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  • Flesh Tools - Necro
    "Good Turned Evil P.Flow (Ft.Necro And lLL Bill,Uncle Howie) Brutality Part Two (P.Flow) Verse 1: I Chock you with a robe and throw you the ocean as you die i just laugh 'cause got no f**king emotions i"
  • Tools Of Separation - Anacrusis
    "Where once was childlike simplicity Now only remnants of blind ideals This quality of innocence Once tarnished, is forever lost It's lost... It's lost... Never to return It's lost... It's lost... We turn"
  • Tools For War - Leeway
    "Farrakhan semetic death raids Black man wants jews on a plate Fascist religions, noxious parades Turning racism into charades Evil minds are learning Constantly churning A negative approach Burying your"
  • Fight With Tools - Flobots
    "echo echo one-nine hear the call through fault lines smoke signals old rhymes shorted lights in store signs spelled in a broken code find that it is time to breath build bend and refine you we sky tenants give"
  • Fight With Tools - The Flobots
    "Echo echo one-nine Hear the call through fault lines Smoke signals, old rhymes Shorted lights in store signs Spelled in a broken code Find that it is time to Breath, build, bend, and refine you We"
  • Only Tools and Corpses - Gorerotted
    "Only tools and corpses in an easy game I find live people and I play with them I love a scaloel or a stitch or too And the way they cry as the needles pulled through I love operations and the beautiful"
  • Tools Of Mutral Harm - Trauma
    "False looks Every more calculated Lie is the point of reference Accomplishment through tricks Is always justified We keep on looking for different ways To harm each other Tools of mutral harm Unconscious"
  • Pile of Broken Tools - Officer Negative
    "Drawing back Now I see The pile of broken tools Beneath the dust In the darkness Some were useful once But some have never been We all lie stagnant With our hands around our necks Rusted with decisions"
  • Tools of the trade - Fort Minor
    "I can make a loop out of anything workI'm just surprised you guys didn't think of this shit first... But fuck it!You can't touch yours trulyYou can hardly follow meMuch less move me, soWhen I'm pumping"
  • Tools Of The Tirade - The A.K.A.S
    "I've got two eyes. They spy every lie you hide between those lines. I've got two ears. They hear every cry you drown out with that noise. I've got 2 arms, two hands... and I clap to the rhythm. I've"
  • The Pile If Broken Tools - Officer Negative
    "Drawing back, now I see The pile of, broken tools Beneath the dust, in the darkness Some were useful once, but like me some never been We all lie stagnant, with our hands around our necks Rusted with,"
  • Tools Of The Trade (Demo) - Fort Minor
    "(Mike) I can make a loop out of anything work I'm just surprised you guys didn't think of this shit first... But fuck it! You can't touch yours truly You can hardly follow me Much less move me, so When"
  • Tools In The Blood Shed - Acumen Nation
    "rotting strains.. of still-born life as it slowly replicates a dead hero from its shattered memories fear of change.. will be our le-ga-cy... yeah... abstain. from all. and needless things obtain. a genuine"
  • For Whom The Bell Tools - Metallica
    "Make his fight on the hill in the early day Constant chill deep inside Shouting gun, on they run through the endless grey On they fight, for they are right, yes, but who s to says For a hill men would"
  • Epilogue Metalogue - Sharpen Your Mind Tools - Vintersorg
    "(Man:) Our evolving existence Is the wording of our endless strife (Matter:) But what about my assistance? Of granting you these questions of life (Man:) I'm built by you, but you live only through me A"
  • The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle The Master - Creation Is Crucifixion
    "my insides are weak when hands are the voice and minds are destroyed what truth do I know if I know I don't live and my insides aren't there my hands serve a structure and truth I do not know what invention"
  • Grinder - Big Black
    "A man is known by his tools I earn my keep with my tools Fools, you fools, you fools, you fools You will not touch my tools I want to know what you do with my grinder A man is known by his tools I earn"
  • Imbecile Anthem - Asp
    "You're the master, we're your tools We follow your star, we are the ship of fools You're the master, we're your tools We follow your star, we are the ship of fools You're the master, we're your tools We"
  • Medical Deviance - Aborted
    "Reflected on the iris, A tale each stiff reveals Numbing - depresonalisation Surgical doctrines transmute to malevolance A morbid fascination, medical expertise befouled To ensure intravenous butchery... Single"
  • The Carpenter - Nightwish
    "Who are you? Man condemned to shine a salvation throughout the centuries Why ? Was the wine of the grail too sour for man to drink The carpenter carved his anchor on the dying souls of mankind On the"

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