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tonight alive the fire

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tonight alive the fire

  • Alive - David Hasselhoff
    "What is this feeling Of power and drive I've never known ? I feel alive ! Where does this feeling, Of power derive, Making me know Why I'm alive ? Like the night it's a secret, Sinister, dark, and unknown,"
  • Alive Tonight - The Buzzcocks
    "Ahh, ahh, ahh - tonight Ahh, ahh Object movers have done nothing on me Take me to the party I just want to feel free I won't pass the bastard? nightmares into another sunday I won't pass the bastard? nightmares"
  • I'm alive and on fire - Danko Jones
    "My Mama made me sow my wild oats I made love w/ a backstroke Unafraid, unabashed, 'cause I'm proud Let's get together for the rubdown I'm Alive and I'm on Fire I heard you got a hot date tonight I got"
  • Fire Tonight - Information Society
    "Well, there's a hot wind blowing tonight in the east, And I heard that the park is filled tonight with police. On the radio there's nothing but a man saying to stay inside. Well, I remember what you said"
  • Tonight - Keke Palmer
    "Tonight is the right night, everybody's all right. 'Yo feel it in my bones, we gonna make it out of sight. So if you're ready, go party 'till it the daylight. Comin' alive with me. (Comin' alive with"
  • Alive - Natalie Bassingthwaighte
    "Alive, alive, alive, alive Never thought the day would come when I'd see My reflection smiling right back at me It's been a while since I've been happy Not sure, that I'm ready I never planned on letting"
  • Alive - Jessie J
    "This is it, now it’s in our hands I know you feel it We could have quit but we choose to dance But best believe it We took it in baby from the start We chased the light and forgot the dark So point this"
  • Alive - Doro Pesch
    "All alone, and night is falling All along, I hear you calling Telling lies, and sad goodbyes The secrets will be safe inside of me As long as I'm alive You'll always be a part of me As long as I'm alive As"
  • Alive - Kainos
    "I haven't felt this way for anyone Not the way I fell tonight You have caught me in this moment Like being swept in an ocean tide Cause the love you give Is what's keeping me Alive You breathe in me Your"
  • Alive - Sherwood
    "I'm, alive, tonight Call it the chance of a lifetime Call it the deepest blue Season two, a change in the storyline Well I'm not afraid of what lies ahead I remember something that someone said "If you"
  • Alive - Meat Loaf
    "(Child/Michael/Knight/Andrea Remanda) I'm still alive Must have been a miracle It's been a hell of ride Destination still unknown It's a fact of life: If you make one wrong move with the gun to your head You"
  • Alive - All
    "i think of all the things we did back when we were alive i watched around the corner as you rode up on your bike i sat with you and held your hand when movies made you cry i think of all the things we"
  • Alive - Circus Maximus
    "I remember you told me once What could be the answer to it all The answers to my soul I believed in love not magic, needed some time to figure out what to do with this ... to make my heart that is (I was"
  • Alive - Melissa O'Neil
    "Stuck in a world No longer turning Always the girl Waiting for something Too many days Walking around sleeping Open my eyes I'm tired of dreaming I wanna run with the reckless emotion Find out if love"
  • Alive - Becki Ryan
    "Stuck in a world, No longer turning. Always a girl, Waiting for something. Too many days, Walking around sleeping. Open my eyes, I'm tired of dreaming. I wanna run with reckless emotion, Find out if love"
  • Alive - SR-71
    "all she's asking is for a little more time to walk away from his anger and leave the bruises far behind but she won't talk about it she's made up her mind when the front door shuts behind her she whispers... "give"
  • Alive - Bo Bruce
    "Walking down the highway Traffic's coming my way All I see are flashing lights People there in blue suits Wanna know the real truth How many did I have tonight? Looking at the wreckage Anyone would guess"
  • Come Alive - BarlowGirl
    "Wake up, get up, there's no time to waste now Never shut up, it's out turn to speak out These streets are dead, just waiting to come alive Break down the doors of our comfortable room Tear down the walls"
  • Come Alive - Barlow Girl
    "Wake up, get out, there's no time to waste now Never shut up it's our turn to speak out These streets are dead just waiting to come alive Break down the doors of our comfortable room Tear down the walls"
  • Fire Of The Newly Alive - Rosanne Cash
    "We are awakened, restored, and renewed The bonds of desire have led me to you The heat of the questions that linger and stir Is the fire that enfolds us, a place to be cured Salvation and rescue And the"

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