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  • Trip Around The Sun - Jimmy Buffett
    "Hear 'em singing happy birthday Better think about the wish I make This year gone by Ain't been a piece of cake. Every day's a revolution Pull it together and it comes undone Just one more candle and"
  • Round Trip - Rage
    "Leave here; turn back; More beer; one track; Hot sun -caribbean; blue sea - palm tree beach; Hotel - behind the dunes; leisure time - animator; Round trip, hip-grip, bullshit, fit - hit Groovin' away"
  • Trip Rider - Warrior Soul
    "Service sector populate I bail out on your hate war Disparity's sweet justice On the rock of sarcasm This is dark nothing you Can do to stop this damn thing now Onward constant push Primal vision amped"
  • Bad trip - Chihiro Onitsuka
    "I don't like what I can see It's far from high I don't like what I can expect It's a boring try Your reverberation wavers slowly to and flo It looks like a bad trip to me As I got force gracefully The"
  • Desert Trip - Warhead
    "...desperation, regret and the wish for a second chance play on his mind during his transportation to a high security prison far out in the desert... They close the door, they start the bus I hope it's"
  • Don't Trip - Cypress Hill
    "Don't you trip this is the Soul Assassins We come and blast them We Eastside riders, this is how we doin' I spent hot days under the sun with all my loved ones Soul Assassins family click you know the"
  • Road Trip - Runrig
    "Take heart: cheat the dark Get driving with the lark As cities sleep Steal a march before the sun It's all philosophy On an open motorway Chasing break of day Somewhere on a border town I've packed my"
  • Return Trip - Electric Wizard
    "the sun burns in the stranger's eyes just one more tear before he dies black mass can't ease the pain there's nothing here, there's nothing sane i hope your fuckin' world fuckin' burns away i'd kill you"
  • Black Trip - Samael
    "I've chosen the dark, I've chosen the night I've lost hope of loving a day of life The shades of night belong to me I am at one with hell Dead inside, I watch the time pass I await the coming of my day My"
  • Trip Me Up - Judybats
    ""I could kick myself for leaving you But then I guess I already have at least a thousand times Ah, this endless parade of mimes Lonely hearts and fools who wanna put themselves off On anyone as a pice"
  • Our Day Trip - Nina Nastasia
    "Let's not go to work this morning Let's not wait to leave the city We've got just enough money Let's see how far we can amble One day can make all the difference Rinse the red dirt in the water Can you"
  • Trip To Hyden - Tom T. Hall
    "Tossed and turned the night before in some old motel Subconsciously recallin' some old sinful thing I'd done My buddy drove the car and those big coal trucks shook us up As we drove on into hyden in the"
  • Little Trip To Heaven - Tom Waits
    "Lazy trip to heaven on the wings of your love Banana moon is shining in the sky, Feel like I'm in heaven when you're with me Know that I'm in heaven when you smile, Though we're stuck here on the ground,"
  • Trip - The Echoing Green
    "You may find when things start to come apart and you've not time to hold on to what you've got that sometimes life can be so unkind It's not time to step down from where you are 'Cause you've got"
  • Trip - Union Underground
    "Hey I'm a selfish servant low They lied a fear and loathing A chosen one it's so undone Load your gun the damage done Never me they will fail to see I will get so high that I trip with jesus Apathy and"
  • Trip - West Indian Girl
    "Alone on a hill in the summer time You could dial your mind & Listen to thoughts made young & pure Moments never lived til we forgive A part of ourselves we could never be Alone for hours, centuries waiting"
  • Trip - Parokya Ni Edgar
    "I dito sa shaolin house nauubos ang pera ko saking kakaorder ng, bola bola't asado kahit anong flavor pusa man o aso basta't siopao na special it's so very special Chorus: Ito ang trip, ito ang gusto"
  • Trip - Ella Mai
    "i put my feelings on safety so I don’t go shootin’ where your heart be cause yoou take the bullet tryna save me then I’m left to deal with making you bleed and that’s a whole lotta love ain’t tryna waste"
  • Trip - RAMP
    "I, I rom through everywhere I, I've quitted stop taking care Cause I, I've used up all my strenght From life I'm gone into this dawn Trying just to keep on hanging on Tied walking through this night So"
  • Trip - Dannii Minogue
    "Just another day, on another train Always need to see you (aah) Hurry up again, gotta get away But I don't wanna leave you Come blow this place, you'd better chase For hotter kissing Hop on board,"

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