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treasure quest jana alayra

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treasure quest jana alayra

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treasure quest jana alayra
  • Charlie Hall Priceless Treasure
    "Priceless treasure, Jesus the Christ The jewel of my searching demands my life So I bow to You and I kneel to You You have my heart Oh, marvelous Savior, You came down from Heaven to us Oh, beautiful treasure,"
  • South Park Lemmiwinks' Quest
    "MR. GARRISON: Who can tell me what happens when water is heated up by the bunsen burner? BUTTERS: It evaporates. MR. GARRISON: Good, Butters. Now if we take the tube of the bunsen burner we can see how"
  • Bruno Mars Treasure
    "Give me all, give me all, give me all your attention baby I got to tell you a little something about yourself You're wonderful, flawless, ooh you're a sexy lady But you walk around here like you wanna"
  • Chapman Gary Treasure
    "Chapman Gary The Light Inside Treasure by Gary Chapman They say that were your treasure is There will your heart be also And your heart stays where you hide your greatest love Now you can leave that love"
  • Flyleaf Treasure
    "Can I tell you a story as we dance while the sun starts to bleed Song of songs love is calling daughter wake up from your sleep Refined I'll become the most dazzling precious treasure I'll be treasured"
  • Chayanne Jana
    "Tus ojos tan llenos de estrellas me miran Tu boca de rosa tan tierna y tan viva Tus manos de nia me dicen te quiero Y me hablan de historias de nubes y cielo Y no puedo vivir sin tu amor Ya no puedo"
  • Tree63 Treasure
    "Taken up out of the world Shaken up with just a word Turned around so suddenly I'm alive eternally Something invisible Has become so beautiful I know I am born again Laughing and stumbling Draw me after"
  • Bennie K Treasure
    "Keep on movin'Daichi wo kogasu taiyou mezashi(We go over mountain) sono saki niHirogaruTokubetsu na yume kata ni katsuide(Keep on treasure hunting) kakenuketeFrom far away mabushii aoi umi karaGarasu no"
  • Bennie K. Treasure
    "Keep on movin' Daichi wo kogasu taiyou mezashi (We go over mountain) sono saki ni Hirogaru Tokubetsu na yume kata ni katsuide (Keep on treasure hunting) kakenukete From far away mabushii aoi umi"
  • 38 Special Treasure
    "As children we're drawn to gold And wonders of stories told How riches are earned Lessons are learned And all ends well And life is that simple game When loves finally comes our way And if we're naive"
  • Iona Treasure
    "Consider the flowers of the field In their beauty More lovely than even the clothes of a king Consider the birds of the air Flying high, flying free You are precious to me Where your treasure is There"
  • Killing Joke Jana
    "She hears his footsteps, he walks up the pathAnd when the letter drops her heart beats fastShe picks up the envelope then she turns her face awayShe'll check out her results another dayRefusing to accept"
  • The Cure Treasure
    "She whispers, 'Please remember me When I am gone from here' She whispers, 'Please remember me But not with tears... Remember I was always true Remember that I always tried Remember I loved only you Remember"
  • Erasure Treasure
    "I'm coming in, got the wood stove on at the end of a treasured day take off my hat and shoes and i lay me down lives been lost and fortunes won a test of the will to survive see where the shadow falls and"
  • Common Children Treasure
    "Silence is falling I'm calling like a child Shaking and aching I'm faking it all the while And then I wake up in the night So I can try to be a little more than I am And then I see you in the morning I"
  • U2 Treasure
    "I like to smileBut I like to mostly stay with youI like good timesBut I cant feel this without youBy my songThe heart is in the placeI sing this songProbably soIf I could sighId tell the world Id felt"
  • The Gathering Treasure
    "We found our stepping stone Over darkest hours We left no trace at home But saw our footprints ahead It was our dream stone Stardust would shine our way There was a beautiful vision that night All shades"
  • Peter Koppes Quest
    "I picked up the pieces of a tune inside my head And waited for inspiration to be fed It seems so long since I felt the need to care Circumstance often dealt with what we share If I could find something"
  • Dinosaur Jr. Quest
    "Turning towards a time so free Justice has finally escaped The dripping words of yesterday Set my feeble mind astray I yearn to see The glow of her eyes as I appear A sign of satisfaction Could"
  • Dinosaur Jr. Quest
    "Turning towards a time so free Justice has finally escaped me The dripping words of yesterday Set my feeble mind astray I yearn to see The glow of her eyes as I appear A sigh of satisfaction Could"

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