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true lies

  • True Lies - Mekong Delta
    ""Hello people, this is Jason, back again on channel 5, here are the news: Mr. President declared his mind for peace and admitted the contra's support - ...All we need is economical development! A congess"
  • True Lies - Sara Evans
    "I look into those blue eyes Something happens to me Although I know again tonight I'll hear nothing but true lies That string of broken hearts all over town Should be enough to tell me I should be turning"
  • True Lies - Kenny Wayne Shepherd
    "Where do you go after midnight When all the doors should be closed Your alibis just don't sound right I asked but nobody knows How can you look in the eyes And make it sound so very nice With those True"
  • True Lies - Esqarial
    "The sacred wars, the crusades, the nation's terminate and all done in my name I decided their fate, thousand years of misery, years of torture in my name Your eyes will adorn my crown, Your bones will"
  • True Lies - Snoop Doggy Dogg
    "(feat. KoKane) {*cameras flashing, Snoop interviewing Bill Clinton*} Yo, hold on hold on hold on hold on Stop the cameras, stop the press stop the press Now Bill, this yo' nigga, Snoop Dogg Now answer"
  • True Lies - Snoop Dogg
    "(feat. KoKane) Yo, hold on hold on hold on hold on Stop the cameras, stop the press stop the press Now Bill, this yo' nigga, Snoop Dogg Now answer me this - did you fuck that bitch or what? That's"
  • Lies - Carlene Carter
    "(R. Troy - N. Garvenites) Well, you told me that you love Would be good for me But you lied, lied, lied Told me that you'd do what you Should for me But you lied, lied, lied Who do you think you're foolin' Tellin'"
  • Lies Lies Lies - Perry Blake
    "Uptown i'm walking the streets with my dreams in a body bag Dont try to tell me you can't me you can't really miss what you never had It's ok, because it's not true It's a lie that get you by A place"
  • Lies - Keith Moon
    "Lies, lies You're telling me that you've been true Lies, lies That's all I ever get from you Tears, tears I've shed a million tears for you Tears, tears And now you're loving someone new Someday I'm"
  • Lies - Undead
    "(Randell, Charles) Lies, lies Your telling me that you'll be true Lies, lies That's all I get from you Tears, tears I shed a million tears for you Tears, tears And now you're loving someone new Someday"
  • Lies - DJ Bobo
    "Refrain: Lies, lies, don't tell me lies Before you talk to me, you better think twice Lies, lies, don't tell me lies I lost my heart but you are cold as ice Rap 1: Lies - nothing bad for you Just another"
  • Lies - Pennywise
    "What can you believe? And what do you tell yourself to get some sleep The human disease Yeah we'll believe anything to get relief You can't wish it away The little things that we tell Ourselves day after"
  • Lies - Paisley Brain Cells
    "What are these things you're saying, try and make me to believe You say that you love me, now you say you're gonna leave Where do you go at night? Do you treat him right? You think that I can't see Deep"
  • Lies - CHVRCHES
    "Faster Faster You won't go far Shouldn't leave Feeling faith We both know why You got to show me Both knees Cold I lie Hold me Slowly Hide me till I can fly Always We can sing We can make time Old songs Flood"
  • Lies - The Pierces
    "La la lie, La la lie, La la lie I've got a real one for you I'm done with compromise Lies are wide and black and blue They hide inside those big brown eyes You've gotten dirty, angel Aren't you ready to"
  • Where True Beauty Lies - Pretty Maids
    "Let me touch you deep inside Let me open up your mind Ill wipe away the tears youve cried Lead you safely back in line Hold on to me tonight youll feel A love so real I wanna see you shine The course is"
  • Lies Just Can't Be True - Kitty Wells
    "[ Bill Phillips ] My heart is pounding it's beating faster because my heart just heard That you've been cheating on me baby it's lies it's lies that I heard I can never believe the stories because I love"
  • All The Lies Are True - Charlie Louvin
    "All the things that I denied saying everyone had lied That I could never ever do these things to you I confess now that you're gone they were right I did you wrong And all the lies you've heard about me"
  • True Happiness This Way Lies - The The
    "And have you ever wanted something so badly that it possessed your body & your soul through the night & through the day until you finally get it! And then you realise that it wasn't what you wanted after"
  • True - The Frames
    "True I find it so hard to be true And all these lies I'm telling you Are little anchors in my chest That pull me down into this mess I find it easy to distract And just as soon as you turn Your back,"

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