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times of grace

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times of grace

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times of grace
  • Neurosis Times Of Grace
    "the presence unfound comes to me now endure, see this knowledge denied out of mind to deny until i say feed us alive sight as i speak inside us born cherished and driven the secrets of stars hide within"
  • Michael W. Smith Grace
    "I was lost when ya found me here You pulled me close and held me near And I'm a fool but still you love I'll be your fool for the king of love He gave me wings so I could fly And gave me a song to color"
  • Simon Webbe Grace
    "(Grace, grace) Reaching out, looking for some way to escape the crowd You whispered words that I've been searching for Somehow you answered my call Reaching out I feel I'm rising up You give me (grace) In"
  • Chantal Kreviazuk Grace
    "Please don't go I cannot breathe you in Your air is too thick for me And it makes my lungs sting Please don't go I cannot walk beside Think I'll stay behind a mile 'Cause I don't need you crampin' my"
  • Tenth Avenue North Times
    "I know I need You I need to love You I love to see You, but it's been so long I long to feel You I feel this need for You And I need to hear You, is that so wrong? Oh, oh. Oh, oh. Oh, oh. Oh, oh. Oh, oh."
  • Saxon State Of Grace
    "Sacred Towers Standing Tall Built In Times Of Guilt And Gold Ancient Knowledge Lost In Time Forgotten Now In Hearts And Minds Holy Towers Test Of Faith Sacred Knowledge State Of Grace State Of Grace"
  • PFR Grace Of God
    "i am more than this flesh and bone by myself i wander the streets alone but when my dream is over and morning creeps on in i pull the covers back and i feel your warmth again Chorus there is"
  • Kirsty Hawkshaw State Of Grace
    "You know it makes no difference Whether we talk or not And it's much harder going in there sometimes And jumping down from the top. But if you talk to me, I will listen to you With my eyes, my ears,"
  • Poor Man's Riches Hand Of Grace
    "Secrets revealed just by looking in your eyes Just the way it is, is what you say beneath your mind Going by what you know He has brought us face to face By the truth of God holding out the hand of grace How"
  • Ruben Studdard Amazing Grace
    "Amazing grace, how sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me I once was lost, but now I'm found Was blind, but now I see 'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear And grace my fears relieved How precious"
  • Everlast Saving Grace
    "One time around the block Two times around the clock Three times, don't cross the little lady (lady) So pretty and, oh, so bold Got a heart full of gold on a lonely road She said, "I don't even think"
  • Hot Water Music Western Grace
    "complications followed us on thin lines we tried to push forward but we're still behind hard times as we watched it unfold the roads were long we still trudged on the sun was strong but we held on"
  • Savage Grace After The Fall From Grace
    "As we let our sails fly away And we chart our course for ever changing Rendez - vous of war Banners wave, cannons fire till the smoke of Glories past fills the air, brings to tears Eyes of all who' ve"
  • Tony Iommi Grace
    "Everywhere I go, I want to see the light And if I had to do it all again You know I'd want to make it right Inside of me, buried in the past that I must learn There is no other way to grow And I just want"
  • U2 Grace
    "Grace She takes the blame She covers the shame Removes the stain It could be her name Grace It's a name for a girl It's also a thought that Changed the world And when she walks on the street You can"
  • Warren Barfield Grace
    "Sarah traded her laughter for guilt There's no hope left in her eyes And the sentence for the wrong she's done Is a lonely life And we ask what has she done As if that could make it ok It's amazing what"
  • Within Temptation Grace
    "Cold are the bones of thy soldiers. Longing for home, their little paradise. I don't feel remdeption on their side Fallen from grace, help me rise again. Fallen from grace, help me through. Fallen from"
  • Robbie Williams Grace
    "Sometimes I feel like I am Sailing on a sunken dream I try to read the signs But I don't know what they mean I know when I'm with you I'm a rich man baby Grace, I'm not yet born Come embrace A soul that's"
  • Abby Travis Grace
    "Grace Life's seams are sewn with dreams To befriend the fates Ties a thread to the state of Grace Once attained can't be maintained Like a foam erased leaves a trace Of the state of Grace And every"
  • The Explosion Grace
    "We all lie in a pile as the dead driver drives We all lie in a pile singing songs in straight lines We all lie in a pile as the dead driver drives We all lie in a pile singing songs all the while I"

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