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trough the boty

  • Shine trough - Howard Jones
    "I've been thinking about you And the pain you can't break through I can't give you the answers But I believe in you Don't tell me you given up No don't tell me your truth Every vision and dream All the"
  • Trough the waves - Daniele Groff
    "On a journey after the sun we stopped on a windy beach that's where the peace begun and the chase ended far away from the evil reach (x 2) and the projects in your sight all the nights without a sleep"
  • Trough the monsun - Tokio Hotel
    "Her window doesn't open anymoreIn here it is full of you and blankAnd in front of me the last candle runs outI'm yet wait'n for eternityFinally the time has comeOut there the black clouds are risingI've"
  • Trough the years - Kylie Minogue
    "This fever I have is because of you My body is blazing The flames alight and lick at my ear So that I can only hear Muddled words of you Through the years Too many a trusted word was said My body was porous I"
  • I'm pulling trough - Billie Holiday
    "I'm pulling trough and it's because of you!When I was stranded came your helping handLonely, hurt I had not known which way to turn'Til you said, "Try smiles, not tears, just laugh and learn"I'm pulling"
  • Trough ur eyez - Twiztid
    "Through your eyes you think we're all the same Through your eyes we're all the same Through your eyes you think we're all the same Through your eyes we're all the same Chorus (2x): Through your eyes you"
  • Trough my eyes - Vision Of Disorder
    "My perception my infection Lazy bloody eyes Self destruct so addictive Here's a taste of death here's your taste of death And I wish that I could feel the things you feel And I wish that I could see the"
  • Falling trough time - Korn
    "Feeding the fall I can't help but desire of falling down this time Deep in this hole am I making I can't escape Falling all this time We come to this place Falling through time Living a hollow life"
  • Trough The Fire And Flames - Dragonforce
    "On a cold winter morning in a time before the light In flames of death's eternal reign we ride towards the fight When the darkness has fallen down and the times are tough alright The sound of evil laughter"
  • Get me trough december - Kra
    "How Pale Is the Sky That Brings Forth the RainAs the Changing of Seasons Prepares Me AgainFor the Long Bitter Nights and the Wild Winter's DayMy Heart Has Grown Cold My Love Stored AwayMy Heart Has Grown"
  • A daisy trough concrete - eels
    "Wake up the dying, dont wake up the dead change what your sayin, dont change what you've said now that its time that i got out of bed when i'll walk myself down sycamore street the sun beats down no shoes"
  • Christmas Trough Your Eyes - Gloria Estefan
    "Destiny Has once again surprised me oh destiny Must wnat you here beside me quietly Like the sunrise with its splendor unexpectedly With a passion strong yet tneder You draw me in Lke the moon draws the"
  • Before it's night is trough - Bonnie Tyler
    "I been crazy for you, so long How could something so right turn out so wrong Words, never mean what they say Words just get in the way Before this night is through Gonna make you see How I been blind to"
  • I'll write your name trough the fire - Shocking Blue
    "I'll write your name through the fireI'll write your name through the fireI'll write your name to bring me home againI'll write your name through the fireAnd I'm standing there at edge of townGonna get"
  • Rock And Roll Dreams Come Trough - Jim Steinman
    "You can't run away forever But there's nothing wrong with getting a good head start You want to shut out the nightYou want to shut down the sun You want to shut away the pieces of a broken heartThink of"
  • In the garden - The Cranberries
    "I see you playingin the gardenoutside my windowoh oh ho, you're like your fatherI see right trough youjust like your fatherI thought I knew youoh oh it's a panicin paradiseit's a panicit's in paradise(round"
  • I Like The Way - Tommy James & The Shondells
    "It's Only Love Tommy James and The Shondells You cant laugh, you cant cry Your actin kinda funny and you dont know why Cause your heart keeps beatin like a big bass drum And the beats gettin strong and"
  • The tunnel - Dance or Die
    "Once I was crying but now I'm flying Trough the tunnel of sound Lost in my dreams In my vision of a better year Noone can call me To tell me what I shouldn't do Don't let me come back again You got to"
  • The invincible - Therion
    "The blaze of northern light Reflect the dawn of Gods Of ancient Pantheons Who rest no more in peace Faith of the Old, the strong one from above: The Invincible All the Gods of the sky and the earth proclaim"
  • The Untouchables - Frank Zappa
    "Frank Zappa (lead guitar, vocals) Ike Willis (guitar, vocals) Mike Keneally (guitar, synthesizer, vocals) Bobby Martin (keyboards, vocals) Ed Mann (percussion) Walt Fowler (trumpet) Bruce Fowler (trombone) Paul"

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