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trade my the

  • The Trade - Eldritch
    "Now every day’s like the last one, Starting to live from the twilight When light fades away becomes my day You stepped all over my dignity Blowing all my hopes away In a friendship I had faith in.. HOW"
  • The Trade - Dri
    "I'm on a roll Out of control Another one night stand I can't get away 'Cause I'm on display But I can't see you, man Smile for the cameras Smile for the fans Sign their records And shake their hands Try"
  • Trade In My Life - R. Kelly
    "Trade in my life Oh for you, oh yes, oh yes Trade in my life for you Sittin' here wonderin' how did things go wrong Every night asking myself what happened to our happy home Will I ever see you again,"
  • Trade in my life - R.Kelly
    "Trade in my lifeOh for you, oh yes, oh yesTrade in my life for youSittin' here wonderin' how did things go wrongEvery night asking myself what happened to our happy homeWill I ever see you again, I need"
  • I'll trade - Keith Sweat
    "If I go to the club They just wanna take me home Just tryin' to have a good time Just wanna get my drink on If I go to the mall They come in the store I'm just tryin' to chill Said I'm just tryin' to chill"
  • Bareknuckle Trade - Peter Hammill
    "And when you feel you can't go on what kind of laurels do you look to? Sometimes we get what we want, sometimes we take a good hook too. Once you thought you were so strong...some young pretender came"
  • Trade In - Lou Reed
    "I met a new me at 8 am The other one got lost This was not a trade in Although I wouldn't believe the cost I woke up crying as we said goodbye Me an my old self Each day he vanished more and more As I"
  • Trade money - Dilated Peoples
    "(Jamaican man & Babu mix) "Everybody got dreams of makin cash money" (Chorus-Iriscience) Trade money Different color and shape money (money) Money that looks funny but never no fake money Make money, money,"
  • Trade Winds - Bing Crosby
    "Two, two cigarettes in the dark He strikes a match 'til the Spark clearly traces One face is my sweetheart. Two, two silhouettes in a room Almost obscured by the gloom We were so close yet so far apart, It"
  • Mummy Trade - Busted
    "I don't believe this We've been friends for so long It's so hard to see You do this to me You came round asking just to mow the garden You're a clever guy Cause you did it for free It's funny You"
  • My World - Above The Law
    "You know, it's been ten years in the making And we working towards ten more years to come Puttin' it down with that serious hustle, you know what I'm sayin'? Above The Law, this is our world So while we"
  • My World - Husky Rescue
    "My town (my town) My street (my street) My house (my house) My door (my door) My name (my name) My flats (my flats) My window (my window) My world (my world) I see...dreams In this world...with you I see...birds In"
  • My World - Great White
    "(music: Russell, Lardie, Kendall, Dokken, Johnson / lyrics: Russell, Johnson) On the horizon, there's a storm on the rise; black seas are forming, there's terror in the skies. My life has been a river"
  • My World - Metallica
    "The motherfuckers got in my head Trying to make me someone else instead It's my world now Mama, why's it rainin' in my room Cheer up boy clouds will move on soon Heavy fog got me lost inside Gonna sit"
  • My World - Ray Charles
    "The time has come to air my feelings There's just so much confusion going down I'm not the kind to be complaining But sometimes you got to stand out from the crowd Everyone's got their own opinion And"
  • My World - 3 Doors Down
    "Your stuck on a chain And your toeing a lie Seems like everytime that you catch up You only fall behind And your trapped inside this world you made yourself But that's not the world I live in This is"
  • My world - Three Doors Down
    "Your stuck on a chain And your toeing a lie Seems like everytime that you catch up You only fall behind And your trapped inside this world you made yourself but that's not the world I live in this"
  • My World - Colony 5
    "Dim the light, it hurts my eyes it scars my skin and shatters my lies fold the blinds, let's stay inside Take my hand, I'll give you strength come with me, we'll make our way through the light into the"
  • My World - Scheer
    "I opened up my eyes to a, Sunshine yellow. I lifted up my dizzy head from a, Dusty pillow. I didn't mind But it's a different world It's not your world Since I made it mine. And the blue sky changes, To"
  • My World - Emigrate
    "Now you get along with me I'm gonna make you mine and make you free In the new world Breath goes in and breath goes out And it makes me scream, it makes me shout In the new world Rev it up and make it"

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