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  • Model - Simply Red
    "Looking at yourself in the mirror baby Telling yourself to be up this morning Holding in your hand another mirror baby One or two lines for confidence Pretty little girl is climbing to the top Her ageing"
  • Top Model Song - Dżoana Krupa
    "Jesteście gotowe naprawdę pokazać, że chcecie to? Tap Madl! Tap Madl! Masz imocje zajebistom Jesteś seksi Mas zpotenccial Takie oczy hypnotizing Takie piękne, takie taft! Tap Madl! /10x Sława pieniądze"
  • Punk Fu! (Top Model 2019) - Daria Zawiałow
    "od jakiegoś czasu to przestało mi sie podobać atakuje mnei wielka różniąca w poglądach moja 20 twarz wymusza uległość symetryczne zdania taka lekka jedność zmyłam z oczy piach zbędne złogi kilogramów"
  • Ghetto Model - Master P
    "Title : Ghetto Model Artist : Master P f/ Theresa Esclovon Album : Good Side Bad Side I see something I want, and poppy that's you So I'll just be up front, I'm trying to roll with you I see you eyeing"
  • Part-Time Model - Flight Of The Conchords
    "J: Looking round the room I can tell that you Are the most beautiful girl In the room. B: In the whole wide room J: And when you're on the street Depending on the street I bet that you are definitely In"
  • 1984 1984 Produced By New Model Army - New Model Army
    "I'm heading north I'm heading home Doing 125 I close my eyes and count to ten Ha Ha Yeah I'm still alive Perfect Perfect tunnel vision Razor sharp and racing racing These moments, immortal No one touches"
  • Model - To My Boy
    "This weekend I constructed a model for the answer It wasn't very easy But these things never are I suppose. The idea came upon me - "A model for the weekend" I put my hands upon it And held it up for"
  • Should've Been A Model - Pretty Ricky
    "Yeah! Pretty Rick-Rick-Rick-Rick Bluestar Entertainment I Should've Been A Model Cause I Stay Fresh! My Flow (On Point) My Dro (On Point) Basically (I'm Hott) Homeboy You Not Damn! I Should've Been"
  • Model - Na Tak
    "Mamy model ludzkich pragnień. Zbudujemy wzmacniacz twoich doznań. Jedna pastylka i mała chwilka. A nie poczujesz jak zmienia się melodyjka. Jedna pastylka i mała chwilka, a nie poczujesz jak... Super"
  • Model - Mr. Vegas
    "(Vegas' lyrical intro) CHORUS: Jus model pon dem like yuh know how yuh nuh live like some ah dem weh sell gow nuh man can bounce yuh bout like yuh a poppyshow yuh nuh mix inah careless crowd from"
  • Model - Squeeze
    "(Difford/Tilbrook) WARNING: These lyrics are unconfirmed and may be inaccurate. They represent the best attempt at deciphering the song we have yet to see. She's ahead of her time and she's never"
  • Model - Avail
    "i'd to anything to look that way when i stop and think again i want to change my face and change my skin no more invisible to them, you can't compare me i'd to anything big is a scar you'd better get"
  • Male Model - Pansy Division
    "When I was young I never wanted toys Things like that were for little boys Always on the mirror trying underclothes ???????? I wanna wanna be a male model I wanna wanna be a male model I wanna be a ..."
  • Male Model - Undertones
    "When I went shopping, never wanted toys Things like that were for little boys My momma bought me clothes from my favorite store Pray, mum ____________ I wanna wanna be a male model! I wanna wanna be a"
  • Model Citizen - Alice Cooper
    "Be an Arab Be a Jew Be a boxing Kangaroo Beat yourself All black and blue I don't care Be a bleeder Be a Cancer A hemophiliac Romancer Be a crippled disco Dancer Oooh... What a pair He's a model citizen I"
  • Lepszy Model - Kasia Klich
    "Znów się zepsułeś i wiem, co zrobię, zamienię ciebie, na lepszy model Znów się zepsułeś i wiem, co zrobię, zamienię ciebie, na lepszy model nie mam do ciebie cierpliwości to pewne ze już nie będę mieć minął"
  • Model citizen - Gabriel Mann
    "Be An Arab, Be a Jew Be a Boxing Kangaroo Beat Yourself All Black and Blue (I Dont Care) Be a Bleeder, Be a Cancer Be a Haemophiliac Romancer Be a Crippled Disco Dancer (What a Pair) Hes a Model Citizen"
  • Role Model - The Proclaimers
    "She's been around for a number of years Had success with two career she gives dying people hope, how does she cope? She snorts a line of coke before an audience with the Pope she's a role model for today"
  • New Model - Tatu
    "Unheard words Autopilots Recording had started Applause So this is how it turned out It's not important who you are These are such Experiments No ostanus' ya, ya - novaya model' Everything that had begun"
  • Actress, model - Unwritten Law
    "Dear Mom I'm dating an actress And I'm just writing to let you know Why I'm so far from home I followed her to Stella Adler A method man was what she was after She must have seen them on TV She's my actress"

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