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to ty virgin

  • Virgin - Scarlet
    "Lovely man, how sweet are you? Your loving me, it cuts right through But in your past you held another like me I'm angry that you had a life before me. I promise you it's not a real concern Take this"
  • Virgin - Spandau Ballet
    "I could tell you a fairytale, Hold your hand oh so small and frail, But these lies are to no avail In these blues I could give you security, Protect your eyes from what you see, But I can give you a guarantee, Win"
  • Virgin - Frank Barile
    "So how're you doing now That you're looking out Over the life that faces you? Does it make you doubt The plans that you laid out, All the certainties that you thought you knew? You should only live How"
  • To Ty - Virgin
    "Może to już kiedyś było Może gdzieś widziałam Cię. Kilka chwil spędzonych razem Jakże dobrze Ciebie znam. To Ty To Ty Przemykam lekko ponad dniami By z naszych szeptów utkać noc. Te same słowa w mojej"
  • Virgin - Green Lizard
    "it's been burnin' in your mind wondering if it is right that it keeps you all alone at night so you start lookin' for the one the one whom just might become the one with whom you would feel right you"
  • Virgin - Manchester Orchestra
    "Heard don't move unless you know someone you can move And I bruise just like anyone would bruise And I know we've got a long way to go I know I've got so far We built this house with our hands, and our"
  • Virgin - Shazna
    "In the Sky... Kiss me... Flying with you... Kimi to yume no naka yoku mita ano sora no mukougawa niwa Nani ga aru noka shiritakute niji wo tsureteoyoida Taiyou ga futari no yume wo yakitsukusu kurai terashite Noboritsumeteyuku"
  • Holy Virgin - Groove Coverage
    "I'm a little veined you trick me like a babe after we where waiting for someone like you Can you show my passion And you where obsession I would satisfaction all of the time If you wanna taste me try my"
  • Holy Virgin - M!styc
    "I'm a real lady Treat me like a baby I've been waiting weekly For someone like you Can you share my passion Earning my obsession I want satisfaction All of the time If you want to taste me Try my paradise Come,"
  • Virgin Superstar - And One
    "Ladies and gentlemen I'm very proud to present Here tonight live on stage Virgin superstar The night is falling And so have we Into oblivion and reverie And nothing really matters anymore When heaven"
  • Virgin Blue - Lead
    "ROCK YOUR BODY Honey Honey Lovin' Lovin' YOU Mommy Daddy Don't get me wrong ROCK YOUR BODY honey honey Lovin' Lovin' YOU Virgin Blue OH YEAH Last dance wo matezu ni party nuke dasu futari Koi no monogatari"
  • Virgin Killer - Scorpions
    "(Ulrich Roth) Cry like you feel, Try like you feel, feel it ...! Try to escape, Cry to escape, escape it ...! It's so hard to run away He's a virgin killer ... No, no, no, can't you see? No, no, no,"
  • Virgin sexy - Sugar Babes
    "She wants to be beautifull,feelin it kinda sexual,gettin it on,hips moveing walking down the street,lips talking sayin something sweet,she doesnt know,strobe lights im lookin tight,in my snakeskin boots"
  • Virgin Assassin - Waco Jesus
    "Virgin sexually assassinated balls deep severe vaginal trauma inflamed and swollen bleeding all over I go down and tongue fuck both canals consuming her discharge virgin assassin taking away your virginity raping"
  • Virgin Bride - morphine
    "it was just a couple of summers ago annie met gary they moved to eachother so in love the future was their canvass and life was their paint but annie, she wanted gary to wait to do it until their wedding"
  • Virgin Mary - Joan Baez
    "Virgin Mary had a one son, Oh, glory halleluja, Oh, pretty little baby, Glory be to the new born King. "Well, Mary how you call that pretty little baby, Oh, pretty little baby, Oh, pretty little baby, Glory"
  • Virgin Sexy - Sugababes
    "Come on Ooh Come on baby Ooh Come on Ooh Come on baby Ooh She wants to be beautiful Feeling kinda sexual Getting it on Hips move, walking down the street Lips talking saying something sweet She doesn't"
  • Virgin Mary - 18 Summers
    "Virgin Mary is alone in her room In the pale light of the moon She holds the bible in her hand She is covered with blood The gates of heaven opened wide Everything is clear and bright This is our wedding"
  • Virgin Sexy - Christina Aguilera
    "She wants to be beutiful Feeling kinda sexual Getting it on Hips moving walking down the street Lips talkin' sayin' something sweet But she doesn't know Bridge Strobe lights I'm lookin' tight In my snake"
  • Virgin Suicide - Elysium
    "hello my friend, hope it's the end no saving grace, no words to tell since emotions explode solidifly sorrowproof shields try to reconstruct my world from broken frames of the past entering final chapter embittered"

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