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  • Junge Christen - Funny Van Dannen
    "Du hast Pech in der Liebe, du hast auch Pech im Spiel Du wirst nie fett erben. Hast Du berhaupt ein Ziel? Die Welt ist aus den Fugen, die Menschen sind bankrott. Auch Du bist echt am Ende doch du fragst"
  • Tim - Wim De Craene
    "k Herinner mij nog goed, Tim Hoe men mij vertelde Van het harde buitenleven De boeren op hun velden Het binnenhalen van de oogst Het weer was droog en heet De lijven plooiden naar de hooivork En stonken"
  • Tim - Dada
    "If you got a picture of your face Could you leave it on your way out the door? I don't care if it's color or black or white I just need something to remember you by Oh, before my life went dim (Before"
  • Tim McGraw - Tim McGraw
    "Sometimes I close my eyesAnd imagine you with meChasing passion into the nightAll tangled in a dreamOoh, if you could see my heartThe way I feel insideYou would know just how farI'm willing to go to get"
  • Tim McGraw  - Taylor Swift
    "He said the way my blue eyes shined Put those Georgia stars to shame that night I said: "That's a lie." Just a boy in a Chevy truck That had a tendency of gettin' stuck On backroads at night And I was"
  • Tim Mcgraw - Taylor Swift
    "You said the way my blue eyes shined,Put those Georgia stars to shame that nightI said: "That's a lie"Just a boy in a Chevy truck,That had a tendency of gettin' stuck,On backroads at nightAn' I was right"
  • Tim B - Russian Red
    "I’ve been discovered That hurts this head of mine. I can’t look out the dress I was Wearing last night Though I was covered And everything went fine But now I see I can take your arm Seriously enough And"
  • Tim Dom Dom - Jorge Benjor
    "Tim tim tim tim Faz o tamborim Tim tim tim E o violo faz Tim dom batendo igual ao meu corao Tim dom dom Tim tim tim tim Faz o tamborim Tim tim tim E o violo faz Tim dom batendo igual ao meu corao Voc"
  • Tim Dom Dom - Sergio Mendes
    "Tim tim tim tim Faz o tamborim Tim tim tim E o violo faz Tim dom Datendo igual Ao meu corao Tim dom dom Tim tim tim tim Faz o tamborim Tim tim tim E o violo faz Tim dom Batendo igual Ao meu corao Voc"
  • I'm Telling Tim - NOFX
    "You better watch out you better not cry You better put out records d.i.y. Cause its not what you've done its what you've been If you fuck up I'm telling Tim I'm telling Tim (x3) Take you out of book your"
  • Freestyle (Tim Westwood) - Lloyd Banks
    "(feat. Young Buc) Oh shit this is sick right here Yeah you feelin that? Lloyd Banks alright then Straight Outta Ca$hville Aiyo Banks Yeah whats up? Got me a bird and didn't look back I"
  • Lullaby To Tim - The Hollies
    "(Hicks / Clarke / Nash) Would you like to slide down a rainbow Catch a falling star in your hands Chase a moonbeam right by your window Close your eyes and you'll be there In a land of dragons and"
  • Top Tim Rubies - Deerhoof
    "He was born here He should die here So what can we do without You? He was born here He will die here And what can we do without You? Oh no, he's already gone, oh no Top down Jimmy in a stagecoach Top"
  • Tim Is Dead - Autopassion
    "I'm waiting for you to come over here Got something just to whisper in your ear And I think it's something that we'll both enjoy You see that I have got this certain friend Who we so sorely need just"
  • Viva (Prod. Tim) - LataN
    "Premiera 27 lipca 2020 roku."
  • Over And Over - Tim Mcgraw - Nelly feat. Tim McGraw
    "Cause its all in my head I think about it over and over again And I can't keep picturing you with him And it hurts so bad, yeah Cause it's all in my head I think about it over and over again I replay it"
  • Ich Moechte Ilona Christen Die Brille Von Der Nase Schlagen - But Alive
    "Ich mchte Ilona Christen die Brille von der Nase schlagen. Heinz Rudolf Kunze mchte ich einmal fragen, Was er sich eigentlich dabei denkt, Worauf er kurz berlegt und - zack - eine fngt. Gegen die beiden"
  • Tim Dog - Fuck Compton - Tymes 4
    "Oh shit mutherfuckas step to the rear and cheer 'Cause Tim Dog is here Let's get down to the nitty gritty And talk about a bullshit city Talking about niggaz from Compton They're no comp and they truly"
  • Tim (Hij Is Het Helemaal) - Kinderen Voor Kinderen
    "Ik heb zo lang ik weet om jongens nooit gegeven Ik vond ze saai of stoer of veel te overdreven Maar laatst was ik bij Kim, ik zag haar broer, hij stond te bellen Die jongen heet dus Tim, dat is een stuk,"
  • Two Cops In Tim Hortons - Canadian Bush Party
    "It's 3 AM and I'm waiting for the coffee perculating in the kettle in the back And there's no use getting all upset about who is degrading who when there is hockey on the set Chorus There's two cops in"

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