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  • Harelip - Tomahawk
    "I am the harelip Give me one more kiss We'll have a mardi gras on deserted streets Fingers and forceps Raw meat and muzak The bubbles in the wine keep the nerves dead I was awake all through the surgery The"
  • Harlem Clowns - Tomahawk
    ""I don't know how to read notes..." "The Cars, Herbie Hancock, Bonnie Tyler, Stevie Nicks, Men At Work, ZZ Top, Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson, Weird Al Yankovic, Cyndi Lauper, Pink Floyd, the Pretenders,"
  • Aktion F1413 - Tomahawk
    "Basic principles of hand-to-hand combat: 1. Be aggressive 2. Keep your eyes on the opponent 3. Distract the opponent 4. Disable or be Disabled I see what you do I keep on my way through I'll see what"
  • Harlem Clown - Tomahawk
    ""I don't know how to read notes...". "The Cars, Herbie Hancock, Bonnie Tyler, Stevie Nicks, Men At Work, ZZ Top, Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson, Weird Al Yankovic, Cyndi Lauper, Pink Floyd, the Pretenders,"
  • Flashback - Tomahawk
    "Flashback The dolls, the hide and seek We dreamed of better things In the tall weeds I rolled with you Flashback Silhouette of the memory You're eyes are getting heavy And when I speak You sleep on cue 3,"
  • 101 North - Tomahawk
    "Hitch a ride, hitch a ride Eagles swirl and they pick up the bones I'll shut you down like a bank on a Sunday The engine has no stories to tell Because there's no-one to tell 'em to The last drugstore"
  • Point And Click - Tomahawk
    "Them scumbags Them faghags Short eyes Dope dealers Drive-bys Faith healers I'll be there Far away I'm floating above it all Be there I'll be there far away I'll be there for you I'll prove the holy road"
  • God Hates A Coward - Tomahawk
    "I'll sow my seeds with a metric grosse No footsteps go beyond it I'll eat the dirt Where the rooster crows Fresh rodeos, behold it Check your pulse in your teardrops Make you a cyclops Breakin' the branches"
  • Pop 1 - Tomahawk
    "Something's wrong today I cross the barricade The police lines evaporate What will I do with all this empty space Seas part for my parade Traffic stops to give me right of way How will I fill all this"
  • Sweet Smell Of Success - Tomahawk
    "You've got to be the one Smile of porcelain Bullet holes in your tongue Plexiglass bones Dough of angel's breath The eyes of a mannequin Put on a hell of a show Solid gold Fresh young face King of a lovely"
  • Sir Yes Sir - Tomahawk
    "We all know our place Like the trophy in the case We are never known The wallpaper in the room We all know the joys See the beauty of our toy We are not your song Elevator, shopping malls We all want what's"
  • Jockstrap - Tomahawk
    "Jockstrap. You rap. G-string. I sing. Jockstrap. You rap. G-string. I sing. Step right up, place your bet Steeplechase, notice me I need skin for dancin' in You're riding on the tail of a son of a bitch High"
  • Cul De Sac - Tomahawk
    "The world is growin' old And preparin' for sleep But you and me are just not gettin' outta bed Wakin' up Sunbathing on the shores of a nightmare I wish you were here 'Cause they say We say And we say Eternity"
  • Malocchio - Tomahawk
    "Chew it! Chew it! Chew it to spit it out Spewing your beings Chew on history with you Bloodhound, nose to the ground Hunting the big game, I'm through And I want to be more than a stomach on four legs It's"
  • Honeymoon - Tomahawk
    "Eyes like piss holes in snow Heavy breathin' on the phone Salty clumps of seaweed hair Blow a kiss and I'm there Honeymoon Honeymoon Honeymoon Fiances' well padded room Syrup drips, silky smooth Holidays"
  • Laredo - Tomahawk
    "Been shanghaied down in Laredo The sunshine sticks to the dusty floor I'm listenin' for the pay phone A flask rolls in through a hole in the screen door The cat's in the bag and the bag's in the river (repeat) Guess"
  • Birdsong - Tomahawk
    "I'll feed you now, whisper low in your ear The way you look at me when you're hungry Lay your head down, shoot a load in your ear The way you look at me when you're hunted On the slow drip down, from beak"
  • Rape This Day - Tomahawk
    "You're the only one I've ever told That I will rape this day Got a barking dog And a smile to tell And I will hate this day Sporting the name brands Clothes make the man And I will rape this day Guess"
  • You Can't Win - Tomahawk
    "If you wanna bleed, then come along with me We're only half breeds but we'll be home free So mark your territory, 'cause it's on Put your badge on, we're gonna mow 'em down We've got a feelin', it's even"
  • Mayday - Tomahawk
    "Kiss kiss, bang bang Got to have the hanging man Shock you clean Till the penal hits the pentane Free yourself Because I could shock you down You kill yourself please? Because you're already gone Now in"

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