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tlumaczenie Distorted angels zepsolu Archiv again

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tlumaczenie Distorted angels zepsolu Archiv again

  • Distorted Angels - Archive
    "Winter is waking Calling on motion Fueling descending Falling unending Caught up in circles Distorted angels This place is crazy God it’s so cold I can see in your eyes A stone up in your hair You say"
  • Distorted Lives - Testament
    "I'm so distorted, that I'm fading away Human destruction has now sealed our fate The truth is war There's suffering I am a stronger man Man who I am... I! I've seen the world suffer human distinction I've"
  • Distorted - Living Sacrifice
    "Distorted reality Truth behind, not to see Focus of life means twisting negative Draining deeper fears by a quest to live Suffering down perpetual destruction Pulling ties of morbid inspiration Confession"
  • Angels  - Thicke
    "All the things Ive done before this They dont mean a thing And all the words spoken before this Wont be said again Suddenly so much of me has No need 2 pretend Cause theres nothin like the truth To bring"
  • Angels - Robin Thicke
    "All the things I've done before this They don't mean a thing And all the words spoken before this Won't be said again Suddenly so much of me has No need to pretend 'Cause there's nothing like the truth To"
  • Angels - Jughead's Revenge
    "I saw you down the darkened stairway Contending through the hazy eyes of life I try to run but I hear it calling The sound of hearing angels cry I know that deep inside is where I'll stay Where I'll"
  • Angels - Crass
    "The angels are on T.V. tonight, grey puke, celluloid shit. The army have sent a mission to Ireland, just to see to it. Kojac is on the streets again, grey puke, fucking shit. The army say they seek peace"
  • Distorted Angel - Elvis Costello
    "Strange things seem to occur, somewhere behind the nursery door Though I was just a bit of a kid, it was the bit that she was looking for Now I don't know where to begin confessing The way she's making"
  • Remain Distorted - Giant Sand
    "There are plenty here that go unmentioned there's still more with ill intention I remain with my stale ounce of prevention the croner remains only as dark as your own shadow you fail to respond and remember"
  • Distorted Frames - Such A Surge
    "Mentally paralyzed all bridges will break soon Headache from midnight to highnoon By playin' the game fit in the frame Insane Sellin' another dream duty free Cheap as you creep over your mental border In"
  • Distorted Face - Hocico
    "You think it's time for being brave you think you're saved from all fear whatever you do you're late see in my eyes, you are here try to hyde, try to run from me now you're naked to my eyes all what you"
  • Distorted Love - Enigma
    "I need your... I love your body... I need your... I need your... I love your body... You need love. (I love your body) You need love. You need love... You need love... You need love. (I love your body) Touch"
  • Distorted View - Accessory
    "Portraits of a miracle Portraits torn in stripes White sparks surround the fly When it's longing for stars Laughter in the trees Laughter lift the curtain Spiders haunt the fly When it's singing its song Cheer"
  • Distorted Solitude - Karmic Passage
    "World full of lies, its all in mind, they've planned to escape but I dont have the time (too...) (ooooo.... oooo....) Taking vows without regret (ahhhh....) Not remembering what I forget Wathingtime slip"
  • Distorted Daytime - The GazettE
    "I ask you it. Have you tasted sorrow? The feelings are deeper than death... Teach it. Why does not tragedy have an end? Why is it? You are afraid of the crowd. Even the excrement can't be picked up."
  • Entertaining Angels - Newsboys
    "One to another Do you remember me? I feel so small Well are you list'in to tonight So temporary The things that I have seen I ran so far Will you take me back again Entertaining angels By the light of"
  • 10000 Angels - Mindy McCready
    "Speaking of the devil Look who just walked in He knows just where to find me Here we go again I can tell hes gonna ask me to dance But thats not as far as he wants to go I need ten thousand angels to help"
  • Entertaining angels - Newboys
    "One to another do you remember me i feel so small are you listening tonight so temporary the things that i have seen i ran so far will you take me back again entertaining angels by the light of my t.v."
  • Angels Sing - Moby
    "I close my eyes And feel the morning rain Covering my face I think of you again About the the time When you were here The city it felt so bright The city felt so clear Oh, we could of made the angels"
  • Dying Angels - Soulrelic
    "I wish I could just surrender to the wind Drift away to better world It`s like I could hear echoes from the world beyond us Fighting agains time alone Broken heart in a freezing breeze I can`t feel your"

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