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  • Izolda - Zbigniew Wodecki
    "To była Izolda smutniejsza od łez Niebieska jak ziemi tło Jeszcze dziś wierny jej jest Nocą mu cichy dąb To była Izolda mądrzejsza niż ja Wierniejsza niż moce złe Jak sadów różowa mgła Wiosną mi rozwiała"
  • Izolda - Toolmaker
    "Izolda Jeszcze mnie czasem pozdrowisz łaskawie e h Jeszcze uśmiechniesz się nie z mojej łodzi C D Żeglować z Tobą zapomniałem już prawie e h Deszcz dni bez Ciebie, ziębi"
  • Tristan - Patrick Wolf
    "I am the tragedy And the heroine I am lost And I am rescuing The storm is come And I am following My name is Tristan And I am alive Forever young I come from God knows where 'Cos now Im here Without"
  • Tristan And Iseult - Tarkio
    "Would you like to go out tonight? said Tristan to Iseult. It's a lovely night to go to the Odeon; sit in the back row. I'm sick of staying in, oh. So they threw on some clothes, walked slowly down the"
  • Tristan - Dead Can Dance
    ""nein" dahter allez wider sich "No," thought he, all against himself, "la stan, Tristan, versinne dich, "Leave alone, Tristan, consider come to your senses,** Niemer genim es keine war." It was never"
  • Shy that way (feat. Tristan Prettyman) - Jason Mraz
    "You know your stunning absolutely stunning and I'm running always running and now I'm crying you know only cause I'm caring and if you were more daring maybe you'd stop staring and come over and talk"
  • Owi Tristan - Qntal
    ""Wer war jemals so verwirrt, wer war je so zerrissen wie ich? Ich stehe hier an Land, doch meine Gedanken sind nur bei ihm, Tristan, dort auf dem Meer." w w,mn her Tristan, nu clebet iu mn herze allez"
  • Tristana - Mylene Farmer
    "triste elle est prte toutpour rien, pour toutdans la ronde des fous elle pleure tout douxlamour a tu les mots qui la touchent,touchentcontre ta bouche elle veut quon la couchetriste elle fait lagrimace,devant"
  • Echo - Tristan Prettyman
    "Well isn't it like you to have 'em all fooled Stand tall walkin' proud, now you're breaking the rules Tell me honey, are you feelin' just a little displaced? Let down and alone now, what a bad, bad taste 'Cause"
  • Daisy - Tristan Prettyman
    "I went on a walk inside your head, the other day I couldn't believe some of the things, I heard you say cause I've seen the way, that you've been looking at me and its dangerous, and very intentionally"
  • Maybe I'm The One - Tristan Prettyman
    "I would return your calls but you don't call me anymore I could call to say hello but I deleted your number, long time ago we never talked about anything much just the usual such and such we never"
  • Spain - Tristan Prettyman
    "sometimes I cry, I don't know why cause this world is changing, leaving me behind but I cant complain, this life I live is more than I have to offer, more than I have to give but inside I'm screaming,"
  • Something In The Way - Tristan Prettyman
    "there's always something in the way telling me that I should stay there's always something new your holding on too and I just cant seem to see it through cause when you opened my eyes to a little"
  • Don't Work Yourself Up - Tristan Prettyman
    "I could run out at any given time Don't leave a note, there ain't no reason to lie I guess I still haven't found what I'm looking for Can't keep my hands to myself, or my eyes off the door Is it any wonder"
  • Most Of The Time - Tristan Prettyman
    "I am crazy most of the time but I am simple in this restless mind of mine give me something that can grow a love that I will always know you make this girl shine almost all of the time like a letter"
  • God Gave Me Patience - Tristan Prettyman
    "God gave me patience Patience to breath God give me reasons To not cry anymore about anything God give me time Time to think this through God give me something Something to keep my mind Off missing you And"
  • Crazy - Tristan Prettyman
    "You know I love the way my hand fits in yours cause I've been down for so long and you're my cure but you're driving me crazy, completely crazy I cant get enough, cause you amaze me every time you"
  • The rebound - Tristan Prettyman
    "I saw you, At the produce stand By the tangerines, Bananas in your hand We talk for 5, Yeah maybe more You don’t got a girlfriend, Anymore And you’re fucking hot, And I’m around For the rebound I gotta"
  • You Got Me - Tristan Prettyman
    "Tell me you love me That I don't know how much you mean it Every time you look in my eyes You make sure that I can see it I can't recall if I ever felt this way before And if I did, wouldn't want those"
  • Simple as it should be - Tristan Prettyman
    "Put your hands to my hands Put your knees to my knees Put your eyes to my eyes Come on baby compliment me Cause I dont think that we Should ever feel the need to worry Ever get ourselves in a hurry You"

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