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titanic death of a titan

  • Titan - Hammerfall
    "The gate is closed, the sky is burning Dark clouds are closing in A world at war, no revelation could help predict a mankind fall Somewhere above, the unpolluted skies, we'll be resurrected What have we"
  • Titan - Phideaux
    "As a rock or a cloud or the hill Here you be as you are Sitting still As a whisper you might not be heard As a light in a lamp One that burns bright and slow You are known Like a Titan who comes for"
  • Titanic - Self
    "And this I know Leonardo DiCaprio What a gas it was to see him Upon the silver screen In another starring role With her lips she said, Rose ah.. Hey Jack Hey Jack I'm gonna jump off the back Hey Jack"
  • Titanic - Leonardo'S Bride
    "Now I've said all I wanted to say, Try to sleep, something just won't go away, Not alone, there's a party of ghosts in my bed. These times are so twisted, busted, There's no rhyme nor reason. "
  • Titanic - Leonardos Bride
    "now i've said all i wanted to say, try to sleep, something just won't go away, not alone, there's a party of ghosts in my bed. these times are so twisted, busted, there's no rhyme nor reason. "
  • Titanic - Hans Theessink
    "That night it all started when the ship began to shake We were filled with amazement, a little shocked but not afraid We didn't really understand what caused the water to come in We had been told this"
  • The Titanic - Paddy Goes To Holyhead
    "On the 11th of April 1912 The queen of the ocean had started her life With 1300 passangers she sailed out from Cork Lead by 900 sailors on her way to New York Chorus: Uh-uh-uh, riddle of the century Uh-uh-uh,"
  • Titan - Accessory
    "We swallow your pulse Enter the healthy dusk Try to confuse and Wake your sleeping lust We betray the loyal Steal the nasty word Connect it with the soul Poets make it work We are the sparkle in your"
  • Titan - Brave Saint Saturn
    "Behind what I know and see, A darkness that will spy on me. Eclipsed in this trajectory. A cancer that is eating me Chrorus Destroy, Divide, the dark, inside In between the molecules is cold, no light"
  • Sirens Of Titan - Al Stewart
    "I was drawn by the sirens of Titan Carried along by their call Seeking for a way to enlighten Searching for the sense of it all Like a kiss on the wind I was thrown to the stars Captured and ordered"
  • Colossal Titan Strife - Kronos
    "Universe and cosmos equilibrium imperiled by a conspiracy sculpted in the walls of tartar Congregation of trustless sons tamed for vengeance ...Apothesis of a world aflame "Listen to me tarnished brothers Time"
  • Tears From A Titan - Astral Doors
    "Here I'm lying with the dying This is a song about a crime, we must tell it again and again The people cry; revolution, but no one dares From a whisper in the leaves to the breeze off the ocean Domino"
  • Titanic 650604 - Blue System
    "I got a message from the stars Like the moonlight serenade I'm looking through the eyes of love It's not too late You know the legends never die Close your eyes and count to ten Looking through the eyes"
  • The Titanic - Camp Fitch
    "(chorus) it was sad so sad it was sad too bad it was sad that the great ship went down to the bottom of the sea (uncles and aunts, little children wet their pants/fishies and turtles, old ladies lost"
  • Titanic Terrarium - The Tragically Hip
    "growing up in a biosphere with no respect for bad weather there's still roaches and ants in here, so resourceful and clever her great grandfather saw the future, didn't know nothing about panic he certainly"
  • Noah's Titanic - Antje Duvekot
    "Molly is dead and the birds have gone south Said the joker to the thief My nerves are live wire and I'm burning on fire Got a paper in my pocket and a coupon for a cup of peace Truly there was nothing"
  • Titanic - Nieznani
    "Płynął wielki "Titanic", dumnie fale pruł, Nagle huk dał się słyszeć, jakby pękł na pół, Powstał ogromny gwar i krzyk, Lecz się nie uratował nikt. Ref.: W kilka chwil poszedł statek na dno. W kilka chwil"
  • Titanic - Hunters & Collectors
    "We're cutting it fine - we're cutting it clean The green green grass - we're living the dream Bringing the bacon home to be cooked We're getting ahead - we're getting hooked On the hot north wind - we"
  • Titanic - Kamerzysta
    "a kiedy odejdziemy pozostanie po nas nic tylko zostanie ten plik z tobą chce do końca życia być no bo jesteś tylko ty i nie liczy sie już nic a kiedy odejdziemy pozostanie po nas nic tylko ten plik z tobą"
  • Titanic - New End Original
    "Two easy over. A greasy spoon. Flies shit wherever they land I overheard that, I made a smile We eat whatever we can. Could you see beauty in long simple faces? Weighted down, waving while they're drowing "Congratulations,"

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