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time of my lafi

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time of my lafi

  • Ghosts Of Time - Fear My Thoughts
    "Pump all the fluids inside your flesh - cut your skin Keep fighting the worst enemy of yours Pump all the fluids inside your flesh - cut your skin Enjoy your new born reflection Let us spit In their face Let"
  • My time - Winter rose
    "Whoa, whoa, yeah, yeah! In a life of dreams I sense reality By living your fantasy Not much time left for me Well I'm know it's true When I'm looking at you Trapped in someone else's mind How could I be"
  • My Time - Jade Ewen
    "I've been down, down so long But those days are gone now I've got the will I've earned the right To show you it's my time tonight Chorus It's my time, it's my time My moment, I'm not gonna let go of it My"
  • My Time - Pete Murray
    "Look at the time its on my life slowly ticking away Dead to my mind Try to ride the bike but i'll never learn Should've known better Shouldn't be so concerned Sittin' alone in my room wasting my time"
  • My Time - The Psychedelic Furs
    "you've got rain in your eyes and a head full of stars all the tears you can hold in your hand and a room full of sleep and a promise to keep isn't it just like love in a world made of law you're just losing"
  • My Time - Rage Against the Machine
    "1 2 this on? Hah! Yo Jimmy hit me with that Triple H! Yeah you let the music keep playing Mr Dumb SSSSSSSSSSSH*T! Yo tell 'em whos time it is now Yeah just kickin it up here Its our time yo! here comes"
  • My Time - No Motiv
    "I've recently been thinking of, the time I spent with you and though I dedicate my time I still don't see the truth No I still don't see the truth so how long will it take me to say Where have I, wasted"
  • My Time - Jackopierce
    ""Quick step to Texas in the driving wind and it seems the man in the moon was crying too As he left the Kansas wheat fields and made for Dallas All in a dream He'd been born twenty-odd years ago today But"
  • My Time - Jane's Addiction
    "Yeah the rain came I said hey buddy, Buddy the streets are a snake skin I belong Out there walkin' Nobody's stoppin' to bother me They hide Outside, the ceilings Cryin - Listen to the sound Of the gutters"
  • My Time - Earshot
    "I struggled with this pain inside, but it was too strong you looked so catatonic, you knew it was wrong destructive, tainted, heated words scraped off your tongue singing wholly sinful song if you feel"
  • My Time - PFR
    "Father of Love Look upon me now How I've come this far Only You know how You've changed my life Made me whole All I am now To You I owe it all You are reality You alone are life You take a heart"
  • My Time - Ocean Colour Scene
    "My resistance is getting weaker I just can't stand the pressure I can't be any weaker I've got to find me some of the treasure I need nothing to be a man Because I was born a man And I deserve the"
  • My Time - Unbroken
    "I don't know why I place these virtues on myself, I just see that greed never cares for where we live, pass this onto others well after us, the few times that we care never seems quite enough, and I know"
  • Time - Power Of Omens
    "So many tears I've cried, So many words inside plague me, they plague me. So many times I've seen the clouds roll So many times I've felt this rage inside. Now that the time has come to recall, All"
  • Time - Sunz Of Man
    "It's already too late for situation There's not enough Time situation man, ya know what I'm sayin' It's already a do it right situation man Time is runnin' the fuck out, man I mean I can't even... my head"
  • Time Of My Life - Toploader
    "Sitting in the summer sun Binding my time Waiting for the demons to go away No one knows when they come Or when they're gonna go away As long as they do were ok, yes were alright Cos I had the time of"
  • Waste Of My Time - CrazyTown
    "She was My Heart, my soul, my girl, my life I want that shit, I'll make that sacrifice. you know I know, you know What's on my mind I like the sex but where just wastin' time no replay's, like Shifty"
  • Waste Of My Time - Crazy Town
    "She was My Heart, my soul, my girl, my life I want that shit, I'll make that sacrifice. you know I know, you know What's on my mind I like the sex but where just wastin' time no replay's, like Shifty please"
  • Time of my life - Opus
  • Time of my life - H-Blockx
    "Sometimes I'm just thinking,that I got the best time of my lifeI've been with my girl for seven years nowand I got the sweetest dog that,trust me foreverAfter school I took my chances,continued to do the"

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