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tool opium

  • Tool - Crushead
    "You said that Im your friend that Im the most important person in your life And I said I would do everything for you Ill help you through all pain and strife What a fool I have been now I realize you used"
  • Tool - Buck-O-Nine
    "fast and clean in his rhythm machine he goes down to the beach but little does he know the girls down there are out of his reach he has a good time but drinks too much wine he's headed for the"
  • Opium - Emilie Simon
    "Je laisse aller, me laisse inhaler les vapeurs en dgrad Evapore comme la fume dans un nuage cendr Mon opium pas de srum, mon opium, opium Mon opium pas de srum, mon opium Je laisse aller, me laisse inhaler"
  • Opium - Akin
    "Opium, desire or will? Inspiration bound from an elegant seed Subversion, through smoke I foresee Erotic motions of lesser gods in ectasy Opium, bring me forth another dream Spawn worlds of flesh and"
  • Opium - Serebro
    "A lyubov v tebe i vo mne... Ya vdyhayu gluboko Vse tvoi slova i nochi Chuvstvuyu kak mne tebya Ryadom ne hvatayet ochen Zaderzhalas na krayu No upala pryamo v nebo Znayu to, chto ya tebya lyublyu... A"
  • Opium - Ada Fijał
    "Nocą, skrzydła się kłopocą I łagodny mrok swą kładzie dłoń Na moją skroń Zmęczoną skroń Nikt w błękitnej niszy Nie przerywa ciszy Ale serce słyszy Głos minionych słów Gdy mówisz mi, że kochasz mnie"
  • Opium - Moonspell
    "Opium,desire or will? Inspiration bound from a elegant seed. Subversion,through smoke i foresee, Erotic motions of lesser gods in ecstasy. Opium, bring me forth another dream. Spawn worlds of flesh and"
  • Opium - Dead Can Dance
    "Sometimes I feel like I want to live Far from the metropolis Just walk through that door Sometimes I feel like I want to fly Reach out to the painted sky A prisoner to the wind A bird on the wing Sometimes I"
  • Opium - Jump Little Children
    ""Do you smoke opium?" he said As he opened my wallet on the street I said, please god please Can you breathe just a little softer? It's hard enough to stand up straight Cause i'm beat Don't call your"
  • Opium - Moe.
    "Give me some fire, and a piece of glass Hear that train, floatin' past On feathered tracks, with helium wheels Ain't no coal, ain't no steel Chorus: Opium, won't you smile on my brain Flowers and fog,"
  • Opium - Eripe
    "Nie wystarczy oddychać żeby żyć Każde wołanie o pomoc to niemy krzyk I nie powiem ze się opłaca tutaj szeptać To jak pocieszać kur* że praca uszlachetnia Tu na dzień starcza parę dych jak dopisuje Jakiś"
  • Healing Tool - Firewind
    "Take a good look around you, Do you like what you see? Or will you repress a fake life I guess, In a world that's corrupted? You are frozen in a desert, Though you workin' like a dog. Will you confess"
  • Killing Tool - Cataract
    "Bright headlines used as a calming injection. In the mirror of lies I see the reflection Of buried thoughts and stolen freedom The absorbed struggle of the human race This killing tool in this reign of"
  • Power tool - 40 Below Summer
    "I shut your eyes and I fed you liesI'm up inside - now I cannot hidethose burns on your skinand the stains on your grinI took your painnow you're dropped againI can't feel the way you want me to -I'll"
  • Opium-Eater - Trouble
    "Descriptive facility writer Let spirits rebel Bring me idiots laughter Spent a season in hell Tuesday save me before I get too high If I could only fly into your mind Opium-eater Opium-eater Smoother"
  • Opium Tea - Nick Cave
    "Here I sleep the morning through 'Til the wail of the call to prayer awakes me And there ain't nothing at all to do but rise and follow The day wherever it takes me I stand at the window and I look at"
  • Opium Trail - Thin Lizzy
    "I took a line that leads you to the opium trail Oriental eyes reveal the lies, deceit, betrayal On this journey behold one who travels far You called him fool but now you are The wizard wanders through"
  • Tool Mana Shayfak - Amr Diab
    "Ya 7abiby mean fi ely e7na feah..da ely e7na feah dah m7dsh feah kol ely ba7lm ganbk beeh..2abl ma afkr feih bla2eeh Ya 7abiby mean fi ely e7na feah..da ely e7na feah dah m7dsh feah kol ely ba7lm ganbk"
  • The opium den - Alphaville
    "May i introduce myself i'm your poison i'm gonna kill you tonite i do it slowly, you gonna like it you remember me for the rest of your life but it won't last very long, hang on it won't last very long,"
  • The Opium Farmer - Charlus
    "He lived in a cottage close to the sea He raised his family on profits from the poppies perfumed On the mountain beyond Every day he awoke with the dawn He set to the fields, blood on his hands and the"

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