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train hey soul sister

  • Hey Soul Sister - Train
    "Hey, hey, hey Your lipstick stains on the front lobe of my left side brains I knew I wouldn't forget you, and so I went and let you blow my mind Your sweet moon beam, the smell of you in every single"
  • Hey Sister - D.O.A.
    "it's the same old crap, got no excuse. she gets beat, she gets abused. you think she's something, for you to use. you think that's right, your buddy thinks so too. chorus: hey man, there ain't no excuse."
  • Hey Sister - Creeper Lagoon
    "Hey sister where you been I'm alone and out here it's dangerous Tell my friends I'm coming home It's a bust and they drove me crazy Don't care what they say I'm stranger now Brought down this whole town And"
  • Hey Sister - Luna
    "up on the roof it's almost dawn see the water towers look so forlorn they've got no reason to feel that way night turn to day let's get away it's another day let's get away it's another day we'll go somewhere we've"
  • Soul Sister - Cree Summer
    "I had a friend, once upon a time And had a hunger, to learn Good and bad was all she had And all she was concerned She found out they were one in the same Truth don't need to have a name She loved to share"
  • Soul Sister - Andreas Johnson
    "Soul sister with your ragged jeans and your washed out coat How I wish that you were here tonight We sit and talk until the break of dawn, and then we kiss so slow Say darling don't you know... In my dreams,"
  • Sister Soul - The Cooper Temple Clause
    "Heaven made a killing Well they're an angel more And we're an angel less Fate had made arrangements Playing a hand again Now the one I love's a mess Tell me mother when you cry Can she hear your"
  • Sister Sneaker Sister Soul - My Latest Novel
    "I only know her first name I only know her by her fame It seems to hide in my brain Run away with a broken moment Hide away and wait for me in my dreams Dreams of me and my girl Carrie comes with a copied"
  • Little sister - Quindon Tarver
    "Hey Little Sister I Heard You Went to Mr. So and So, Knocking On His Door Again Last Night, Said You Needed It Bad You Know That Ain't Right'cause So Many Times You've Come to Me Crying Trying to Stop,"
  • Little Sister - Jewel
    "Hey little sister I heard you went to Mr. So and So, knock knock knockin on his door again last night, said you needed it bad- you know that ain't right 'Cause so many times you've come to me cry-crying trying"
  • Hey Sister Pretty - Hootie And The Blowfish
    "Something so innocent, began then came and went keeps coming back to around to haunt you in the end. You think we're fighting now, it's all the same somehow, loves tortured all artist wrecks the masterpeice"
  • Hey Sister Pretty - Hootie & The Blowfish
    "Something so innocent, began then came and went keeps coming back to around to haunt you in the end. You think we're fighting now, it's all the same somehow, loves tortured all artist wrecks the masterpeice"
  • Hey Little Sister - Javier
    "(Verse1) Hey there excuse me miss im sorry that i stopped you on the street like this but you look like someone that i once knew don't you reconize me i used to live down at the end of your street tell"
  • Sister Lost Soul - Alejandro Escovedo
    "Nobody left unbroken Nobody left unscarred Nobody here is talking That's just the way things are You had to go without me You wandered off alone And all the neon light reflected off the sidewalk Home reminds"
  • Sweet Soul Sister - The Cult
    "All the hip young things Trying to make a scene Living out forbidden dreams Star spangled banner Flutters in the sky Time hustles those Who wait to die Come on little honey Come on now, please Come on"
  • Sister - Lenny Kravitz
    "Sister Did you have to fall in love With a man That never was Up to no good He took your soul And he stole your only heart Flipped your wig and left a permanent scar Sister Did you have to go away You"
  • Sister - No Angels
    "He's a man, he's a wolf And he feels the pain of centuries Tug of war, not to solve, between his heart and mind unfortunately Shut his mouth, long ago, He was too proud and he didn't know It's a fear,"
  • Sister - Letters To Cleo
    "When I need a place to get away, When I need a place to hide, That place just seems oh so far away, Couldn't get there if I tried. Me and a young girl chasing mosquitoes, Rolling down them grassy hills. Put"
  • Sister - Therapy?
    "Hey sister What i'm in for? What is this place? Who are this people? Miles of wires Fluorescent light Crimson faces Familiar hatred Miles of wires Fluorescent light Crimson faces Knucle necklace Sister"
  • Sister - Jawbreaker
    "Seated by the wing.A little face inside a ring.Plane came in late.Run up the ramp into my arms.My arms.You're a new thirteen.Wide-eyed and nervous just like me.Don't grow too fast.There's a lot of little"

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