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trou detective openning song

  • Detective Show - Engerica
    "This is a...this is a...a song About a show, on TV A detective show if you will All about cops and robbers! Shooting guns! High speed car chases! Rolling into the night! Don't believe me? Take a look! Testing!?"
  • Detective - No Doubt
    "Peek in, sneak about peek in, sneak about your broken hearted detective hey girl save the liar can't you see his pants on fire hey girl, save the liar can't you see his pants on fire my back it hurts"
  • Detective, Detective - Scenes From A Movie
    "And I don't care about that new angle you used. It's not that clever or new, but relying on suspicions not suspicious at all if its true. And I don't care about that last message I sent. Now keep it"
  • Detective - Esham
    "(Esham) I got a ill case, paranoia blood stains on my face Close range sawed off shotgun bust I never trust, it's a must you ain't down with us From Gotham to Metropolis, nigga ain't no stoppin' us Suicidal"
  • Le Trou - Tricot Machine
    "On a l'coeur qui vire de 'sour On a presque pu 20 ans On cherche des sorties d'secours Dcor neuf, tout blanc, tout blanc Entre les overdoses d'amour Le temps est long c'est pas possible Mme si on se l'dit"
  • Trou Macacq - Squirrel Nut Zippers
    "This is the story of the trou macacq, the pine box derby, the monkey track This is the story of the trou macacq, the pine box derby, the monkey track Not what I heard or saw on TV, But what I witnessed"
  • Far From Any Road (True Detective - Intro / Opening Song - Theme) - The Handsome Family
    "From the dusty May sun Her looming shadow grows Hidden in the branches of the poison creosote She twines her spines up slowly Towards the boiling sun And when i touched her skin My fingers ran with blood In"
  • Pokemon (Black Chaos Openning) - M!styc
    "I wanna be the very best Like no one ever was To catch them is my real test To train them is my cause I will travel across the land Searching far and wide Each pokemon to understand The power that's"
  • Hotel Detective - They Might Be Giants
    "She got her ear to the walls, and she tappin' the calls if you got a secret, boy, FORGET ABOUT IT Cuz she's a hotel detective a little hotel detective and she's a hotel detective why dont ya, check her"
  • Detective Instinct - The Fall
    "You can tell by his fashion That boy's been in prison Detective instinct Detective instinct Always do it Two thugs knocked down an old tree for an old lady's whim Detective instinct They were reasonable"
  • Detective instinct - Fall
    "You can tell by his fashionThat boy's been in prisonDetective instinctDetective instinctAlways do itTwo thugs knocked down an old tree for an old lady's whimDetective instinctThey were reasonable at first,"
  • Detective Daughter - Emily Haines
    "She was calling around to find half an hour. She walked right into my mirror. Says she's here to waste time I said "That's fine." Listen, to thyself be true, to thyself be true Every thread, every hair"
  • Love Detective - Arab Strap
    "We slept in this morning and she had to get ready in a hurry - no time for her usual attention to detail - and she ran out the door, slamming it behind her, leaving her keys swinging and jangling. I stayed"
  • Rough Detective - The Dead Weather
    "No, no, no .. Your instinct is defective but your cock's on fire I got no perspective when check in the lion .. You keep going faster"
  • Jusqu'au Trou Du Monde - Indochine
    "La nuit est pleine d'enfants saouls Qui s'en vont quand le jour s'croule S'envoler comme des anges ivres Petits rveurs qui vont s'endormir Ferme les yeux prends-moi la main Le ciel est noir sur ton chemin Tes"
  • Un Trou Dans La Case - Ange
    "Comme un papillon de nuit, aveugl par la lumire, Comme le papillon qui fuit, je trouve plus que la marche arrire. Effiloch, dcousu, je m'teins tout doucement... Comme un phmre traqu que la lumire hypnotise, Un"
  • We Are Detective - Thompson Twins
    "Somebody's watching me and now i'm nervous and i shouldn't be Somebody's got their eye on me perhaps i should invite him up for tea? We saw him smoking by the newspaper stand there's something odd about"
  • Space Detective Story - BrainStorm
    "Good morning My Goodness and Majesty! Good morning! I'm a local detective And I search for those who say that I'm not affective Good morning My Sweet old memories! Good morning! Now my workdays are"
  • (She Was A) Hotel Detective - They Might Be Giants
    "She's got her ear to the walls and she's tappin' the calls If you've got a secret boy, forget about it, 'cause she's a Hotel Detective my little Hotel Detective yeah she's a Hotel Detective Why don't"
  • Cowboy Secret Space Detective - Ookla The Mok
    "I want to go where no man's ever gone before And I want to wield my evil father's laser sword One little step for me Gets bigger when there's no gravity And I'm gonna fly high in the sky faster than the"

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