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tight like this

  • Tight - Fatty Koo
    "(Valure) It's Friday night, Hittin' the club with my girls tonight (what) I'm hanging out with my girls tonight (who?) Tamika, Ranisha, Shaniqua, Alicia, Myesha, Aylisha, Janelle, Shanelle, Danielle, Michelle,"
  • Tight - Remy Ma
    "(feat. Fat Joe) This is, this is, this is this, this is R to the Eezy Listen, listen, listen, listen M to the wizzeye, u so flizzye, OWWW, Brah Brah Aint nobody fuckin wit my bitch, u heard"
  • Tight Like That - Clutch
    "Woke up this morning, put on my Sunday shoes. Don't ask me why, it's just the nature of my groove. I larged down the boulevard, came under attack, But I rocked them senseless, 'cause honey it's tight like"
  • Hold Tight - Justin Bieber
    "Happy birthday, happy birthday They hold on tight Yeah, they hold on tight Ooh, they hold on tight Them lips won’t let me go (Lips won’t let me go, lips won’t let me go, oh) They hold on tight Yeah,"
  • Hold Tight - Sabrina Carpenter
    "Aye, done everything and done it again Not everybody needs our attendance Don't take this as complaining Just little rearrangements Of the mess that we've been taking Baby, we could take one off Body"
  • Tight rope - Kylie Minogue
    "There's so much I want to share For so long I've been too scared To show the way I feel for you But I know what I have to do So I'm just gonna say it, (say it) Love is like a game And I'm gonna play it,"
  • Way Tight - Ani DiFranco
    "i'll tell you what there is plenty wrong with me,but i fixed up a few old buildingsand i planted a few treeschildren seem to like meand animals toolike the birds and the bees i'm eating a sandwich,standing"
  • Air Tight - Filmmaker
    "You told me things would work out for better or for worse Well hold your breath, we're not as air tight as we seem to be Yesterday i tried to be the one you think you thought you'd see Yesterday i tried"
  • Sick Tight - 311
    "Head rush, C'mon we take the stage And what's up it's on This is a blowup so just listen up Just take your mouth off interrupt We came to throwdown, it's a showdown And you know why we never lie Get the"
  • Stick Tight - 311
    "Head rush come on, we take the stage and what's up, it's on this is a blow up so just listen up just take your mouth off interrupt we came to throw down it's a showdown and you know why, we never lie get"
  • Ever Tight - Mad Cobra
    "Intro: Wha say one Good Foundations, only a good body girl can control this man Chuh, Cobra sey eh eh, Sing di song perlong Cho Dey suh ever tight Fi hol yuh man everything is alright Yuh nuh flobby"
  • Tight Whips - 504 Boyz
    "(feat. Lil' Romeo, Magic, Yungsta) We roll tight whips, everyday Bentley, Lex, Mercedes, and Escalades We roll tight whips, everyday Hustlin to make that paper, but that's ok They say dat Choppa"
  • Skin Tight - The Donnas
    "I saw you standing by the Slurpee machine, White studded belt and skin tight jeans I tried to buy you a Hostess Cupcake, Baby you're so sweet I got a toothache I wanna take you home with me, Wine"
  • Up Tight - Aberfeldy
    "Well I never thought In my wildest dreams that Anyone could be hung up the way you seem to be If you were eating the peoples' friend Then I'd understand this impression that you're sending me Don't"
  • Tight Fit - New Young Pony Club
    "I want to fit I've got to get into it Don't make no sense To hide behind anything Oh how these precious things Their time is wearing thin I'd make a mould of me To make a mockery I'd make a mould of me To"
  • Tight Like That (Demo Version) - Clutch
    "I woke up this morning, put on my Sunday shoes. Don't ask me why it's just the nature of my groove. I larged down the boulevard, came under attack. But I rocked them senseless, cause honey it's tight"
  • Tight - Rah Digga
    "Yeah, Rah Digga.. Flipmode, Outsidaz Shit tight, down to the coochie Yeah, check it (And I) And I say what's tight cause a sista write rhymes all day and all night Dwellin South of the Hudson, New Jerusalem in"
  • Hold Me Tight - Helmut Lotti
    ""Hold me tight I need you to stay With me till the morning light Hold me tght and don't go away For this is a magic night We both knew this moment had to come Right from the start And my minds been beaten"
  • Game Is Tight - Hussein Fatal
    "(Chorus) My game is tight my money is long My cars is new my muscle is strong ??? 5 o'clock in the morning we open again My game is tight my money is long My cars is new my muscle is strong ??? 5 o'clock"
  • Eyes Shut Tight - Downset
    "Come with the bloody moon and the chaos, Gog and magog triple six reigns over spirits lost. Satanic nations and thrones reign and slay, but solid is super-souls love and righteous pathways, Asking me why"

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