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tragic tantum

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tragic tantum
  • Orange 9mm Tragic
    "There's always one of them in the bunch Socializing and sticking lies in Acting like nobody got a clue to the scenerio When the truth comes out they're scrambling To dodge the ball All of this none of"
  • Erasure Tragic
    "(A. Bell / V. Clarke) Speak. Spell. What's that word again? In. Out. Of my head again. Clear. Cut. Charmed I'm sure again. Merrity! I wish for thought. Oh, wise men indeed, are fools who believe. Her"
  • Extreme Tragic Comic
    "Flowers I sent Were found dead on their arrival The words I said Inserted foot in my mouthful So when we dance My lead, it ain't so graceful ''(Isn't so, not ain't so)'' I'm a hapless romantic St-t-tuttering"
  • Heavy Heavy Low Low Tragic Tragic Track Jacket
    "it was faulty foundation said the weeping eyes the architecture bends under pressure the architecture broke over lies they said its just a trend just a trend they said its just a phase just a phase (its"
  • Wall Of Voodoo Tragic Vaudeville
    "This slab of stone Stares at me So seriously and yet I'm Laughing The grass was soft And so I sat and painted what I'd been looking at Now starring in the tragedy Playing twice a day since its opening If"
  • Lock Up Tragic Faith
    "Chasing down and taking out Another life, a personal theft To live among the dead remains Is tragic faith and tempting fate The dotted lines and blotted frames Betray the agony and rage Lies a strategic"
  • Cradle of Filth Tragic Kingdom
    "Here sat Babylon Fattened by the purses of the worst and wrong Where the decadent tastes of Hell grew strong Like a curse upon This tragic kingdom Dusk descended like a final curtain On this stage only"
  • Steel Prophet Tragic Flaws
    "How many times I've climbed the mountain, to look down on me From this point I almost can see, the things that make me crumble down, run my world into the ground The story always ends, with the gouging"
  • See Emily Pray Tragic Train
    "Spiraling staircase takes me back to darker days Here in my mind is where I can hide and throw the key away I'm tired of explaining what emotions can only explain I hit cruise control Close my eyes and"
  • Memory Garden Tragic Kingdom
    "Protected from the maze, the outside world Empty eyes, distorted face Without mental penetration from the wicked civilization This isolated cold asylum an unforgiving salvation She's a prodigy so very"
  • Funker Vogt Tragic Hero
    "I saw all the tragedies Happened to mankind I'm always involved When trouble hits our life It's not me to turn the fate To a better end What I do will make it worse So I stopped interfering I'm a tragic"
  • Gwen Stefani Tragic kingdom
    "Once was a magical placeOver time it was lostPrice increased the costNow the fortune of the kingdomIs locked up in its dungeon vaultsThe castle floor ties in trapsWith coiled wires set backDecoyed by the"
  • Shakira Tragic kingdom
    "Once was a magical placeOver time it was lostPrice increased the costNow the fortune of the kingdomIs locked up in its dungeon vaultsThe castle floor lies in trapsWith coiled wired set backDecoyed by old"
  • No Use For A Name It's Tragic
    "Tragedy pulls us together but anything tears us apart Trying hard to stay complacent but all the systems fail And fear denies the truth that's in your heart Forgetting lessons I have learned My mouth"
  • Charlus Tragic Accident
    "Angel, late last night Doctor called, bad news Condition critical No, it doesn't look good- Tragic accident, Interstate Ninety-Five Running from those things you can never escape Nicki, I never understood"
  • No Doubt Tragic Kingdom
    "Once was a magical place Over time it was lost Price increased the cost Now the fortune of the kingdom Is locked up in its dungeon vaults The castle floor lies in traps With coiled wired set back Decoyed"
  • Sondre Lerche Tragic Mirror
    "Here's a man, his own tragic mirror capable of such crimes he is scared to look at himself too long at a time. Here's a man, his own wrapped up worry thinking he will do wrong very shortly. The answer"
  • Arkells Tragic Flaw
    "I don't say it just don't say it Well I just shouldn't care about Once again, couldn't hold it in That's my tragic flaw without a doubt She's wearin' joggin' pants she's Buyin' sweat shirts And you know"
  • Hank Snow Tragic Romance
    "TRAGIC ROMANCE (Louis M. Jones aka Grandpa Jones - Wiley Morris - Zake Morris) '46 copyright control Nestled in the heart of the Tennessee Hills Mist peaceful pines midst the rocks and the rills There"
  • Cky Suddenly Tragic
    "A stable place in the scheme was all that you asked for, You find it hard to concentrate through the laughter Use the height of confidence to break the common ground Beyond the bad experience, an answer"

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