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  • Trinity - Kill II This
    "In plain sight for all to see - the whole wide world except for me In my veins and in my blood - the truth I see is clear as mud I am infected, I am the host - Father, Son and Holy Ghost Thou shalt not"
  • Trinity - Fleetwood Mac
    "He came down from Trinity A midtown boy from home In the dirt walking miles before And dreaming of his thirst Oh on his way He had to go Oh on his way He came down from Trinity A midtown boy from home"
  • Trinity - Amaranthe
    "(Resistance is futile) Like the sun comes crushing down You will set the world on fire Deep down you got to know why We prepare for war, it's vengeance or sacrifice Incapability to hide From the predictable"
  • Trinity - Northern State
    "The father, the son, the holy ghost Which MC do you like the most WHy pick one when you could choose from three That's why they call it the tri-ni-ty Brighter than the moon and the sun and the stars We"
  • Trinity - Lucky Dube
    "I'm sleeping with my one eye open 'Cause I think you gonna come for me You're sleeping with your gun in hand 'Cause you think I'm gonna make Me move I've been chasing white people all my life You've been"
  • Trinity - Larue
    "Oh Lovely Divine I cannot describe You, I will not deny You Three Beauties entwined I will not disguise You, I cannot divide You CHORUS And Trinity, You gave to me All that love could ever be And I intend"
  • Trinity - Common Market
    "Chorus: From the start of my heartbeat when art was deep in the fold To the time of my first rhyme when I was 12 years old I heard the voice of reason speakin' from the beacon of hope it said: I represent"
  • Trinity - Kobo Town
    "twelve years ago and I can still clearly remember that bright day in the middle of december a world away, couldn't take my mind off her but now I wait high in the sky right above her from this glorious"
  • Trinity - TEDE
    "To pora dla nas, siedzimy, robimy do rana Murzyny wrzucaja foty na instagrama just know Robi sie jasno, budzi sie warszawa Za chwile musisz wstawac, ja udam sie w kierunku Kabat zasnac Chwile wcześniej,"
  • Trinity - Jedi Mind Tricks
    "I metamorph phrases to glaciers Have em come together in liquid stages Then turn down the temperature and have em frozen into a solid foundation Now added to that this well produced amazement The crash"
  • Trinity - Inkubus Sukkubus
    "Oh, mysterious ladies, hear unto my prayerAnd grant me live and to love as you doMay your magickal souls overwhelm the night airTo cast off its shroud and reveal your dark truthsDiana, sweet maiden, so"
  • Unholy Trinity - The Who
    "Three kids from the neighborhood Three different lives Three different ways to be The identical smiles We're not the same But we can talk We kiss and link our arms We take a walk We watch the tide ever"
  • Biała Trinity - EPIS x INTRUZ
    "Kiedyś wpadałem do fety Dziś dogrywam featy Epis oraz Intruz temat: Białą Trinity Wpływ tej kobity jest nad wielu ludzi Popłyniesz jak Neo Lub nochal będziesz brudził Siema Rix, dawaj polecimy przez śnieżycę Może"
  • Trinity Fields - Deathstars
    "Here he comes as you pray Like shot lambs you crawl Here he comes as you pray Oh, shot lambs now fall Hear him breathe as you pray His tongue licks your palms Feel him seduces when you pray There's oralsex"
  • Trinity Bellwoods - Treble Charger
    "It started out in a half meet, have none To find a place where you don't know someone And you say something kind but you don't say why And the best you can find is a well-placed lie It's fitting this"
  • Trinity, The - Sean Paul
    "My main aim is to maintain. Beyond 2005 stay alive jah jah we a fear. Stay clear of the brain drain. Because the system design wth a whole heap a fall and pit hole And no just a little bit of gain. Dem"
  • The Trinity - Sean Paul
    "My main aim is to maintain. Beyond 2005 stay alive jah jah we a fear. Stay clear of the brain drain. Because the system design wth a whole heap a fall and pit hole And no just a little bit of gain."
  • The Trinity - Sunz Of Man
    "(feat. Omar Conry) {*winds blowing*} Yeah (yeah yeah yeah) Many years in this shit (Young Razah) I'm still here, we still here, SOM (Young Razah 'bout to talk to y'all) The Sunn stay burnin' We don't"
  • Trinity Overture - Majestic
    "My sword is my name my name is my quitter My heart in your hands leads me the way Heroes are gone the ghost and the godsend spiritual signs fading away Two broken spirits in the way dazzling through the"
  • Trinity (Gigglebush) - Bongzilla
    "I need to taste your breath Every day I need the love you bring I just want to live my life With you forever by my side Never again to feel the pain of life Your smoke takes me away Always to love the"

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