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train hey soul sisters

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train hey soul sisters

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train hey soul sisters
  • Train Hey Soul Sister
    "Hey, hey, hey Your lipstick stains on the front lobe of my left side brains I knew I wouldn't forget you, and so I went and let you blow my mind Your sweet moon beam, the smell of you in every single"
  • Weddings Parties Anything Sisters Of Mercy
    "(Tex Morton) I went broke in Western Queensland in 1931, Nobody would employ me so my swaggy days begun. I headed out through Charlieville to the western towns, I was on my way to Roma, destination Darling"
  • Fiction Plane Two Sisters
    "Two Sisters - Fiction Plane I'm in love with two sisters Only weapons can decide Whose bed I share tonight And the cold mister mister He has got me in his sights If he shoots me down He has every right They"
  • The Divine Comedy Three Sisters
    "This Autumn breeze shall strip the trees And freeze me to the bone Why must these three sisters tease Their lonely brother so? Knowledge is a curse But ignorance is worse I fear Would you agree my dear? I"
  • Pigface Little Sisters
    "cowardice muscles turn to torture the waking time is low inbetween the cut from top to bottom of control a many taste vents screaming blindface at the real disease form collapsing red sky revealed, caught"
  • Jim Carroll Three Sisters
    "Though I don't really understand her I love my sister, her name's miranda The boys from uptown they can't stand her The more she denies them the more they demand her But she just wants to lay in bed all"
  • Me Without You Seven Sisters
    "He made the world a grassy road before our bare, wandering feet, and crushed the stones into the softest sand between our toes, but we're wondering where to sleep, clever words on pages turn to fragments; Circles,"
  • Bunny Wailer This Train
    "When I was just a kid, little children My old man used to sing a litle song But now I've grown to be a man But it still lingers deep within my soul Oh yes it lingers deep within my soul He say now this"
  • Ludacris Midnight Train
    "(feat. Chimere) Ooh, hey yeah Do you know how to leave, ride...ride Ya see, it started off in St. Paul from the street of Old Nash And it feels so good to escape and just kick it and laugh My clan"
  • Flipsyde Train
    "Sunshine feelin' static through your body you don't know what's going on Then a creep crawl the mind bends bet it all then cash in and be gone Cause it's side corners and street lights caught in this"
  • Brad Brothers And Sisters
    "it is so amazing how a whole world full of angels could be so aloof to all the blinding fear it's just an illusion built upon a cold decision to be afraid of things that we don't understand and brothers"
  • Meja Seven Sisters Road
    "The footlights are fading The last note is playing And all the balloons are falling down Here on the inside Where I go to hide I'm not only who they see Cause that is just another part of me I wanna go"
  • Cher Sisters Of Mercy
    "Your faith is not faithful Your grace has no grace Your mercy shows no mercy Is there no way out of this place? There's a baby crying softly In a dark and dangerous place She's imprisones by no language Fear"
  • Linda Ronstadt Sisters Of Mercy
    "written by Leonard Cohen Sony ATV Songs LLC (BMI) Oh the sisters of mercy they are not departed or gone They were waiting for me when I thought that I just can't go on And they brought me their comfort"
  • Sting Sisters Of Mercy
    "Words and music by leonard cohen Oh the sisters of mercy They are not departed or gone They were waiting for me When I thought that I just can't go on And they brought me their comfort And later they"
  • Leonard Cohen Sisters Of Mercy
    "Oh the sisters of mercy, they are not departed or gone. They were waiting for me when I thought that I just can't go on. And they brought me their comfort and later they brought me this song. Oh I hope"
  • Pulp Your Sisters Clothes
    "I never thought that you would come / your sister said your nerve had gone You're trying to make it straight right now but I don't think that you know how Your sister knows / she wears your clothes"
  • Roxette Soul Deep
    "Save a prayer for a sinner and a saint, my baby's coming back Say a prayer, hide hide away yea baby's coming back Hey hey hey, ain't gonna trouble his wandering mind Gonna take on the time to find out"
  • Bootsy Collins Soul sista
    "Well, uhh, are you living from your Soul Sista, tonight (Yeah, yeah) Then if you are, Im signing the global international unconditional love rights for ya, baby (yeah, yeah) Its goin down tonight (Hey,"
  • The Puppini Sisters Sisters
    "Sisters Sisters, sisters There were never such devoted sisters, Never had to have a chaperone, No sir, I'm there to keep my eye on her Caring, sharing Every little thing that we are wearing When a certain"

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