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toys in every store

  • Misfit Toys - Project 86
    "Every season feels the same I'm sure you could agree This day can bring reminders of the blackest memories My pieces never seem to fit Blood that's closest to me Are more like vacant faces, dolls with"
  • Toys - Spandau Ballet
    "We are the night, we'll tempt you and turn you on. Live in our hearts and play with your man. Oh these are your toys hold them and they'll obey, from blood into life thy still become your toys. This is"
  • Toys - Mac Dre
    "Toys, Toys Girls, Boys Toys, Toys Girls, Boys When I step in the room They put they coat on So much ice on they say "Hold on" But I can't hold on You can't stop me I rapping but I'd rather be shopping Rather"
  • Toys - Bee Gees
    "Don't tell me not to stare at you I see the danger in your eyes I would go anywhere with you Into your private paradise Into your bedroom point of view Into the depths of hell for you I would lead where"
  • Toys - Olsen Twins
    "I don't know about you but I'm not through'Cause when we're wrinkled and grayI hope there's still a kind in you,Who wants to come out and play.What is this gadget in hand? What is for?It's not my imagination,"
  • Toys - XTC
    "Towers of London when they had built you did you watch over the men who fell Towers of London when they had built you Victoria's gem found in somebody's hell Pavements of gold leading to the underground Grenadier"
  • Attic Toys - Nana Mouskouri
    "(Vallee / Kretzmer) Rocking chairs and rocking horses Teddy bears and flying saucers Brik-a-brak and broken souvenirs Christmas lights and covered wagons Paper kites and Chinese dragons Mingle in the"
  • Toys, Toys, Toys, Choke,toys Toys, Toys - Biffy Clyro
    "Would you change, I have, fallen in love with you, anyway (We suffer, we suffer, I suffer, we suffer, you'll suffer now) Have a dance, I will easily lose it anyway (We're dancing, we're dancing, I'm dancing,"
  • Toys toys toys choke toys toys toys - Biffy Clyro
    "Would you change, I have, fallen in love with you, anyway (there's something, there's something, there's something, there's something, there's something, now) Have a dance, I will, easily, lose it,"
  • With Every Story - Trembling Blue Stars
    "Tears flowing down the line I listened as you cried. The world had come down to two people in two rooms. Now and then I'd hear the smallest voice. I know I wasn't strong. I know I had a choice. Though"
  • Toys For American Boys - James Young
    "I gotta work, I gotta play I'm living here in the U.S. of A. Home of the big, land of the free All power to technology, we got Production lines, the ways & means The heavy juice to run the big machines,"
  • I Throw My Toys Around - No Doubt
    "Step by step I come closer to reaching the top Every step must be placed do I don't fall off Looking down to see about how much higher I am Another cool wind comes through, brushes my skin The harder I"
  • Real Toys - Altered Images
    "Altered Images Happy Birthday Real Toys toys you can touch toys you can feel toys for the boys these toys are real real toys hole in the heart hole in the head guns for the young bang bang you're dead real"
  • Shiny Toys - Joni Mitchell
    "Shiny toys-right on time Shiny toys-right on time Shiny toys I'm reading people rags in the checkout lane Look, here's a hunk-here's a honey Celebrated people and their claims to fame Here's a boy and"
  • Most Toys - Marillion
    "But he who dies with the most toys... is still dead He who dies with the most toys... is still dead. You have to be cool You have to be hip You have to be chic You have to be rich You have to be young Whatever"
  • Beautiful Toys - Peach
    "Maybe fifteen, maybe sixteen Years have have passed since I was crying, I remembered what it felt like To lose something that you'd die for. Where are my beautiful toys? You took mine the way I took yours. In"
  • Big Toys - 504 Boyz
    "What what what what what Who talkin noise? We makin noise 504 boy Playin with them big toys Look Motherfuckers its mac The one who pump slugs in your back Lyrical attacka Keep it ghetto like"
  • War toys - GWAR
    "Churning through the bestial muck.A cosmic forklift rules my throbbingasshole. The All-Eye says you are theright slave--to be my anal knave--tongue in my anal cave--Boy!! You're justa war-toy--Just my"
  • Greatest story every told - Dj Ross
    "Thank you for this momentIve gotta say how beautiful you areFor all the hopes and dreams I couldnt pay forHere you areIf I can have one dance foreverIve take you by the handTonight its you and I togetherIm"
  • Every night's another story - The Early November
    "Make your way down the faceof everything you knowgo so far see other places andother people i wont know aboutand breathe in deep let it out slowdid you hear its all my fault againi know why no one else"

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