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to for yoy

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to for yoy
  • Norton Yoy moon
    "Thought we had a good thing baby You pulled the wool over my eyes I should've seen it comin' baby Now all I see is a cool love dying Honey I don't want to hold you down Why you gotta own the lock and the"
  • 50 Cent Say what yoy want
    "Yo, niggas be askin me "yo 50 who you got beef wit?" I'm a tell yall niggas who I got beef wit I got beef wit any nigga I can't make no money wit If I can't make no money wit you, fuck you nigga G-Unit"
  • Claw Boys Claw Y.O.Y
    "No-one in the universe can take back what I have learned, living backwards in reveres, Y.O.Y Still I make the same mistake waking up when it's too late but I know I'll do it again, Y.O.Y This world's"
  • Man Me yoy a convertir en un ave
    "Aqu estoy injustamente preso en una celda la polica me est acusando no entiendo de que dicen que los derechos humanos me van ayudar pero aqu yo no veo humanos solo puros hijos de su perra Me estn pateando"
  • Nightmare To for
    "owaranai tsumetai toki owaranai itetsuku yami no rasentomaranai hari ga kizamu amari ni mo muimi sugiru toki no katedeashita ga konai yomoni.... fukaku yume no hazama de furueterunani mo wakarazu ni sotto"
  • A Death For Every Sin Something To Die For
    "No one makes it alone in this world of shit, so build a place to exist and call it home. To the few by my side, you are my everything. For the few by my side, I'd give anything. My friends and my family. They"
  • To/Die/For This World Is Made For Me
    "Can't lay my heart to rest I'm filthy and unkind I'm heartless A disbeliever and unclean Nothing is what it seems I'm a liar I'm here in the right place This world belongs... ...for the restless"
  • Face To Face For You
    "I have given everything I have questioned my own faith Disbelief and discontent I still remember why I wanted this For you When you stumble, when you fall They talk about it all When you fall apart"
  • Totem For
    "We've grown up with the wind Our Mother Earth gives us strength To feel the seconds frozen in Each of my passed breaths We grown up with thousand skies Never-ending tempt gives us fear To feel the suffering"
  • The Bohicas To Die For
    "Perhaps I can tell: Yes, I’m doing well But just see I’m not feelin ok Who stay in tauch Distance.. Resistance is around the corner I get high I get low I get high I get low Yeah, I’ve heard about before But"
  • Mercury 4 To Die For
    "Chorus: To die for money gives life no meaning To die for glory would be too easy To die for pride ain't good enough But love love love love is to die for To fight for something that you believe in To"
  • Aurora To Die For
    "You're as steady as the falling rain. You're the antidote to all the pain. Like an angel answering my prayer. Like a flower in the summer air. There's a meaning I, tried hard to escape. But this time I"
  • Rooster To Die For
    "How can it hurt, When i feel no pain? How can it heal, if i look the same? I've been searching all my mornings, for the last breath of a dream Are you drowning or just waving, cause im tearing at the"
  • Magenta To Die For
    "Your crimes paid off well, you know what you tried for Your crimes paid off well, you know what you lied for Your crimes paid off well, you know what you cried for Your crimes paid off well, you know what"
  • The Birthday Massacre To Die For
    "Tighten your tie boy You're something to die for But don't hold your breath now You're just killing time Tonight you can dream boy Imagine a whisper If you can keep secrets Then I'll tell you mine Remember"
  • NRG To Die For
    "Will I be able to meet someone new someday And love again Loving someone who is that you and laughing together Will that bury us and make me forget us Erasing you and then erasing you again As I keep trying"
  • Fly To The Sky For You
    "We're going to the same place. We too, at first, were just passing people. But now we give each other strength. At this moment I'm so happy. Although there were many hard days When I was so lonley and"
  • To/Die/For Lies (For Fools)
    "I think it was true when someone said Happiness fades away fatser than pain But you fools, you're breathing lies Your sweet lies You're looking for something you cannot get Your hearts are lost in the"
  • No Use For A Name For Fiona
    "I Can't even think of words to match the way i'm feeling I Don't even think a book can say enough for you I can only try my best to put it in a song I guess, you try to speak I know you tell the truth If"
  • PORNO FOR PYROS Porno For Pyros
    "Came home last night There was fire and smoke on the T.V. Cops and the army People running out in the street looting I took off my clothes And came four times Could not leave myself alone It was porno"

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