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  • I See - Tryad
    "In the night I feel so right You reach out And squeeze me tight I can hardly breathe I feel This feeling over me I've got to believe It's meant to be Talk to me boy I can feel you coming Even when you're"
  • Our Lives Change - Tryad
    "(I don't know what they've done to get there) One little light Completely fills the night Just one little life Makes this whole world alive All like waves All like waves All like waves One little life Makes"
  • Seduction - Tryad
    "Can you hear me listen What do you think you're missing Can you hear me listen What do you think you're missing Shalom Love The way that you go down It's all Around Can you hear me listen What do"
  • Witness - Tryad
    "It's all the same, yeah The excuses don't ever change Wasted life, yeah Too prone to hesitate It's gone on much too long I just sit and think Analysing everything Don't know what to do Why, where, or"
  • Peace On Earth (Same Place) - Tryad
    "i keep an open door give me one good reason for a war that keeps raging on we've all been here before now we've got to stand up once more to sing this song peace on earth peace on earth peace on earth you"
  • My Piano Sings (Part 4) (With Joana Smith) - Tryad
    "Touch Seems to be all we could need Fire Fills our hearts up with heat Bodies Make a cold world warm Embrace Is a reason Hold on Better live before you are gone Sing Before the end of the song Wake"
  • Arcadia - Tryad
    "don't feel so strong sometimes so i must lean on myself sometimes and i don't really know how i'll get by but i keep moving on the weather beats down sometimes so i go under that tree so high and i wait"
  • The Rising - Tryad
    "Do you remember A sky of blue Sun shining Down on you Do you remember Mountain streams Blooming flowers And trees of green Did you ever Swim in a sea Breathing air where Air was free Tell me tell me I"
  • Struttin' - Tryad
    "Cold crispy crunchy crackle Pulsating electrical static It's just so automatic My piece of personal plastic Instant phat packet zap Beat net delivery fix Baby blonde battery barbies Ain't got nothing"
  • Breathe - Tryad
    "All I wonder Is this all the All I wonder Is this all There's a place Deep down inside Where I breathe I can see into the sea All I wonder Is this all I see There's only [?] (All I wonder) As I wonder"
  • Listen - Tryad
    "You tell me what you dream I'll tell you who you are Sometimes you'll find me wishing That this whole world would listen We billions one light beam Born streams of burning stars Are we now finally seeing What"
  • You Are God - Tryad
    "Pitched in digital stone This voice has found a home Inside your head What can be said To our computer grown Brains wrapped up in bone Open up your ears How do you hear Put away those books Take a long"
  • Lovely - Tryad
    "You lay in there and cry Feeling sorry for your life Drowning in thought Baby baby tell me Why do you gotta be Your own worst enemy Trees and galaxies Can't you see Just like these You are so lovely How"
  • Beauty - Tryad
    "Ba-dum Rise and swallowed you whole Ba-dum And I was no longer whole Ba-dum As singer [?] Ba-dum And we slowed down [?] Ba-dum You smiled somewhere Ba-dum And our lives changed Ba-dum I found I could share Ba-dum The"
  • Empty - Tryad
    "Do what you will Share some sympathy All that you do with me Is lost in eternity Grab all you want You'll never hold on to me Everything you see is Totally empty Nothing we feel Is lasting or real Everything"
  • Mesmerize - Tryad
    "When there's no place you feel at home And you think you'd be better off alone When you think there's no reason to try And you hate yourself and you wanna die When you're filled with anxiety Everyone's"
  • All The Same - Tryad
    "Dream In a dream Sunlight In the darkness Sun In the silence Whisper In a [?] Already Separated Already Liberated It's all A dream It's all A scene I wonder Will I wait I think And disappear I"
  • This - Tryad
    "This This is the way How we move through the rain How we grow through the pain Into the day Of youth born again This This is the place Where we open up our minds Where we turn and raise our eyes Into"
  • Die And Begin Again - Tryad
    "{Chanting} Tear me up with tongues of tortured tales Your heart cries out to be heard Life may be hard But there's someone here to hold you Leave your window open to a western wind Die and begin again There's"

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