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tom chaplin
  • Peter Charlie Chaplin
    "Ja du warst der kleine Mann den nichts erschttern kann. Oh Charly Charly Chaplin denn wer auf der Nase liegt ist Ingst noch nicht besiegt Oh Charly Charly Chaplin. Deine Bilder sind wie ein Spiegel den"
  • Vixen Charlie Chaplin
    "Wcielam się znów w kolejną z ról Ludzie chcą do mnie strzelać, bo zmieniam strój Jak to dzieje się, że ciągle się zmieniam – nie wiem A może lubię teatr – you fucking fool Mogę być jak Rockafella,"
  • Claude Nougaro Facon Chaplin
    "C'est la dernire image du filmLes Temps ModernesCharlie ChaplinAvec la p'tit' Paulette GoddardMain dans la mainIls se barrentLe vagabond, sa vagabondeLeur amour pour conqurir le mondeEt moi qui n'ai pas"
  • Stereophonics Looks Like Chaplin
    "I feel the wash, close down the street Yet Chaplin walks feet nine fifteen And I hear them, hear them call his name And I see him, see him turn away They take him in, and clean him up Well, they take"
  • The Stooges Tom tom
    "Hey little oneYou've got the wayI ain't doing nothin'That's so importantI'd like to know how you dealOh when I worry to darkenIf I can't get in your showI'll take my tom tom and goYeah, yeahYeah, yeahWhile"
  • Chevelle Tom
    "And I don't think I'd like to feel this; I wanna make the cravings stop now. So pretty now Many forces coming down I lied now Yes another's 'so much' are few And they carry bottles with messages"
  • Iggy Pop Tom Tom
    "Hey little one You've got the way I ain't doing nothin' That's so important I'd like to know how you deal Oh when I worry to darken If I can't get in your show I'll take my tom tom and go Yeah, yeah Yeah,"
  • Tania Tsanaklidou Charlie Chaplin ( Eurovision 1978 )
    "Natos ki erhete apo ti gonia Kapelaki mavro asorti Stin pethiastiki mas agonia Taha o astinomos tha ton vri Kokino garifalo sto peto Bastunaki, smokin ke kaimos Athio apo tsigara to paketo Ki arhise"
  • Marion Rung Tom Tom Tom ( Eurovision 1973 )
    "Tom Tom Tom Tom Tom Tom I hear the music Tom Tom Tom Tom Tom Tom That's how it goes Music wakes me up every morning Skylight seem to bring on the sun Bluebirds chase my blues with the dawning High"
  • Sweet Tom Tom Turnaround
    "Chinn/Chapman Tom Tom lived for all he could give And he stood by his father's side Then into his world came a sweet young girl And he took her for his bride And he took her for his bride Tom Tom"
  • The Sweet Tom Tom Turnaround
    "Chinn/Chapman Tom Tom lived for all he could give And he stood by his father's side Then into his world came a sweet young girl And he took her for his bride And he took her for his bride Tom Tom"
  • Tellison How They Didn't Knight Chaplin
    "Everynight i never knew anyone who went to japan everyone do can do no harm except by them running through rain to find a phone and some solid walls only to return to the house where things were the way"
  • Les compagnons de la chanson Tom Dooley
    "Fais ta prire Tom Dooleya peut toujours servirFais ta prire Tom DooleyDemain tu vas mourirDevant ton verre de rhumDans le matin blafardTche au moins d'tre un hommeAvant le grand dpartFais ta prire Tom"
  • Kymani Marley Tom Drunk
    "Oh, oh, oh, oh, hey Let me tell you of a story 'Bout a creature I once knew Had a wife that was a teacher And the daughter was it too He was loved among his neighbors For the wonders works he's done For"
  • Led Zeppelin Poor Tom
    "Here's a tale of Tom Who worked the railroads long His wife would cook his meal As he would change the wheel Poor Tom, Seventh Son, Always knew what's goin on Ain't a thing that you can hide from Tom"
  • Dolly Parton Preacher Tom
    "(Dolly Parton) Preacher Tom, your friends are many And your good deeds are a plenty And I know that God is plenty proud of you Cause you've directed your attention Towards a bright and shining mansion God"
  • The Kingston Trio Tom Dooley
    "(Spoken recitation over musical accompaniment) Throughout history, there have been many songs written about the eternal triangle. This next one tells the story of Mister Grayson, a beautiful woman, and"
  • Mel Tillis Tom Dooley
    "Hang down your head Tom Dooley hang down your head and cry Hang down your head Tom Dooley poor boy you're bound to die I met her on the mountain there I took her life Met her on the mountain and stubbed"
  • Ian Tyson Tom Blasingame
    "Tom Blasingame Tom's the name Tom Blasingame Eighty-five years in the saddle Seen eighty-five years Through a cow horse's ears Whilst' a chasing the wild bovine So you thought they're all gone There's"
  • Anouk Tom Waits
    "I was dreaming last night A figment of my brain On the downtown train And had nowhere to go So we got off to take a walk In the pouring rain You said you rode it once And you would ride it again Please"

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