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tigr with girl

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tigr with girl

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tigr with girl
  • Le Tigre Le Tigre Tour Theme
    "Yeah it's weird when the club is really crowded And there's no way we can do every song that's shouted But we'll stilltry to push you towards abandon Yeah every night is something we can't plan on Won't"
  • Saddle Club Girl With Claws
    "Some girls talk forever about nothing at all But Id rather spend Daddys money down the mall Ill stroll across your feelings to get what I want Manipulating everyone Im the girl with claws So dont you get"
  • Rising Girl Rising Girl
    "I'm coming to study Study all the nice fine girls I'm coming to study Study best place in world I want to have a nice trip Walking with the sun all day I'm sitting with a rasta man On a green brown coco"
  • Girl Authority Material Girl
    "Some boys kiss me, some boys hug me, I think thier okay. I they don't give me proper credit, I just walk away. They beg and they can plead buth they can't see the light (that's right, that's right.) Cause"
  • Sewing With Nancie Fake Girl
    "Smile at me like you actually care. Reflection in the window tells you that you have to fix your hair. Your make-up gets runny when it rains at the show, So you whip out your compact and you fix it like"
  • Trio Girl Girl Girl
    "Smog in Berlin nichts wie hin weil du mich kt bin ich kein Tourist Du lt mich warten warum auch nicht soviel zu zweit meistens breit das geht zu weit Girl Girl Girl one more day with you ein"
  • Whitesnake Girl
    "I have never known a woman Who loves me like you do, You treat me like a dog An' make me shake my tail for you. I know the game you're playing When you're turning all your tricks. It's written on"
  • O-Town Girl
    "She's a special girl With his own money, job & credit cards A sexy girl You better be careful or he'll pull your card In this world You won't find any like him Standin' round And I want a girl like her And"
    "Girl you can trust me with your heart We've got a chance for a brand new start Part of your past was so cold and dark Girl you can trust me with your heart Girl I will never turn away Give you my word"
  • Ben Kenney Girl
    "hey ma i got a girl we got it made she's everything in my world dont fret, i'll be home soon i packed a bag and soon i'll be close to you it means so much to me that she's in love with me this girl she"
  • The Time Girl
    "Girl, I called you up to say, that I'm havin' trouble sleepin' ever since you went away. Girl, I know you need a little time, to get your head together. But baby, I can't stop cryin'. (chorus) Girl, why'd"
  • Giuffria Girl
    "Be my, be my baby Yesterday, I was watching the turning tide, of a memories of a changing shore line Otherwise, was nevermore. Life was different , you closed the door Still in all my heart is true,"
  • Amos Tori Girl
    "Amos Tori Little Earthquakes Girl From in the shadow she calls And in the shadow she finds a way finds a way And in the shadow she CRAWLS Clutching her faded photograph my image UNDER her thumb Yes"
  • Anouk Girl
    "Girl girl girl When I hear him talk Ooh my mind gets blocked girl Speak up 'cause my jaw is locked Which is good, good for me girl It hides like a warning sign But I'm too blind to see Speak up yes I'm"
  • Jay Sean Girl
    "Oh kurieh aa jaa naa x 4Ohhh ohhhOh kurieh aa jaa naaOh kurieh aja aja ajaThere comes a time in your life you realize what you leave behindAnd it's so easy to take you for granted just because I know your"
  • Adam Sandler Girl
    "Arsenio (chris rock): Now don't leave us hanging with just that. Jp: Yeah, I hear that, arsenio. Yo guys, lets kick it! (music starts playing) Jp: Yo now, before we start singing, You also want to know"
  • K-Ci & JoJo Girl
    "Baby I was born to give you all of my love Baby I was born to give you all of my time Just so we can be together And share a love, to last forever baby(to last forever) The best thing you gave was sent"
  • Texas Girl
    "All the money's on your hip now Need to take another trip down Protect all mothers for they lay in the path I can deal with the lovers Always dealt with dreams But I've never known what reality means Cause"
  • Indigo Girls Girl
    "She won't recover from her losses, She's not chosen this path, but she watches who it crosses Maybe move to the right, maybe move to the left So we can all see her pain she wears like a banner on her chest"
  • Beck Girl
    "I saw her, yeah I saw her with her black tongue tied Round the roses Fist pounding on a vending machine Toy diamond ring stuck on her finger With a noose she can hang from the sun And put it out with"

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