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time for a change

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time for a change

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time for a change
  • Motley Crue Time For Change
    "I heard some kids telling me How they've lost all the faith, in the way They've been talking world peace And the wars in the streets The lines on their faces so deep, yeah A revolution, or reach out And"
  • Link 80 Time for Change
    "you gave it up. you pawned your brain for a pat on the back and a star by your name. and now you think you're one of them. but you cannot allow yourself to live under the doubts of someone else. the"
  • Capdown Time For Change
    "I used to think the way u looked determined how u feel, But can't u see I've tried to change I'm not so sure of how i feel but now I know that I'm for real, My anger still lies deep inside. Stop waiting"
  • Peter Hammill Time For A Change
    "Time for a change: I felt bad, things looked strange. Home, home on the range... yes, it's time for a change. "Well, young man, when you grow up what do you want to be?" "Please, sir, if that's alright I'd"
  • Split Enz Time For A Change
    "(P Judd) - Mental Notes/Second Thoughts -=======================================================- You act as though You were a blind man who's crying Crying `bout, all the virgins that are dying "
  • Skrewdriver A Time For Change
    "Times are changing, everywhere Our flags are raising, the time is near Our lives are just a struggle, that we're fighting everyday I know it can't be easy, it's a time of change It's a time of change - Stood"
  • Andres Cano Time For A Change
    "Sick of living everyday Trying to bring back yesterday wishing it could be easier to go through nights and days of feeling blue I really need to find a way to move on from this pathetic face I am thinking"
  • Alexandra Burke For a change
    "You say that you will gonna give me everything But it never came to be Cause say you need me but you you need my heal Now you gonna heal me You're not a taker but you surely not a giver babe Don't think"
  • Neal McCoy For A Change
    "It seems like all my life I've never been satisfied Ain't nothin' I ain't tried Takin' every kind of line Tryin' to find my home on the range Been close a time or two To seein' that dream come true But"
  • Motley Crue Time For Change (Demo)
    "I heard some kids telling me How they've lost all the faith, in the way They've been talking world peace And the wars in the streets The lines on their faces so deep, yeah A revolution, or reach out And"
  • Sarah Connor Change
    "I just wanna give you something you can talk about Although it's kind of controversial, betcha think about You're looking fine, it's kind of strange Sometimes you really dream of a change All the talk"
  • Carlene Carter Change
    "(Carlene Carter) Well I stayed up all night I've been doing it for years Sleep is not my friend 'cause dreams just feed my tears So I laughed my way around I've been everybody's girl I drank for forgiveness"
  • Blues Traveler Change
    "Music & lyrics: john popper I can feel the autumn on the summer's heels I hate to notice how much colder the night it feels And you're leaving Yes, you're leaving Time to change Time to change I can"
  • Candlebox Change
    "As I stand here I ponder greater things You're no longer a part of A part of your lover's dreams So much for your Common complications So much for your Constant desperation For what's to come It's"
  • Kill Your Idols Change
    "I used to think life was just a waste, so many limitations but there's so much around to taste but change and motivation turned my life around all the time I though I lost has suddenly been found Chorus:Its"
  • Jamestown Story Change
    "Everyone is watching Everyone is waiting Everywhere we look now all there is, is hating We just have no tolerance We don't compromise All we are is worthless objects in our own damn eyes! Carring for"
  • Tune Change
    "Look around, my love You're like everyone You've lost your way back home In crowded corridors Empty hearts Broken thoughts People clones In a perfect world And nothing's ever gonna change If you wait"
  • George Change
    "Freedom flight fancy, Fresh home, love feeling escape, truth, happiness dreaming and knowing I've got to keep the flow I'm ready to know, about magnolia Focus on the garbage art News of a shock"
  • Kimberley Locke Change
    "Sorry for what I forgot to say But you know how words get in the way baby, lately Wasn't strong enough to cut right through All the red tape between me and you, baby Time escapes me What's it gonna take"
  • Crazy Town Change
    "Now in these cynical times Sterotypical minds Got me falling from my pinnacle the minute I climb Now these subliminal thoughts got individuals blind I'm trying to look beyond the lies Just to see what"

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