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tove lo don't tell anyone I was with you

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tove lo don't tell anyone I was with you

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tove lo don't tell anyone I was with you
  • Nick Jonas Close (ft. Tove Lo)
    "Oh damn, oh damn, oh damn I'm so perplexed With just one breath, I'm hacking Oh tell them, oh tell them, tell them I'm so perplexed On that, it's almost shocking I know, I know you know you're scared Your"
  • Years & Years Desire (feat. Tove Lo)
    "I must be tough I must behave, I must keep fighting Don't give it up I want to keep us compromising Open your arms and pray To the truth that you're denying Give in to the game To the sense that you've"
  • Flume Say It (feat. Tove Lo)
    "Feelin the sun Party done, shadows walking home Walking with our game on You are my kind, classic mind and you look so fine Mmmmmm Lovin' the cold Smoke n roll See your fingers shake Gettin’ through your"
  • Major Lazer Blow that Smoke (feat. Tove Lo)
    "blow the smoke darkness bring out our emotions mix em up with the night life potions I loose my head for you countless times we catch the sunrise fix em scars we share with white lies o loose my head"
  • Jonas Brothers Don't Tell Anyone
    "I've wrote these lyrics for you All by myself What makes you think I need you Or anybody else When you see me walking Just staring at my feet Cause I'm not all about you I'm already complete I hope this"
  • Crowded House Anyone Can Tell
    "I dream of a place that's hedged with roses With a man in the middle don't talk in riddles You get hung on every single word Some call it high, some call it low And I hear about things you don't want"
  • Charli XCX Out Of My Head (feat. Tove Lo, ALMA)
    "later in my sheets there’s no sleep i don’t know when you turn on the radio I don’t know with this dirt how I look pills and …. and terrible things I’m on the floor with the telephone rings all of this"
  • Freedy Johnston Anyone
    "Anyone who's ever tried Knows the way that I feel tonight And anyone who's ever been let down Knows what I'm talking about Did you think I didn't care Did you think that I'd not be there You fall to pieces"
  • Appleton Anyone
    "Sometimes they said that I was the crazy one Sometimes they told me that it can't be done Sometimes I feel its time to think things over And you feel what I do There's only so much time Hope it's"
  • Joan As Police Woman Anyone
    "Anyone I won't cry Anyone would rather Shift their eyes Than open up their leather But you, you seem to be the one So try me please I'm a better dancer Than it seems The lightest floating feather Is"
  • Weeping Tile Anyone
    "I can see it in your eyes You are still following that same line It shouldn't come as a surprise I said my love is kind, but not always that kind And now it's too late to change fate But you can't say"
  • Sugar Ray Anyone
    "Take, take what you want from me it's my mistake if you let it be and I dont think you even try some miss and some get burned you'll never know with out a turn that's how you learn dont let it bring"
  • Eyes Of Fire Anyone
    "It's alright now, if you don't need me. It's alright now, that I can't see you. Well it's now alright for me to be a victim of your tragedy. It's not alright for me anymore. But is there anyone there for"
  • Sugar Anyone
    "If cops and kings were geared with wings They'd never learn to fly They're too concerned with rules that govern no one I don't need blind politics Or nimble flicks Or Lucite telephones that click when"
  • Alesso Heroes (We Could Be) ft. Tove Lo
    "We go hideaway in daylight We go undercover when under sun Got a secret side in plain sight Where the streets are empty That’s where we run Everyday people do Everyday things but I Can’t be one of them I"
  • Bodyjar Don't Trust Anyone
    "how can you stand there and tell me that you've never lied behind my back dont think that your little excuses make the sound of emptiness go away dont tell me im not listening i close my mind to everyone"
  • Tove Lo Really Don't Like You (ft. Kylie Minogue)
    "scan you up and down see you’ve got curves in all the places that count oh you’re in the crowd he’s looking at you and he looks happier why /3x did I go to this party? thought I was done feeling sorry know"
  • Pennywise Anyone Listening
    "Far below beneath a burning hot sun, our civility's waking up, hate your neighbor cause he's not your kind, fell out of favor, now he's out of luck, get in your car, fuel up and get a job, you got no"
  • Aazar Diva (feat. Swae Lee & Tove Lo)
    "a late night creeping I found me a young soul stealer keep one on my arm a queen of the kingdom I wanna put her crown on spending my cash, she like, right on! she shake like a pom pom take one and we take"
  • Matt Cardle Anyone Else
    "Get up I’m ready baby, for a little more if you’re feeling it On top go steady baby, are you ready, are you ready, I know you’re not my lady, oh but I don’t care ‘cos I’m feelin’ it I know it’s pretty"

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