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time will not remain

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time will not remain

  • What Will Remain - Strife
    "What will remain of those days when it all meant something to you, the kid, and me. It was more than just something, yes, but it's changed. What will remain of those things that used to be? Some say they're"
  • Nothing Will Remain - Derdian
    "Look in my eyes, I'll let you see Where I keep the dark side in me I'm not the nice guy that you want me to be So many times, so many tears You can't understand what I feel It's like I am fighting the"
  • Remain - Unbroken
    "I do not know why why so many have fallen, why can't they remain to see the lives they have changed, I know this is not the same and I know I won't fall, I don't understand why they're gone, so many have"
  • The Will to Remain - Eidolon
    "(Music: S. Drover, G. Drover) (Lyrics: S. Drover) Triumph over adversity - a struggle to exist The heart torn to pieces - to loose you must resist A blank stare gazing - to a far away place Memories of"
  • The Song Will Remain - Steeleye Span
    "It's in the evening after dark when the blackleg miner creeps to work, With his moleskin pants and dirty shirt, There goes the blackleg miner. Well, he grabs his duds and down he goes, To hew the coal"
  • I Remain - Tandjent
    "Crushing my hopes in silence In a fit of maniacal rage Displacing them all With your cold malevolence Smashing with stones of despair Pour on molten mistrust Testing the temper Steel forged in blind devotion I"
  • You Remain - Willie Nelson
    "What do you do with the sands of time When they carve out lines around your eyes I can close my fists up good and tight But I cant hold back the sands of time What do you do with a memory That just hangs"
  • Scars remain - Disciple
    "What is all this? The question I am asking Its not what is I feel like I was promised This hurts, this leaves a lasting laceration I cant believe that this is what my faith was for The scars remain, reminds"
  • You Remain - Cadaverous Condition
    ""das was wir lieben mssen wir lassen, nur das Leid ist lang" you have my words, you know my thoughts you have it all, all for you blackness all around, your hand took mine you know it, too, the Flower,"
  • We Remain - Christina Aguilera
    "Now we talk about our wasted future But we take a good look around Yeah, we take a good look around Yeah, we know it hasn't been for nothing 'Cause we'll never let it slow us down No, we'll never let it"
  • Memories Remain - A Death For Every Sin
    "Suffering for all this time, I've slowly died inside. These bleeding wounds have not yet healed and i can't escape the pain. Now i need to find the strenght to leave it all behind. My past won't be my"
  • Remain Nameless - Hatebreed
    "If there's one thing in this world that I must do It will be, to prove you wrong Make you take back the lies And bring the truth to the surface Clean my slate and erase All the black you've Tarnished"
  • Some Love Will Remain Unsaid - Locust
    "When you feel the need When the heart unfolds When youe thought it through When the hurting stops Will you think of me? If you called my name Asked the time of day Caught my parting words Had something"
  • Remain - Starfield
    "Defender of this heart You loved me from the start You never change Through the highs and lows As seasons come and go You never fail Day after day Your love will remain Faithful and true You are good You"
  • Echos Remain (For Ever) - Clark Anne
    "Autumn leaves that collect weight in the ashes of Summer Are cracked and broken by my intruding step Foreign thoughts that invade my questioning Of deaths' cold cold waiting No bait will deter the ancient"
  • Remain - Propagandhi
    "I can't believe the things that have been said Remain for the purpose of remaining. I can't believe all the things we've done and still we've learned nothing. I can't believe all the things we've done and"
  • Remain - Propaghandi
    "I can't believe the things that have been said Remain for the purpose of remaining. I can't believe all the things we've done And still we've learned nothing. I can't believe all the things we've done And"
  • Remain - Jennifer Nettles
    "Hang around, I don't have to make this one so heavy Stick around, could I challenge or dare you to stay I just don't know what it is that makes me this wonderer All I know is I was put here to be in love"
  • Remain - Course Of Nature
    "I feel it coming from a far off place I need assistance with a change of pace In my heart now there's an empty space But you can change it Bring your heart my way I've been through this alone before I"
  • Remain - John Frusciante
    "I'm crowded when I'm gone I live here to seep thru this song Hey la I can't go on I'm lost I'll be there running on & off Hey la And when you reach that point You're a wall And when you bleed sight You"

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