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tomorrow won't be real it's not possible

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tomorrow won't be real it's not possible

  • It's Not Possible - Never Heard Of It
    "It's not possible you said the words yourself and I feel nothing but ashamed We're still holding out this catalyst of doubt and all I ever get is the blame Take me away Take me away where I want to be Tell"
  • Anything's Possible - Jonny Lang
    "Let me tell you I remember in the days of old Doesn't seem that long ago It was... " Johnny you won't be nothing unless you do what you're told" Study medicine or study law And please put away the guitar The"
  • If Possible - Soilwork
    "If possible just turn the page, When all you see remains the same. I wish I could blame it on a face without a name. In the center of the place I hate, There's no escape that's what they say. Without a"
  • Say It's Possible - Terra Naomi
    "I see the lights are turning And i look outside the stars are burning Through this changing time It could have been anything we want Its fine salvation was just a passing thought. Dont wait act now This"
  • Hardest Way Possible - Rustic Overtones
    "Another elephant grey sky and it's cold outside. I've been a phantom with no place to hide. Is my fortune searching for the love inside? Or am I tortured, scorching 'cause I'm burning alive Inside I am"
  • Anything Is Possible - Gareth Gates
    "I never thought I could be feeling this way Standing here in front of you this perfect day Ohh..It's hard to imagine where tomorrow will lead I'll keep this moment in my heart for eternity Even through"
  • Anything Is Possible - Too Short
    "(Too $hort) Album number 12 Short Dogg still in the house I ain't going back into retirement Life is...... Anything is possible try hard It ain't logical f**k an obstical bitch How can I make twelve albums All"
  • It's Possible - Brandy
    "It's possible, for a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden carriage It's possible, for a plain country bumpkin and a prince to join in marriage And four white mice are easily turned to horses Such"
  • Tomorrow (Real) - Silverchair
    "It's twelve o'clock and it's a wonderful day I know you hate me but I'll ask anyway Won't you come with me to a place in a little town The only way to get there's to go straight down There's no bathroom,"
  • Tomorrow - CeCe Winans
    "Jesus said 'Here I stand, won't you please let me in?' And you said 'I will tomorrow' Jesus said 'I am he who supplies all your needs' And you said 'I know, but tomorrow, ooh, tomorrow, ill give my"
  • Tomorrow - Tamia
    "Verse 1: Jesus said, "Here I stand, Won't you please let me in?" And you said, "I will... tomorrow!" Jesus said, "I am He who supplies all your needs." And you said, "I know... but, tomorrow!" Chorus: (Oooooh)"
  • Tomorrow - Kemopetrol
    "It's time for the time to decide To walk through the door and get on with your life Or to play the role of a know-it-all It's strange how we have to supply Answers to questions that've lived past their"
  • Tomorrow - Home Grown
    "Awake at ground zero, Another day wasting away, Nothing seems to matter, 'Cause nothing's ever changed. California dreamin', Has never meant that much to me, When living in this nightmare, Comes so easily. Holding"
  • Tomorrow - Dan's Home Grown
    "Awake at ground zero Another day wasting away Nothing seems to matter Cuz nothing's ever changed California dreamin' Has never meant that much to me We're living in this nightmare Comes so easily Holding"
  • Tomorrow - Galactic Cowboys
    "I tried to call you but you were gone Way too busy stickin' the labels on Deciding who will swim in the talent pool- and what is cool Cultivating more popularity Overly concerned with what not to be Trendy"
  • Be For Real - Leonard Cohen
    "Are you back in my life to stay Or is it just for today Oh that you're gonna need me? If it's a thrill you're looking for Honey, I'm flexible. Oh, yeah. Just be for real won't you, Baby Be for real"
  • Tomorrow - Brandy
    "If you would only treat me right I'd stay here by your side But I am down to my last cry So I'm leaving you goodbye You turned away from opportunities To sit and talk things through But now when"
  • Love Won't Let Us Be - Rachelle Ann Go
    "So many answers looking for the reasons to believe search for what is real So many reasons I try to find the one that fits my heart trust in what I feel You and I will find our selves not knowing who we"
  • Kim Possible Theme Song - Kim Possible
    "Ooohh yeahh yeah I'm your basic average girl And I'm here to save the world You can't stop me Cause I'm Kim Pos-si-ble There is nothin I can't do When danger calls Just know that I am on my way"
  • Trouble Won't Last - Carl Thomas
    "But I'm sayin' Here I am, say lying and praying That I'm laying something hot Cuz baby, it's cold outside And even when it's not, it still is Baby shorties ask me what the deal is Not listenin' to they"

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