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tough love ware

  • Tough Love - Jessie Ware
    "It’s a really good sign that you hold my mind is true And I’ve been thinking of what to say all night to do So you wanna be a man about it, do you? And have you figured out all you wanted, have you? When"
  • Tough - Kurtis Blow
    "I don't want a lot,I want just enough So why has it got to be so damn TOUGH Livin' on the uptown side of jive Hustlin' a buck to stay alive Lookin' for a ten and they give your five Well it's tough You"
  • Tough Love - Devin The Dude
    "Like most motherfuckas I find it hard to commit Cuz a bitch ain't shit They smart and they slick Get ya heart split Dead in the middle Fuck a break up Another brother cuttin in ya cake, enough to make"
  • Tough Love - Smyth Patty
    "You got tough love on your side And your eyes are open wide A rebel with a cause Where the sound tracks sirens And wrapped around the well heart you hold The mean streets won't catch you cold Another story"
  • Tough Love - Patty Smyth
    "You got tough love on your sideAnd your eyes are open wideA rebel with a causeWhere the sound tracks sirensAnd wrapped around the well heart you holdThe mean streets won't catch you coldAnother story in"
  • Tough Love - Kiss
    "I wanna take you down, until the morning light Why don't you come around, and let me treat you right I'm the one who gave you what you'd never had You said I should be gentle and be good, but hoped to"
  • Tough Love - Before Dark
    "Tough love You keep on telling me lies I can fantasize, but know I realize You're still hungry for my love, but you should've ate huh, huh Tough love I keep on (I keep on) letting you back (letting you"
  • Tough Love - Squeeze
    "(Difford/Tilbrook) There she sits in an empty room The look on her face says it all A bruise appears round a crying eye As the tear drops sadly fall He knocked her over he hit her And told"
  • Tough Love - Plan B
    "Let Me Tell You A Story Its Called Tough Love Once Upon A Time There Was A Girl Called Sinita Dreaded Going Home After School Cos Her Dad Would Mistreat Her. Her Mom Was Just As Bad When She Got"
  • Tough Love - Sailor & I
    "Something you said made me lose it again; I can't remember the last time you made me feel safe. There's no room for love, no time for understanding; Sometimes I start a fight just to see if you care. It's"
  • Ware Ni Teki Nashi - Ichiro Mizuki
    "====Romaji==== Moyuru ware ha chokijin Aoki muteki no ryuu Ryuukooh Mamore heiwa kono sekai Ikaru tenga no kono todoroki ga Ikana teki mo taosu chikara to naran Miyo! Ryuujin ama kakete Gekirin hissatsu"
  • Too Tough - Rolling Stones
    "(M. Jagger/K. Richards) If you want to wreck my life Go ahead my love Tried it once with poison Tried it once with drugs My circulation's running dry It's you that drank me up Screwed me down with kindness Suffocating"
  • Too tough - The Rolling Stones
    "If you want to wreck my life Go ahead my love Tried it once with poison Tried it once with drugs My circulation's running dry It's you that drank me up Screwed me down with kindness Suffocating love When"
  • Hang Tough - Tesla
    "Took a shot to the chin. Looks like you just can't win In this do or die situation. And it's harder than it seems To survive, keep alive and make your dreams, Make your dreams all come true. You gotta,"
  • Too Tough - Joe Jackson
    "I know you think that I protest too much I'm like a Diva with the tragic touch But if I wanna hide from the pouring sun It has to be alright And I can have my pride, but I'll turn and run When a fool would"
  • She's Tough - Chris LeDoux
    "Well I was looking for a little bit more than just another pretty face Someone who would be strong and true if trouble should come my way Too many times I been left behind when my back was up against the"
  • Tough Kid - Honeycut
    "Such a tough kid Didn't learn enough kid and the rage it's just a phase you're going through So you can make no can't make the grass grow There's a hole inside the universe for you You thought it was"
  • So Tough - Johnny O'Keefe
    "Well she's so tou-ou-Ou-ou-Ou-Ou-ou-ough That's why I love 'er, love 'er Well I saw a pretty little girly walkin' down the street Ah-ah, the kind of girly that I'd like to meet Huh, Ah-ah she held my ha-and"
  • Tough Guy - Clear Convictions
    "who are you, to take away the right to live of your neighbor, doesn't matter the cause nothing justifies it. you pray for death you are the first one to weep when a loved one dies. you feel pride, to be"
  • Tough Guyz - Mc Eiht
    "(feat. Boom Bam, Mon-Diggi) Yo Geah Yo Half Ounce in the house, what? Check it out, check it out Don't be comin' around my way with that tough guy shit Only West Side allowed and we won't get hit, geah We"

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