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tiger trap supreme nothing

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tiger trap supreme nothing

  • Supreme Nothing - Tiger Trap
    "tired of the things i do so bad at but i do lamest thing about it is i don't know there from you i come on trying to recapture your attention i accept the moment you somehow forgot to mention supreme"
  • Tiger Trap - Beat Happening
    "What's forbidden Is a treasure hidden I got a clue On the trail of finding all about you Ask for trouble A piece of the puzzle Then I saw you So many locks and keys and chains shield you Two hearts crash"
  • Supreme People - Blackalicious
    "Su-preme (Supreme, Supreme) Su-preme people living with they backs aligned Up against the wall cause these days are asinine Living in a money matrix, How cats survive Some will fade away and wither,"
  • Paper Tiger - Beck
    "Just like a paper tiger Torn apart by idle hands Through the helter skelter morning Fix yourself while you still can No more ashes to ashes No more cinders from the sky All the laws of creation Tell"
  • Star shooter supreme - Andromeda
    "I wanna ride on a shooting star Ride through cosmos so very far See the ground down there below The speed of light's our only foe A mighty millyway crusade Nothing can make the feeling fade Floating skywards"
  • Trap door - Ozzy Osbourne
    "Can you see your reflectionFalse strength, hollow protectionRun from pain and rejectionThe truth stabs againTill the skin is brokenAnd the cut is openAnd the words once spokenJust fade awayToo late, standing"
  • Dirt Trap - Firebird
    "Say that I'm wrong Well I'm feeling alright Pretty hard to take You know I won't care If you're taking your share Even when there's pride at stake In a dirt trap Wide awake In a dirt trap, yeah now Where"
  • The Trap - INXS
    "don't you worry, don't you worry everything's gonna be all right well life is the trap, but it sure tastes good afar from junk, it ain't a fool it's dark, dark and lonely and there's no one, no one"
  • For Sure - Tiger Trap
    "i won't pretend to like her 'cause i'd never lie to you that's more than i can say for her and i know that's nothing new she's lying like a rug i know that's nothing new lying like a rug is what i'd never"
  • Puzzle Pieces - Tiger Trap
    "nothing gets ( ) cause i know you could be the best how was i to ever had known when i first heard you on the phone that you would be my perfect fit i don't know what to do with it 'cos your piece goes"
  • Prettiest Boy - Tiger Trap
    "out of my window i see such a sight i am watching someone who might see me he might look at me with those eyes and then look in once more beauty like nothing that i've seen before he looks like a girl"
  • Trap Niggaz - Boyz N Da Hood
    "Well they done put you on a track with a well known trap and (Hell, I'm well known myself so I might as well trap withcha) Shit can get crazy dawg, I hope you brought your strap withcha (I'm a cap peelin"
  • Trap Queen - Fetty Wap
    "I'm like, "Hey, what's up? Hello." Seen your pretty ass soon as you came in that door I just wanna chill, got a sack for us to roll Married to the money, introduced her to my stove Showed her how to whip"
  • Ride The Tiger - Jefferson Starship
    "I want to ride the tiger I want to ride the tiger It will be black and white in the dead of night Eyes flashing in the clear moonlight I want to ride the tiger. It's like a tear in the hands of a"
  • Supreme - Robbie Williams
    "Oh it seemed forever stopped today All the lonely hearts in London Caught a plane and flew away And all the best women are married All the handsome men are gay You feel deprived Yeah are you questioning"
  • Supreme - Benefit
    "You defiantly better respect me Before I check the pressure per square inch you face can withstand directly Beats so nice they spoil me, true loyalty I flip a sample so sick, I'm never paying royalties I"
  • Supreme - Amadeus
    "The air seems so heavy... It's hard to breath It's hard to stand Even so hard to live! Why do I feel so scaried? Where's my faith Where's my hope? Even my destiny? I wanna scream, scream so loud Someone"
  • Supreme - Recoil
    "Aquell mat em vaig llevar, no recordo on ni tan sols el temps que fa, i tot havia canviat. Per jo no ho sabia, encara, i ms m'hagus valgut no saber-ho mai. El meu món era petit, per suficient, abans. Deix"
  • Supreme, Supreme - Talib Kweli
    "{Talib Kweli} Whoo We on fire tonight Whoo Yeah, we on fire tonight Whoo Black Star in the house fo' sho' (Yeah) Yo, now everybody go... (C'mon) {Talib Kweli + Mos Def} Ghet-to p-pole it's time to"
  • Venus Fly Trap - MARINA
    "Whatever you give life you will get back Why be a wallflower when you can be a Venus fly trap? I never quite fit in To that Hollywwod thing I didn’t plat the game For the money or the fame I did it my"

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