strong enough To walk away They may chase me to the ends of the earth But I've got"
  • Through - Autumn Clan
    "There's a time beyond the time, a place beyond a place I fall asleep, I'm in too deep and I feel nothing I surrender all the feelings and all things above I remember - saved by sex and punished with love ..."
  • Through The Through - Life Of Agony
    "You got that look in your eye again It's working overtime Worried about where I'm gonna spend my life But it's much too late, I said it's much too late I said it's much too late to start picking fights You"
  • Getting through - The Cars
    "I don't want to be your party doll All flaked out in tinsel town Circus mouth shooting all directions With TV ads that sell erections I got no clue what they want to do with you It's just getting through,"
  • We're Through - The Hollies
    "I should be better off without you You take a pride in making me blue I'm telling you my friend It's got to be the end We're through I told you time and time again You told me he was just a friend But"
  • Climbing Through - The Yardbirds
    "The day's gonna come, Just wait and see, When we'll be together, Just you and me. The world outside, Won't tell no lies, Won't have no say, Won't criticise. 'Cause we ain't gonna listen, And we aint gonna"
  • Through The Dark - The Sundays
    "Oh innocent smiles, how they put you to shame Same televised lines, I've seen the film before Sicilian men, they're going to save their name Leaving their brides in black shawls again See how it's shining"
  • Slip Through - Last Of The Real
    "Tell me, are you having trouble finding sleep at night? I know, I would Oh don't you know the road to hell is paved with good intentions don’t don't you know ? All you’ve ever wanted you've got It’s not"
  • Through The Screen - The Army Of Freshmen
    "The courtship stars out, where romance plays out Over at my house, I'm on the couch You're on the TV, not here with me That's a problem, we can figure out Sabotage fame, we need a scandal bad So you can"
  • I'm through - Vic Chesnutt
    "Forget everything i ever told youI'm sure i lied way more than twiceBut understand i am not emily postYou know i'm nowhere near that preciseAnd i struggle with these etiquettesLike you wouldn't believeI'm"
  • Shaking Through - R.E.M.
    "Could it be that one small voice doesn't count in the world? Yellow like a geisha gown, denial all the way Could this by three be turned? Honor marches on. Yellow like a geisha gown, denial all the way Shaking"
  • Passin' Through - Dave Dudley
    "The first sound I heard was a woman's cry The first word I learned to utter was goodbye Forgive me if I'm wrong in what I do to you while passin' through passin' through A happiness for me cannot be found"
  • Passin' Through - David Houston
    "Passin' through passin' through Sometimes happy sometimes blue that's where I ran into you Tell the people that you saw me passin' through [ flute ] I shivered next to Washington one night at Valley Port Fightin'"
  • Passing Through - Catie Curtis
    "We are passing this world on to our kids From the day when they climb from their cribs We'll try and teach them well, show them that they're loved But in the end all we can do is hope our best was good"
  • Passing Through - Kind Of Like Spitting
    "ready Dave? mhmm I saw Adam leave the garden with an apple in his hand "now that you're out what are you gonna do?" "plant some crops and wait for rain think I'll raise a little cain I'm an orphan now"

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