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tupac mama cried

  • She Never Cried - Confederate Railroad
    "Chorus: She never cried when Old Yeller died She wasn't washed in the blood of the lamb She never stood up for the Star Spangled Banner And she wasn't a John Wayne fan Her baby blue eyes had the warning"
  • Tupac joint - Jim Jones
    "Rumors that were said, shot in cold bloodTwo up in my head, can't talk phone buggedSomebody want me dead, but I'm still flossin'I rock my jewelry through the scurriest streetsI keep my ears to the streetsAnd"
  • Tupac Problems - Maino
  • Cried - Hanson
    "Oh yeah You promised not to say a word You promised you would keep it quiet But you and I both knew it It was written all over your face So I cried....Oh yeah The day you said goodbye....Oh yeah So I"
  • Your ma said you cried - Robert Plant
    "Your ma said you cried in your sleep last nightYour ma said you cried in your sleep last nightShould have seen the look in her eyeI had to tell her some little white liesI know I haven't been so true to"
  • Dear Mama - Tupac
    "You are appreciated When I was young me and my mama had beef Seventeen years old kicked out on the streets Though back at the time, I never thought I'd see her face Ain't a woman alive that could"
  • Dear Mama  - Tupac
    "You are appreciated When I was young me and my mama had beef Seventeen years old kicked out on the streets Though back at the time, I never thought I'd see her face Ain't a woman alive that could"
  • Mama Gina - Shellac
    "Oh, My Mama Gina Had a Sister, Angelina. If There Is a Heaven (Though I Think That There's no Heaven) She's Probably Dancing With You... She Liked to Dance; She Would've Liked You. When She Heard You"
  • Mama Tired - Quasi
    "mama tried, daddy did what he could mama cried, they just could not see you they called you names, called you "invisible man" they don't know how it feels to be you dr. jekyll lied, or was that mr hyde? took"
  • R.I.P. Tupac - Master P
    "Artist(Band):Master P (Print the Lyrics) (samples from Tupac albums) Follow me! I see death around the corner (Master P) Ya thought it was over But it's only the beginnig, thug niggas don't die One born"
  • Part 2 Feat. Tupac - Jon B.
    "Johnny "J", 2Pac, Jon B. [2Pac] Part 2 This is for all the homeboys who couldn't get their happy home As long as one of us got it some of us got it Stay down for me, hold on Verse 1: Sometimes"
  • Tupac Shakur (TPS diss) - Avi X Louis Villain
    ""Nikt się nie obsrał, masz tu SB Maffiję, no a młody przeprosił bo popełnił gafę, wciąż się uczy, jeszcze sporo przed nim, a Wy naprawdę musicie czuć się niepotrzebni" to reakcja na bezpodstawne ubliżanie"
  • Tupac Amaru - o pokojowe spo - Włochaty
    "(muz. i text: Jeż) Kolejna Przegrana Bitwa Ale To Nie Koniec Czy Ta Śmierć Była Naprawdę Potrzebna? Nikt Ich Nie Żałuje, Bo To Zwykli Przestępcy Chociaż To Głównie Przez Policję Giną Zakładnicy A Terroryzm"
  • Yesterday Cried - Golden Smog
    "(Johnson) Yesterday is just the day before today Sat and watched it, watched it slide away Yesterday cried. Oh, yesterday cried Looking at me through those tiny eyes Why did you do it, why'd you have to"
  • I Cried - Patti Page
    "It was winter when you told me you were leavin' I cried, I cried, I cried "Please, don't go" Came the springtime with its love song so deceivin' I cried, oh, how I cried, no one will know Then the"
  • She cried - David Hasselhoff
    "And when I told herI didn?t love her anymoreShe cried (she cried)And when I told herHer kisses were not like beforeShe cried (she cried)I thought that our romance was over and doneBut to her it had just"
  • I Cried - Robert Plant
    "I cried, babe - oh, I cried I saw you in a movie - or was it on my wall I never dreamed you'd talk to me - I never dreamed at all You fitted very strongly - you might have changed my life Oh, I was very"
  • He Cried - Morrissey
    "I need you Simple words But words which had never been heard By the soul Stoned to death But still living And so he froze where he stood And he looked to the ground And he cried He cried Ride"
  • Momma Cried - Alison Krauss
    "Momma loved us, every one. Every daughter, every son. She gave herself so happily, That's just the way she was, you see. From dawn to dark she'd find a chore. And work it 'til it was no more. And every"
  • Momma Cried - Alison Krauss & Union Station
    "Momma loved us, every one Every daughter, every son She gave herself so happily That's just the way she was, you see From dawn to dark she'd find a chore And work it 'til it was no more And every day until"

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