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tiesto red lights

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tiesto red lights

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tiesto red lights
  • Tiesto Red Lights
    "Blacked out, everything faded on your love, I’m already wasted so close that I can taste it now… now… So let’s break right out of these guilty cages we’re going to make it now… don’t ever turn around don’t"
  • Uriah Heep Red lights
    "Red lights - on the highwayHead lights - blinding my eyeRed lights - keep me readyWhite lights - drive me insaneRed lights - in the cityStreet lights - hide in the nightSunshine - im looking for someoneRed"
  • Ryan Adams Red Lights
    "He destroys his pretty face Emptier than outer space Trees grow arms and eyes Outside my window witches sharpen knives For the car crash comes Red lights Red lights I foresee a sudden change They will"
  • The Swellers Red Lights
    "It's a long road so I think that I might fly there But I'm afraid of heights and I can't afford the airfare Just when I thought there's nothing left to say Red lights turn green for me today I've heard"
  • Lisa Stansfield Red Lights
    "You stop on a red light, your life starts again on green You watch all the colours then fall back into a dream There's headlights behind you, they flash out a silver surprise You go for the hand brake,"
  • Aruna Red Lights
    "Amber got lost Forgot what she came here for She fell out of line Now she's not herself anymore Amber let go She gave up on everything she had And traded her wings for things To keep her from feeling desperate"
  • Kid Down Red Lights
    "We got to get out She's running out of tears They're still marked with my name Fearless etching deeper in my brain I'm not telling you the truth IT'S NOT A HOAX! You're hiding information Could be important"
  • Hardwell Colors (feat. Tiesto & Andreas Moe)
    "Purple skies, vivid dreams When you breath next to me Now your heart is in the gold There is a mystery that I wanna know No more hurt into field In the dark we can glow Past the night, there is a feel where"
  • One Man Army Red Lights Tinge
    "A Picture Fills This Lonely Scene Devoid Of Answers Coming To Me Will You Do That, That Dance For Me You've Never Looked Better Under Red Light's Tinge Fading In And Out My Misery Falls To The Wayside"
  • Yonder Mountain String Band Red Tail Lights
    "The sun is setting out my window Only empty fields and a lone silo In this kind of light things seem so strange And an archland burns far away I had a girl I thought was true But I turned around and she"
  • Across Five Aprils Running Red Lights
    "Just as I've learned your ways you've gone and changed again A constant evolution I don't know where to begin I invest my time but it's no use Twenty years gone by and I'm still confused I spend the hours"
  • Marc Almond Lights
    "Walking down the street Taking in the sights and pleasures Sometimes it feels so good to be alive From theatre to bar From cabaret to car I forget to cry Forget the reasons why Lights City lights In my"
  • The Sisters Of Mercy Lights
  • Sisters Of Mercy Lights
    "The lights shine clear through the sodium haze The night draws near and daylight fades Ignore the voices discard the day For the brand new darkness for the bright new way Hit Well there have been better"
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers Red
    "Flat on my back in a lonely sprawl i stare at the ceiling 'cause i can not fall asleep tonight no not at all head lights flash across my bedroom wall crying eyes open 'cause i can not fall in love with"
  • Between The Trees White Lines & Red Lights
    "Late night, driving home together and at red lights we press our lips together and we're holding tight now slow it down now Let's take our time let the moment last until it feels right holding back and"
  • Royal Blood Lights Out
    "Every time I’m with it alone It picks me up You just send me down I can feel it rushing under my skin You’re a cage won’t you let me in? On my toes Lock the door Pretty face Through the walls Don’t know"
  • Savatage Lights Out
    "Squirmin' like a live wire Vaporizing red line Gonna take her down Yeah I'm really gonna make her motor run, oh yeah No brakes can't stop In a ditch to the top Just another junkie Looking for a rush Lights"
  • Tom McRae Bright Lights
    "Baby I went back to funeral row, kicking through the old streets in a place I once called home, not long ago. Searching for an omen, looking for a sign. Looking for the place I swore An oath of love undying,"
  • Blindside City Lights
    "I took a walk down 4th avenue when I saw it A red line in the concrete Leading somewhere out of sight Something compelled me to stop So I jumped over the fence Started following from what appeared to be The"

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