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tupac take my hand

  • Tupac joint - Jim Jones
    "Rumors that were said, shot in cold bloodTwo up in my head, can't talk phone buggedSomebody want me dead, but I'm still flossin'I rock my jewelry through the scurriest streetsI keep my ears to the streetsAnd"
  • R.I.P. Tupac - Master P
    "Artist(Band):Master P (Print the Lyrics) (samples from Tupac albums) Follow me! I see death around the corner (Master P) Ya thought it was over But it's only the beginnig, thug niggas don't die One born"
  • Take My Hand - Ben Harper
    "Lord I work to serve you And I hope I've served you well Oh - I've lived a life to join you And now only time will tell Oh - Take my hand when you are worried Take my hand when you're alone Take my hand"
  • Take my hand - The Kelly Family
    "So take my hand, you're all my brothers So take my hand, you're all my sisters So take my hand, we need each other Don't try to walk the road alone. Through the dark, we'll walk together And through the"
  • Take My Hand - Brave Combo
    "Won't take my hand? I'll walk along with you Won't take my hand? I'll walk along with you Won't you take my hand? I'll get you through the night (yeah yeah) Won't you take my hand? It'll be alright I"
  • Take My Hand - Mel Tillis
    "Take my hand and walk with me along life's road in harmony My body's warm my heart is free take my hand and walk with me Take the love I offer you all I want is your love to Happiness is all I see take"
  • Take My Hand - Wayne Toups
    "When I look, at your face Your still as pretty as angel, but there's something outta place What's wrong with you baby, I don't understand, Is it just me or do you want another man? Take my hand, Say you'll"
  • Take My Hand - Calla Lily Band
    "Your sky seems so cloudy I can barely see a single star Your eyes become teary And find yourself hiding in the dark You are not alone Someone's here to play your song Take my hand We'll fly to the sky Close"
  • Take My Hand - Simple Plan
    "Sometimes I feel like everybody's got a problem Sometimes I feel like nobody wants to solve them I know that people say we're never gonna make it But I know we're gonna get through this Close your eyes"
  • Take My Hand - Shakra
    "Days and weeks and years go by You're still the last in line It's time to make your final choice And leave your past behind Tell me what you're waiting for You're only wasting time Have you ever seen"
  • Take My Hand - Goodnight Nurse
    "There's a long way to go And I'm aching to know If what we're doing is right And the feeling plays on my mind I'm torn between extremes Of sacrifice and dreams I met them in between I've sold my soul"
  • Take My Hand - Mark King
    "Ornamental words can't describe the bliss That openness produces Now the flaming heart and the burning kiss No longer need excuses Take my hand I am here for you All is well; we've broken the spell"
  • Take my hand - Level 42
    "Ornamental words can't describe the bliss That openness produces Now the flaming heart and the burning kiss No longer need excuses Take my hand I am here for you All is well; we've broken the spell Take"
  • Take my hand - Brygada Kryzys
    "You say I'm so highsay you can't reach the skytake a good look aroundI'm standing on the groundnext to youhold me tight and fly with me till wereach the skyhold me tight and fly with me till wereach the"
  • Take My Hand - Angela Ammons
    "I need a love to lift me up and I need time to tell me what to do and it's been a long ride, and I can make it through (chorus) all I want and all I need is to be strong can anybody take my hand and let"
  • Take my hand - Dido
    "Touch my skin, and tell me what you're thinking Take my hand, and show me where we're going Lie down next to me, look into my eyes, and tell me -- oh tell me what you're seeing So sit on top of the world,"
  • Take my hand - Starsplash
    "Base in your face!Wohooo!Wohooo!Wohooo!Wohooo!Drop it!Wohooo!Base in your face!Wohooo!Drop it!Take my hand to travel time,So we can run away forever,There's a chance we cross the line,And we can do this"
  • Take My Hand - Olive
    "Leave your mind Far behind Just be free You will see I know now What I found It was here With you near Take my hand To the place We can smile For a while There are clouds We can call Heart's desire You"
  • Take My Hand - BOKKA
    "take my hand and roll with me down to the hill so what that we’re not kids anymore, make a wish I will decide what’s best for you and you’ll decide what’s best for me just for a moment I’ll be you and"
  • Take My Hand - Hey Monday ft. The Cab
    "Calm your nerves now And don't worry, just breathe Are you sure now? Don't bother packing Let's just leave (All of them said) They wanted change I hope that you remain the same To show that this is not"

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