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turn me on markus

  • Ocd - Markus Landgren - Fame Factory
    "They clicker your hair A laugh in your ear Maybe that's all I can give you How will be gone So far away Leave you content with a self-life I've godda know Cause someone been to slow I'm checking your"
  • Turn Me On - Giuffria
    "So we meet again and I just pretend to pass you on by. Your hand is on my switch, like a razor to my wrist. Now I realize... You got a hold on me. You turn me on. You turn me on. Like a fever in my heart,"
  • Turn Me On - Kalle Baah
    "In every human being there's a beating heart One of them beat for you But you'll never find the answer If you But you'll never find the answer If you Coming In the same way like I do Running around In"
  • Turn Me On - The Tubes
    "(Spooner/Steen/Prince/Welnick/Cotten/Anderson/Waybill) Turn me on 'cause I need it now Turn me on 'cause I don't know how Pick me up and shake me Tune me in and take me Lights are bright and the music's"
  • Turn Me On - Tubes
    "(Spooner/Steen/Prince/Welnick/Cotten/Anderson/Waybill) Turn me on 'cause I need it now Turn me on 'cause I don't know how Pick me up and shake me Tune me in and take me Lights are bright and the"
  • Turn me on - Vallee
    "Well, I Can Be Magic Or Tragically Tragic I Can Be Everything Between Us Some Days I'm Frightful Or Awfully Delightful The Consummate Extremist But You Say, Grinning You're Okay With All of the Trimmings"
  • Turn Me On - Atomic Kitten
    "If you like to see me Coz you want to thats OK Coz i can make ya feel Youre gonna need to everyday Youre the one i need the most Shout it out from coast to coast I will never be the same Again and again"
  • Turn Me On - Ambush
    "For The Longest While We Jammin' In The Party And U Went In On Me Pushin' Everything Up Ride Back On Top Of Me (Yeah...) But If U Think You're Gonna Get Away From Me U Better Change Your Mind (Ohh...) You're"
  • Turn Me On - Superheroes
    "I can see your diamond rings and your glamorous pearls I see your pretty face, but I don't care 'Cause you just don't turn me on And when you do that thing with your hand Trying to make me approach you Then"
  • Turn Me On - SHeDAISY
    "(Kristyn Osborn, Jason Deere) Well I can be magic or tragically tragic And I can be everything between us Some days I'm frightful or awfully delightful The consummate extremist But you say, grinning You're"
  • Turn Me On - The Fray
    "There's a sentence on my father On my sister, on my brother There's a terror in the corner That will make your blood run cold And it goes back to my blood line When we tried to walk away But I want you"
  • Turn Me On - Lisa Stansfield
    "(L. Stansfield/I.Devaney/A. Morris) Should I reveal what I'm feeling Should I look into your eyes Or should I just grab you and pull you to me Should I should I should I Do I pretend I don't notice When"
  • Turn Me On - RMXCRW
    "Verse 1] For the longest while we jamming in the Party And you're wining on me Pushing everything Right back on top of me yeah But if you think you're gonna get away from me You better change your mind You're"
  • Turn Me On - James Blunt
    "I'm a boy and she's a girl And we're gonna do this around the world Catch her heart and count to five And remember everybody dies you know, I'm not her friend no, not second best I'll send her home"
  • Turn Me On - Accept
    "I can't wait to get you Down on the dirty floor I know it ain't a place But come on and close the door I'm coming down for pleasure For bradgames all night long Yes, indeed, I wanna have it now All what"
  • Turn Me On - Jay Sean
    "One hand on the ground & Bumper cock sky high Wining hard on me Got the Python Hollerin' for mercy - Yea hey - ai Then I whisper in her ear So wine harder And then she sat on me Boy just push that"
  • Turn me on - 2 Play
    "Oooh,yea...ah ah ah..... Hey yo(hey yo) It's a big dancehall song in know You know it is You know how we go You know For the longest while we're jamming in the party I don't want it on me Pushing everything"
  • Turn Me On - Nina Simone
    "Like a flower waiting to bloom like a light bulb in a dark room I am sitting here waiting for you to come home and turn me on like the desert waiting for rain like a school kid waiting for spring I am"
  • Turn Me On - De/Vision
    "Every day just feels the same Nothing ever happens here I lose myself in reverie Every once in a while Enchain me with your gentle kiss Artificial and clean I lose my tenuous grip on life So it seems Everything"
  • Turn Me On - Mousse T.
    "(Ft Kathleen Chaplin) Get together party people We're gonna change today Grooving like there's no tomorrow Rock the night away Love the jams coming out my speakers DJ daddy play All my people hangin'"

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