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time to remember

  • Time to remember - Budgie
    "Time to remember, I can remember The time has come to lift derision The change has left a mark of persuasion I can remember Carrier of the great fire Im so sorry, Im sorry Carrier of the great fire Give"
  • Time to remember - 1208
    "I want to take time to remember Cuz I always make time to forget When it usually ends in disaster I know its not over yet (its not over yet) Right here I face the crowd alone With nothing And I know I?m"
  • Remember - Bryan Adams
    "Pardon me, Have you got the time To let me say hello. Couldn't help but see That you look like a lady I used to know A long time ago. Remember the time we spent together. Remember the days I dreamt forever."
  • Remember - Groove Armada
    "What you What you see In your time, to me And you know that you are free And when you can be Don't think you only, what you see For remember What you see Remember what you see What you Remember what"
  • Remember - Adams Bryan
    "Adams Bryan Bryan Adams Remember Pardon me, Have you got the time To let me say hello. Couldn't help but see That you look like a lady I used to know A long time ago. Remember the time we spent"
  • Remember - Me'Shell Ndegeocello
    "Kiss you Touch you Let you know My lovin' will never be a disappearing act It's forever 'Cause I'm the one That'll never ever take you for granted I'm the one If you ever have a doubt Just Remember I Love"
  • Remember - Danny Rossing
    "We fill our hearts We fill our minds We fill our souls With money not feelings And I Will not become The poor man's excuse A slave with no meaning I still remember how it felt when you and I where young"
  • Remember - Emilie Autumn
    "Like a dream I had In subconscious deep Here you come again Only in my sleep And I remember you I remember you Like a memory of a time gone by Many things I've seen Still I can't deny That I remember you Yes"
  • Remember - Josh Groban
    "Remember, I will still be here, As long as you hold me, in your memory Remember, when your dreams have ended, Time can be transcended, Just remember me I am the one star that keeps burning, so brightly,"
  • Remember - SOiL
    "When father time has closed my eyes And I've said my final goodbyes Out of sight when I'm out of your mind Will you remember My time is all I had to give Weighed down by the life that I live Could you,"
  • Remember - Richie Kotzen
    "I can read your mind Don't you know its easy for me after all This time And I know when you lie If were talking on the phone or one on One The truth you never hide I don't need you to teel me theres Something"
  • Remember - Youngstown
    "She sits in the dark, no more words to say, Waiting for me to wipe her tears away But I'm too stubborn to see That the problem was me Can't admit that I was wrong Now it seems to me that she's no longer"
  • Remember - Disturbed
    "Sensation washes over me I can't describe it Pain I felt so long ago I don't remember Tear a hole so I can see My devastation Feelings from so long ago I don't remember Holding on, to let them know What's"
  • Remember - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
    "''(Narration)'' Now every moment the angel spent listening his time on earth diminished but the angel found himself waiting there until each story was finished he had only several hours left for the quest"
  • Remember - Elton John
    "I fell in love with you one September Between the ashes and the dying embers What happened to our dreams Nothing so it seems But I fell in love with you Remember If the phone forgets to ring this evening And"
  • Remember - The Corrs
    "I see you in my memory As vivid as today And I wonder do you see me In that same familiar way Oh another place another time We'll meet again And you'll be mine Oh cause nothing can compare to you and"
  • Remember - KRS-One
    "(I remember..) Big Daddy Kane (You've forgotten..) Salt-N-Pepa (To remember..) Outrageous clothes (I wonder why..) Uhh, oh (I remember..) Heavy D (You've forgotten..) Kool Moe Dee (To remember..) Dope"
  • Remember - Slick Shoes
    "Remember the time we raced along the coast?To bad you cant hold it in your hand so tight.All to soon it slips away.Do you remember that day?Could you ever know?If only these words meant more.Could you"
  • Remember - No Motiv
    "You will always be a part of me no matter what the case may be if you just give me some time to try you will always have me by your side I'm always here to make you feel alright... Do you remember I remember"
  • Remember - Presence
    "I'm sendin' this one out to my man Sean Barnes Wanted to tell you what's been going on since you've been gone Every week the crew has dinner with your moms And me you know i'm chillin' i'm still writin'"

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