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tricky beijing to berlin (featuring ivy

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tricky beijing to berlin (featuring ivy

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tricky beijing to berlin (featuring ivy
  • Tricky Beijing To Berlin (feat. Ivy)
    "I hate ya! .. I just Just a little bit Chinese stars are not so delicate She’s sleazy Said she’s for Beijing She star to talk And you must face it She’s the one And she knows it! .. They don’t close"
  • Delinquent Habits Beijing
    "Verse 1: Now here's a little city that's about 3 miles Outside of everybody's outskirts and principal This here's a place where all our minds get spent Self-destruction meet a quota take a trip get"
  • Melissa Ferrick Beijing
    "I'm digging a hole In my backyard I hit a rock and sprung water I dove in And ended up in Beijing Stole me a bike Joined up with the monks Because silence Is worth more these days Oh than AOL Time Warner Or"
  • The Time Tricky
    "(lead vocals by Prince) .... 1, 2, 3, 4 .... Why you big, tossed-salad, hairdo-havin', long, tall, snaggly gold-toothed, .... funkin' habit-formed, leather-wearin', beanpole-lookin', black... Shit! Oh!"
  • J Church Tricky
    "This is not a good sign, You say you're losing your mind, People say it's no exaggeration, Was it something I said? Was it something I did? Or was it something from a gray spot in your head? I want a cheese"
  • Bega Lou Tricky, Tricky
    "Bega Lou A Little Bit Of Mambo Tricky, Tricky she likes bars she likes diamonds too she likes stars if they rendevouz she drinks champagne to maintain her style she likes a man only for a while she likes"
  • Royksopp Tricky Tricky
    "Is six afraid of seven, cause seven eight nine? Im about to lose it a second time Staring at the wall, hour after hour Running up and down, over and over Its so tricky tricky, this little one too,"
  • Lou Bega Tricky tricky
    "She likes bars she likes diamonds tooShe likes stars if they rendezvousShe drinks champagne to maintain her styleShe likes a man only for a whileShe likes access to your bank accountShe likes dollars,"
  • Tricky Tricky Kid
    "Tricky:one-two one-two huh, one-two one-two one-two d:mikecheck Tricky:that won't front braggin' on the stunts coke in ya nose d:coke in ya nose Tricky:knock out ya gold fronts that won't front braggin'"
  • Primal Scream Ivy Ivy Ivy
    "Ivy you're a girl that I can never taste I get violent feelings when I see your face You're so warm and beautiful and soft and kind I close my eyes but you're still shining in my head Oh Ivy, Ivy You"
  • Screaming Trees Ivy
    "You're climbing down fast Down where no one can see Your eyes in the moonlight turn white to blue Don't think I really want to know where you've been Just want your grip tight around my skin I said ivy"
  • Lara Fabian Ivy
    "Oh oh oh oh... Finding you felt like the rain Falling unexpectedly When all I could feel was rain You came along and set me free You have been my fantasy Until the day you held my face My heart finally"
  • Frank Ocean Ivy
    "I thought that I was dreaming When you said you loved me It started from nothing I had no chance to prepare I couldn't see you coming It started from nothing new I could hate you now It's quite alright"
  • Ivy Ivy - Undertow
    "Standing by yourself. High on the hills above the ocean. This is where you'd come to walk with your friends. Strange how it leaves you with no emotion. You can't fight the undertow. Not when you're"
  • Tricky Tricky - "Nothing's Clear"
    "Produced and mixed by Tricky Kid, Geoff Barrow Engineered by Russ Kearney. Publishing: Copyright (C) 1991. A.Thaws/G. Barrow (All vocals by tricky, words in parentheses are unclear) (Spoken) How things"
  • Buldog Berlin
    "To miasto pełne chmurTo miasto dzielił murTo miasto ja poznałem dawno takTo miasto niczem dwaTo miasto nadal trwaCo więcej - się rozrasta jakby nigdy nicTo miasto kiedyś jużMiał przykryć ruski kurzA jednak"
  • Savage Berlin
    "Its getting dark, too dark to see The streets run cold with anarchy Troopers came and all was lost Mass slaughter, human holocaust Fire over Berlin Nobodys safe No escape when metal rain starts faling"
  • Barclay James Harvest, The Berlin
    "Barclay James Harvest, The XII Berlin Came to your border Looking back into the night Falling down on the city lights far away Tell me the answer Who knows the wrong from the right? Years may come and"
  • Briskeby Berlin
    "I met my lover in east berlin He came a-knocking, wouldent let him in A lousy morning, could have blamed last night Wish I had a reason, wish I had a fight Its not my style to moan about the past Never"
  • Barclay James Harvest Berlin
    "Came to your border Looking back into the night Falling down on the city lights far away Tell me the answer Who knows the wrong from the right? Years may come and years they go You've seen your bridges"

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