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  • Trixie - Ringside
    "Oh my - my minds playing tricks on me I'm falling for something I know - I cannot reach Can I lay with you - and still live with myself I feel I know you - but you're someone else Oh you're so cruel To"
  • To Trixie And Reptile, Thanks For Everything - Chiodos
    "This is it, our one chance to make things right Post love affliction Our hearts nightmares won't let this happen again Name the last time I wrote about something other than you I'll keep dreaming Not"
  • Get Him Out Klaus (There - Heideroosjes
    "Come Klaus, there is no one home Get your big dick out Bring him deep in here And let us all be happy Ooh, ah ah, lascivious Klaus, But get him out please Get him out Klaus, there's sauce coming out One"
  • Uczmy si - Leniuchowo
    "Stingy: Ja się uczę raz, dwa, trzy, By w mig liczby chwytać Trixie: Ja się uczę ABC, By bardzo dobrze czytać Stingy i Trixie: Stale nam przychodzi wiedzy rzecz znakomita Uczmy się Stephanie: Lubię uczyć"
  • Ju - Leniuchowo
    "Już czas na nowe gry W Leniuchowie witaj i Ty. Tutaj Robbie dziwne plany ma. Sportacus o porządek tu dba. Stephanie, choć nowa jest Już ją lubi Ziggy i wie. Z Pixelem, Stingy, i Trixie też Miło razem czas"
  • Step by step - Leniuchowo
    "Stephanie: Make a plan, follow through Choose your colors, red or blue. Trixie: Use your brain, and your skills Then you'll start to build Stephanie: Watch it grow before your eyes Your dreams will be"
  • Lazytown Theme (Nick Jr) - Nickelodeon
    "Welcome to lazytown a place where you want to stay You'll meet Robbie and his rotten plan And Sportacus saving the day Stephanie is new in town, but soon she and Ziggy are friends With Pixel, Stingy, and"
  • Welcome To Lazy Town - Lazy Town
    "Welcome to LazyTown A place where you'll wanna stay You'll meet Robbie with his rotten plans And Sportacus saving the day Stephanie is new in town And soon she and Ziggy are friends With Pixel, Stingy,"
  • Welcome to Lazy Town - Leniuchowo
    "Welcome to Lazy Town A place whereyou'll want to stay You'll meet Robbie with his rotten plan, And Sportacus saving the day Stephanie is new in town And soon she and Ziggy are friends With Pixel, Stingy,"
  • Hol Em Raus Klaus (Da Kommt Ja Saus Aus) - De Heideroosjes
    "Kom jetzt Klaus da ist ja keiner ins Haus Holl dein grosser Schwans heraus Bring ihm dann ja tief herein Und lass uns beide glucklich sein Ooh ausch ausch, du hitziger Klaus Aber jetzt holl ihm bitte"
  • Trixie's Star - Helium
    ""Trixie says shes blown away by what she sees there's a heaven, there's a heaven on the TV There's a movie star for you and one for me Someday it'd be so right, so right to be (Cruising and shooting and"
  • Gdy nasz zesp - Leniuchowo
    "Gdy wszyscy już są Zaczynamy nasz show Niech nam pięknie zgra bas Niech świateł blask Rozgrzeje dziś nas Ja na gitarze Wam gram Dziś pięknie dla Was zagram Zespół nasz! Dobry nasz zespół gra Ta melodia"
  • When We Play In A Band - Lazy Town
    "You're ready to go It's the start of the show But you need a rockin' bass So hit the lights You're playin tonight Guitars all over the place Everything comes together When we jam When we play in a band It's"
  • Sudbury Saturday Night - Kim Mitchell
    "Oh the girls are out to bingo and the boys are gettin stinko We think no more of Inco on a Sudbury Saturday Night. The glasses they will tinkle while our eyes begin to twinkle And we think no more of Inco"
  • Animals In The Projects - Kool Keith
    "Busta gon' always make that good club jam But I'ma make bitches and niggaz excited, get gross on the toilet Chicks catch a relapse, drop them hamburgs Shit out that pork and ham Once quite marketable meats"
  • Summer Boys - LFO
    "Yeah I like it when boys stop by In the summer Do you remember When we met That summer Mickey mouse club had a bunch of kids Now that devin's here, where is brizz And I think it's fly when backstreet boys"
  • Tell Dat To Dummies - Andre Nickatina & Equipto
    ""Always admired your ability to communicate precisely" (Equipto Talking) Yeah, shit, you know I mean We in slow motion with it mayne All my homeboys give a little bit of stuff to ???? You know I'm sayin,"
  • Tell Dat Ta Dummies - Andre Nickatina
    "(Quipto) I'm the new Jack Nino On my own like C-Lo Got carried away Married to this game when I eloped Gone, imma take it further I'll learn her Soon as I turn her out And there'll be no doubt that she'll"
  • Ugly Bitches - Coolio
    "A bitch is a bitch and we all know that a ho is a ho wit a toe-up slut so if you're gotta have em, might as well be a fine one but it seems that some niggas can't seem to find one So they go and get"
  • Mellow My Man - The Roots
    "One two Yes, The Roots layin back, rela-xin Coolin out with my man Malik B we call him Sla-xon YaknowhatI'msayin? We in effect Mo like Al B. Sure, for your plea-sure Aiyyo bust it We about to flip it"

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