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trade winds

  • Trade Winds - Frank Sinatra
    "Down where the trade winds play, Down where you lose the day, We found a new world where paradise starts, We traded high way down where the trade winds play. Music was everywhere, flowers were in her hair, Under"
  • Trade Winds - Bing Crosby
    "Two, two cigarettes in the dark He strikes a match 'til the Spark clearly traces One face is my sweetheart. Two, two silhouettes in a room Almost obscured by the gloom We were so close yet so far apart, It"
  • Down Where The Trade Winds Blow - Hank Snow
    "Written and arranged by Hank Snow Down where the trade winds play Down where they lose the day We found a new world Where Paradise starts we traded hearts The night that I sailed away Flowers were"
  • Reaping The World Winds - Dimension F3H
    "Now enter, be welcomed I cherish your presence. Come join the masquerade. Supersonic waves of ectasy For I reap the world winds. I shall inflict you pain. I reap the world winds. Come forth I call you"
  • Eternal Winds - Graveworm
    "As I saw the world in flames Though the eyes of eternal life I wish to destroy the life For every innocent cry As a sign to die As I see the mistakes of man I feel my anger God will make the end of time You"
  • Shadow Winds - Excel
    "They say that a shadow is a reflection of your soul Searching for the starting line where the winds have blown They say - that you can't even They say - learn to know They say - if you want believe They"
  • Four Winds - Forgive-Me-Not
    "The sky of destiny's still raining Your eyes are open wide they don't lie The sky is covered with the clouds Brought here finally by four wind Four winds play some strange game with me They play unfairly"
  • Ancient Winds - Conquest
    "Time. It's time to open your own eyes Gods will accept your sacrifice Turn around - bloody faces grinning to you Groaning world is waiting for you Ancient winds are blowing They're asking where"
  • Four Winds - Bright Eyes
    "Your class, your caste, your country, sect, your name or your tribe There's people always dying trying to keep them alive There's bodies decomposing in containers tonight In an abandoned building where Squatters"
  • Highland Winds - Wuthering Heights
    "And never shall I grow old I was roaming far from home Far from the town that I left behind Out in the wild; Under open sky Found myself in a field of green Fairest of lands that I ever saw The wind"
  • Gulf Winds - Joan Baez
    "(Words and Music by Joan Baez) It's only when the high winds blow that I wish my hair was long Sailing through the autumn leaves singing an ancient song Or falling in love in the streets at night at"
  • Winter Winds - Mumford & Sons
    "As the winter winds litter London with lonely hearts Oh the warmth in your eyes swept me into your arms Was it love or fear of the cold that led us through the night? For every kiss your beauty trumped"
  • Crimson winds - Dark Tranquillity
    "Force of anger, Mordant senseless wrath Manifold is the Terminus of oneself Invocate ye lord of the Left-behinds Preserve a seat for the weakened minds Reserving that limpid yet so used Veil of deceiving"
  • Winds Of Death - Exumer
    "Burning bodies in the streets Evil cloud, wind of death A flash of light to take your life Moment of pain, human combustion Nuclear rain, you will die! Singeing skin, melting flesh Boiling blood, collapsing"
  • Winds - Psi Com
    "Lies and desire And the fuel to humble fires Considering the end, where the winds begin And I see the way we're lost among the episodes They cannot see the whole or the passing role Where the winds begin We"
  • Winds - Amboog-A-Lard
    "God bless the child who has his own. But all creation isn't carved in stone. People are blind and they can't decide. Path of destruction leads to mindless suicide.. Mother looks but she'll never see, All"
  • Winds Of Change - Beach Boys
    "Beach Boys M.i.u. Album Winds Of Change Winds of change blow 'round my door Is this the year i've been waiting for? Worlds in motion endlessly Cosmic ocean flows into my heart Part of me would like to"
  • Winds Of Change - The Beach Boys
    "Winds of change blow 'round my door Is this the year I've been waiting for? Worlds in motion endlessly Cosmic ocean flows into my heart Part of me would like to be (would like to be) A shining lighthouse"
  • Winter Winds Sing - The Black League
    "For so very long it has been so very, very cold Right here where I am, For so far is the time... When you came and brought peace to this chaos inside You know I have felt you deep in my blood and in my"
  • Winds of Atlantis - Icarus Witch
    "N the golden winds of Atlantis Their ships were carried to sea Bound for a new age Kingdom and faith No man - has ever seen a world as foreign as this No beast has ever walked in their paths The course"

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