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troye sivan dance to this

  • Papercut (feat. Troye Sivan) - Zedd
    "Now we're staring at the ceiling You're so pretty when you're mad All that I can hear is breathing And we're stuck inside the silence In a cold cold war We're too proud to say we're sorry Right now it"
  • Dance to This (ft. Ariana Grande) - Troye Sivan
    "young ambition say we’ll go slow but we never do Premonition seeing me spending every night with you under the kitchen lights you still like like dynamite and I wanna end up on you don’t need no place"
  • 2099 (ft. Troye Sivan) - Charli XCX
    "i pull up roll up fuck up fasten... never touch us they don’t give me .. specially hash i pull up roll up fuck up don’t make decision for me you don’t know non i pull up roll up fuck up future , future i"
  • Easy - Troye Sivan
    "You ran away to find something to say I went asytray to make it ok And he made it easy , darlin’ I am still in lobve And i say taht because I knwo how it seems between you and me It hasn;t been easy darlin’"
  • WILD - Troye Sivan
    "Trying hard not to fall On the way home You were trying to wear me down Kissing up on fences And up on walls On the way home I guess it’s all working out, now ‘Cause there’s still too long to the weekend Too"
  • STUD - Troye Sivan
    "Hey stud You can come and You can come and meet me out front You gotta all the muscles the featiures i want And i want What i want, my love Hey tough What’s it like to be so big And strong, and so buff? Everything"
  • WILD (ft. Alessia Cara) - Troye Sivan
    "Trying hard not to fall On the way home You were trying to wear me down, down Kissing up on fences And up on walls On the way home I guess it's all working out, now 'Cause there's still too long to the"
  • HEAVEN (ft. Betty Who) - Troye Sivan
    "The truth runs wild Like a tear down a cheek Trying to save face, and daddy heart break I'm lying through my teeth This voice inside Has been eating at me Trying to replace the love that I fake With what"
  • Bloom - Troye Sivan
    "take a trip into my garden I’ve got so much to show ya the fountains and the waters are begging just to know ya and it’s true baby I’ve benn saying this for you, baby I guess it’s something like a fun"
  • Lucky Strike - Troye Sivan
    "i want to know just how to love you the jewel of California I want to skip stones on your skin boy and drown me in your water and my boy like a queen unlike one you’ve ever seen he knows how to love me"
  • Angel Baby - Troye Sivan
    "i need a lover to keep me sane pull me form hell bring me back again play my the classic soemthing romantic give him all wteh i don’t even heave it I always dreamed of a solemn face Someone who feels"
  • Take Yourself Home - Troye Sivan
    "I’m tired of the city scream if you’re whit me if I am gonna die let’s die somewhere pretty sad in the summer city needs a mother If I am gonna waste my time then it’s timw to go take yourself home talk"
  • Trouble (feat. Jay Som) - Troye Sivan
    "Accidental lover, what you do with all my common sense? You came in undercover when I didn't even want a friend I'm tired of living like I'm dying But now I can find the silver lining like before Yeah,"
  • Happy Little Pill - Troye Sivan
    "In the crowd, alone With every second passing Reminds me I'm not home Bright lights and city sounds Are ringing like a drone Unknown, unknown Oh, blazed eyes, empty hearts Buying happy from shopping cards Nothing"
  • Animal - Troye Sivan
    "I told you something safe something I’ve never said before and I can’t keep my hands off you while you lie in the wake covered all in the night before I’m high no one’s got me quite like you I want"
  • Wait (feat. Gordi ) - Troye Sivan
    "Could’ve broken me like glass in an emergency It’s a giving in, where do I begin? Pastel skies, I don’t know why I hate Florida sometimes Is it take and take? Or is it my mistake? What I used to know"
  • YOUTH - Troye Sivan
    "What if What if we run away What if What if we left today What if We said goodbye to safe and sound What if What if we're hard to find What if What if we lost our minds What if We let them fall behind,"
  • Rager teenager! - Troye Sivan
    "Hey you Where you been hanginglately? Sleepinf and spending nights wasting time Never though i’d see you again in my life? Why you been acting like a stranger Feelin’ alive, a teenager Feels kinda cool"
  • Dance, dance, dance - Beats And Styles
    "Give it to me nowJust shake that!Ahh, baby!We gonna break thatCome on, come onYou know I like thatYea!You're a girlAnd I'm a boySo let's dance, dance, danceJust dance, dance, danceYou're a girlAnd I'm"
  • Dance - Darin
    "Girl I can't help myself I'm stuck on the view I like the way you do The tricks that you do You're flirting with the music Like it's your boo Got me lost in my fantasy Picturing you and me It's been a"

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