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tore apart

  • U Tore My World Apart - Cappella
    "Baby, I'm still gazing at your photograph Waiting since you flew and ran away from home Feeling blue, I'm turning on the gramophone I've got you so deep in my heart Darling, now I'm walking down the"
  • Torn apart - Desire
    "My eyes shed tearsWhen I recall the saddest momentWhich filled me with sorrowWhen I watched your going away...Gone with the wind... Going away...You parted, no word spokenWithout a tender beckoningYou"
  • Tore Down - Steve Miller Band
    "(Sonny Thompson) I'm tore down, I'm almost level with the ground. I'm tore down, I'm almost level with the ground. Well, I feel like this when my baby can't be found. I went to the river to jump in. My"
  • Tore Down - Porter Wagoner
    "Right behind my left eye is a hurtin' thumpin' sound And the bottom part of the back of my head is spinnin' around and around I've been town down yes I've been town down Well I've looked all around this"
  • Tore Up - Count Your Blessings
    "Is it just me? Or does everybody feel Like we lose more and more friends They fade away to nothing They older we get But I'm thankful for the friends That stick it out And hold their ground And to all"
  • Tore Down - Tha Alkaholiks
    "(feat. Loot Pack) Stop, listen, what's that sound Likwid motherfuckers came to tear the house down Hey yo, last FreshFest we was rockin Good Times This LikwidFest I be bustin out rhymes When Loot Pack's"
  • Apart - Assemblage 23
    "A riot of indecision A monument to shame A walking contradiction Unwilling to take blame You'll fall apart Before all this is through You'll let the pressure Get the best of you Drowning in your shame Grasping"
  • Apart - The Cure
    "He waits for her to understand But she won't understand at all She waits all night for him to call But he won't call anymore He waits to hear her say Forgive But she just drops her pearl-black eyes And"
  • Apart - Dangerous Muse
    "Long distance never works. You're making a mistake. Cut your losses and say goodbye, remove the stake. They don't know our love. Have they even tried to risk, to fail, to right the ends that come untied? They"
  • Apart - Silentium
    ""It's like throwing oil into my flaming soul, waking up at nights, alone, with memories of you..." Don't leave me here Don't leave me now, While I 'm breaking down Don't push me away Don't turn away"
  • Apart - Brandy
    "I never do anything that pleases you So maybe we are better off apart I don't wanna argue anymore So maybe we are better off apart You used to spend time with me You would never leave But now the time"
  • Apart - Elkland
    "you and i will never be apart, apart you will never erase from my heart, my heart the distance can't belie the only hope i have inside now you do what you do i'll do what i do i can't stop dreaming of"
  • Apart - Freddy Litwiniuk
    "I dont like you when youve been drinking Cause it means youre not thinking Say things you might regret But I am still attached to your strings And you make me feel drunk too Its not over yet Listen to"
  • Apart - Knuckle Sandwich
    "You were young and I was older, how it hurt to break our ties. I remember our last night and the tears in your eyes. You were my everything but it just wasn't our time. Being happy was never easy, but"
  • Apart - Lacrimosa
    "So - you - said - that I - shall - try - to go on I've seen your eyes They shined like stars to me And then I saw your soul An empty hall Kissing you was like Kissing the past I felt like giving in I"
  • Apart - Nate James
    "In the morning i am waking in a foreign landThe only place i've ever knownBut i know that where i'm living is not my homeIn the evening i am dreaming of the father's landThe only place that i belongBut"
  • I'm Tore Down - Freddie King
    "'m Tore Down (Thompson) Freddy King - vocal & guitar Sonny Thompson - piano, Bill Willis - bass Phillip Paul - drums. Album: Hide Away: The Best Of Freddy King Cincinnati, January 18, 1961 Federal Single"
  • I'm Tore Down - Eric Clapton
    "(Sonny Thompson) I'm tore down, I'm almost level with the ground. I'm tore down, I'm almost level with the ground. Well, I feel like this when my baby can't be found. I went to the river to jump in. My"
  • Tore a Hole. - Christian Linke
    "Holding on your arms so tightly I've been losing everything Next to me you seem almighty Taking cover under your wings As I blink we're lifting off Leaving all the past behind My whole life seems to restart Got"
  • All Tore Up - The Tragically Hip
    "we were a blow out of wicked proportions, an accidental company if we said, "we were going to go out and get all tore up tonight" then we did, we got a little happening play your tonight's the nights right"

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