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  • waves (ft. Travis Scott) - Miguel
    "Set it up, keep rolling, rolling, drop it Baby drop it like your stalling, stalling tonigh I wanna ride that wave Body built for the beach, Do you got that ocean? Body surf, don’t sleep, baby surf on"
  • Lens (ft. Travis Scott) - Frank Ocean
    "My girl made him wait till the hours of the night To hit you with the You know it’s mid right Can’t be on time for the free rides can’t be my type I’m a low life Crank this sometime Then I’m your whole"
  • Antisocial (with Travis Scott) - Ed Sheeran
    "all you cool people you better leave now coz it’s about the happen Friday night and I am riding solo when I touchdown keep in on the low low I don’t mess with your energy no photos so antisocial but"
  • Turks (ft. Travis Scott) - NAV & Gunna
    "i am a late bloomer, third year on the scene 20 racks don’t feel like nothin’ to me came from the streets, It turned me to a beast invisible set, siamonds huggin’ my piece book me for a show, I need eughty"
  • Blocka (Feat. Popcaan & Travis Scott) - Pusha T
    "I got diamonds on my blocka Servin’ to my flocka __ Yeah, that’s my flocka To my flocka Pray to Lord on my shotta She be poppin’ Yeah, that’s my flocka All praise to the most high on both sides I pray"
  • No Sense (featuring Travis Scott) - Justin Bieber
    "It don't make no sense 'less I'm doing it with you It don't make no sense 'less I'm doing it with you The sun don't set the same Less you're watching it go down with me The bed won't sleep the same Less"
  • Sky Walker (ft. Travis Scott) - Miguel
    "quick to dead the bull like a matador quick to dead the bull like a matador quick to dead the bull like a matador quick to dead the bull like a matador Quick step catch a wave on us take a shot make"
  • ZEZE (feat. Travis Scott & Offset) - Kodak Black
    "ice water turned atlantic nightcrawlin’ in the Phantom told them hoes that don’t you panic took an island flood the mansion dropped the roof, more expansion drive a coupe you can stand in see the bitches"
  • First Off (ft. Travis Scott) - Future
    "back on the Forbes shit crazy I make more than dwyne wade, baby alt job I am a street .. and I stay faded never worked in a gym but I weighed it first off you get thr ammo then you cock it first off we"
  • Hot (ft. Gunna & Travis Scott) - Young Thug
    "every litty i love what is’t hot turend up the city I broke off the notch get some more mills I keep me a knot I created history and made me a lot he tried to diss me and eneded on Fox we call them chopstcks cause"
  • Buss It (feat. Travis Scott) - Erica Banks
    "Checkin’ your reflecttion And te;llin’ your best friend Like: Girl, I think my butt gettin’ big Buss It, Buss It , Buss It , Buss It Is you fucking? Two shots, fuck it Buss It, Buss It , Buss It , Buss"
  • Whole Lotta Lovin' (ft. Travis Scott) - Dj Mustard
    "Whole lotta lovin', lovin', lovin', lovin' Whole lotta, (whole lotta, whole, whole) Aye mama, don't need no shit I don't need no lip, just a whole lotta lovin' Niggas always tryna hate But when I'm with"
  • Celebrate (ft. Travis Scott, Post Malone) - DJ Khaled
    "we the best music Another one DJ Khaled celebrate for the ones who lost celebrate with the ones we got here middle fingers to the ones that’s not here ain’t no love ain’t no love lost celebrate for the"
  • The London (Ft. Travis Scott, J. Cole) - Young Thug
    "meet me in the London If you find time we can run one talk about some things we can’t undo you just stand the pin I can find you 6;1;; on the money 9’2’’ you just say the word and I’ll run through 2 textas"
  • Mile High (feat. Travis Scott and Metro Boomin) - James Blake
    "don’t wanna see me by yourself by yourself by yourself by yourself by yourself we on a drive, looped in two seat ride, coupled in who gon’ slide? who’s in? big rocks around of 10 Fleetwood down, new sand two"
  • Wash Us In The Blood (feat. Travis Scott) - Kanye West
    "Take some Rain none Rain stop Don;t want Want none Rain come, rain come Come shine, come rain, come up South side, let it bang Outside , let it rain Rain down on a pain Rain down on a slang Rain dwon on"
  • Know No Better (feat. Travis Scott, Camila Cabello & Quavo) - Major Lazer
    "Wrist look like it been dipped Dripped in the dipped in that Script look like it been flipped Flipping that flipping that Pull up in the foreign my God Whole squad get in that get in that Please say it"
  • Take What You Want (feat. Ozzy Sobourne & Travis Scott) - Post Malone
    "i feel you crumble in my arms down to your heart of stone you bled me dry just like the tears you never show why don’t you take what you want from me? take what you need from me take what you want and"
  • Night Riders (ft. Travis Scott, 2 Chainz, Pusha T, & Mad Cobra) - Major Lazer
    "Tonight we're gonna set the streets on fire Straight up! Outlaw, outlaw, like I hit the PowerBall Once all eyes is on me, floating off like St.Paul Niggas love to count yours, hoping that your people"
  • Welcome To Miami - Pitbull
    "Pitbull slash Q-Bon Yo One time for Heavy Management, Baja Pantie Them 6 - 7 Boys Welcome to Miami where them boys used to touch tourists on a daily basis Duck charges therefore hardly caught cases This"

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