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tiesto on my ery

  • Beautiful Things(Tiesto Remix) - Andain
    "Got up early, found something's missing my only name. No one else sees but I got stuck, and soon forever came. Stopped pushing on for just a second, then nothing's changed. Who am I this time, where's"
  • Southern Sun (Dj Tiesto Remix) - Paul Oakenfold
    "'piece by piece i release, once was mine now undone, turned blue like New orleans, and went down like a southern sun, i still feel you beneath my skin, i am tempted to throw my senses in' 'coz it's easier"
  • Sweet Surrender (Dj Tiesto Remix) - Sarah McLachlan
    "It doesn't mean much it doesn't mean anything at all the life I've left behind me is a cold room I've crossed the last line from where I can't return where every step I took in faith betrayed me and led"
  • Can't Live A Day (DJ Tiesto Mix) - Avalon
    "I could live life alone And never fill the longings of my heart The healing warmth of someone's arms And I could live without dreams And never know the thrill of what could be With every star so far and"
  • Era Vulgaris - Queens Of The Stone Age
    "I play a game 'til I'm dead Or on a magazine I wanna look like I'm dead Dancing on a string I eat the food when it's there Make a mess of things Get that look everywhere But keep that look off my face Everybody"
  • New Era - Lil' Flip
    "Rock it to the front,Rock it to the back,Im so cool wit it in my baseball hatI keep my fitted real low, lowNew EraI keep my fitted real low, lowNew EraRock it to the front,Rock it to the back,Im so cool"
  • Syntax Era - Busta Rhymes
    "Chorus repeated once: busta rhymes, dinco d & charlie brown Dinco, dinco, go dinco Go charlie, charlie go Charlie. go busta, busta Go busta. you know we got style Verse 1: When it comes to shoutouts Boogie"
  • New Era - Papoose
    "Yeah Welcome to the epitome of rap Your services are no longer needed It's a new era in hip-hop Thug-A, Thug-A ya know the rest Come on It's a new era in rap, it's bout to change They know they ain't"
  • Era One - Samael
    "1. Era One 2. Universal Soul Underneath the world built by reason Lay the foundations of a different Perception Putting light on a brand new horizon Remodeling our own Life's conception Opening views"
  • New Era - NoKTuRNL
    "My fever is the flavour of a new era When the world can see and hear much clearer This song got my feelings on a whip now It lifts me up and it can't bring you down There is a new time coming and I'll"
  • Terror Era - Terror Squad
    "Aiyyo Joe man whats good man Aiyyo I hear niggaz poppin shit They runnin off to the Jakes man They talkin like you ain't hood nigga What's really gangsta nigga What up what's poppin man Aiyyo fuck these"
  • On My Way (feat. Bright Sparks) - Tiesto
    "I aint’t milliner But I’m on my way Can’t find love But, hell, But I’m on my way When the world gets heavy You might hear me say: I’m on my way, on my way, way On my way, on my way, way! There’s a little"
  • Wen Im Ere - Roll Deep
    "(SCTRACTHY) *chorus* rest in the game, it was bate who was gonna be ere? (eeee heeee) roll deep is the name n were up for awards all year (eeee heeee) wen u get here, haterz wanna end your career but"
  • Ere I Falleth - Silentium
    "Ere I falleth, I liveth amongst ye Now I the fiend, bring the hate amongst ye Ere I falleth, falleth into depths Longyng to feel, underworld I have fallen For ye my black heart now weeps Ye'll embrace"
  • Ero To Hero - Jodi Benson
    "Bless my soul Herc was on a roll Person of the week in every Greek opinion poll What a pro Herc could stop a show Point him at a monster and you're talking SRO He was a no one A zero, zero Now he's a honcho He's"
  • (Dawning Of) A New Era - The Specials
    "This is the dawning of a new era! This is the dawning of a new era! I met a girl from area three She told me that she worked in a chicken factory This is the dawning of a new era! By two o'clock we were"
  • Ruff Era Niggas Bust - Crazy
    "f/ Ruff Era All-Stars (Crazy) Crazy Don alias Doc Holliday I took four shots, and I'm back You muthafuckas surprised? (Crazy+????): Ask my niggas bout my history, I took four shots You niggas wanna go"
  • End Of An Era - Ben Lee
    "I wrote my last love song today Got the whole damn phase out of the way It was here now it's gone But that was my last love song I wrote my last love song today I wrote my last love song tonight"
  • An Era Of Treachery - Adept
    "THIS WILL BE THE END OF YOU! (Ladies and gentlemen, friends and foes, this song goes out to all you fucking quitters out there) How dare you stare at the ground when you dont even know which direction"
  • Terra N Ya Era - Big Daddy Kane
    "You looking in the mouth of madness, skilled out since I had this I'm talking bout nothing but pure d badness My acceleration is compatible to a bima My pockets looking greener, from the funky cold medina Don't"

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