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  • Sow low - Weezer
    "Oh It's the world In your eyes Silver spoon Big surprise In the dark yesterdays I will love You some way I need love Babe, I need love And I want you to know So low. In the world, In your dreams Silver"
  • Sow Into You - Roisin Murphy
    "Sow into you Into you Into you What the... What the... Did you do to me Heavy cloud come down on When all of heavens bliss Is in this perfect kiss Rain down on me Bring me a change in the weather"
  • Seed To Sow - Michael W. Smith
    "(chorus in Lugandan) Kimu nkimaanyi Buli muntu alina ensiigo Omutima gwo gukulung 'aamye Buli muntu alina ensiigo Some people quietly reveal In the manner of the meek Some people shout the way they"
  • Much To Sow - Rain
    "There's a woman in a room But she doesn't seem to know that she's alone There's a ringing in her ears But she doesn't dare pick up the telephone There's a dragon in a cage But she doesn't even know that"
  • Oats We Sow - Gregory And The Hawk
    "someday i'll toss all your presents and bury the letters left unsent cause it's bad to do what's easy just cause it's easy and i wanna do what pleases me but i can't the road, she'd roll round the side"
  • Sow The Seeds - Death By Stereo
    "Feels like I'm surrounded by silence Directionless against the wind Feels like I'm surrounded by silence Directionless against the wind Seems like there's no one in my life Feels like the trap I'm in Sometimes"
  • Reap And Sow - Day Of Fire
    "I'm sick of walking in your bad dreams I'm tired of talking up your dancings Its time for me to take a ride And turn it around It's time for you to realize that I'm gonna scream it in your mainstream I'm"
  • Reap What You Sow - Evil Dead
    "As I look into your eyes, I see a dark spiritual being, Then in the darkness, your soul Bleeding, writhing, screaming... Hating, fighting, loathing, reject, The hands of death Take your life away... Search"
  • We Sow The Storm - Farmer Boys
    "you close your eyes and walk out through the open door you fold your hands together on your knees once more the heavens kiss you with a flame it burns your skin but there's no pain and it pours we sow"
  • Wherever You Will Sow - ApologetiX
    "So lately you're wondering who really cares to take Christ's grace Well, Christ taught that seeds of new life get scattered on Earth's face If a grain of wheat shall fall, yeah, fall upon good soil In"
  • Sow The Seed Of Love - Tina Charles
    "So you found yourself another toy Some poor mothers only pride and joy And you took her in your arms And showed her love, love love Yes, you took her in your arms and showed her love Now one day that poor"
  • Reap What You Sow - Lucky Dube
    "We hear you crying So bitterly Trying to get people to help you ye ye But nobody will Your son was brutalizing people everytime. But you said nothing Now it's the time to pay the price It's time to pay"
  • Sow The Seeds Of Discord - Sodom
  • Reap What You Sow - Lennie Moreno
    "3 in the morning and I think about the times when I should've called my mom and I should've called my dad You're always on my mind I should've seen the signs, And now you leave me sad, I'm mad, I tried"
  • Reap What You Sow - The Tiger Lillies
    "He's got to have a hobby He's got to have a vice It's just that his hobby Well, it isn't very nice. He tells you don't tell no-one Or else you're gonna die Scars them for a lifetime And every night they"
  • Remes Cup - Liber
    "Remes Cup Remes Cup, taa Remes Cup, taa To szansa na pierwszy krok Kolejny turniej, kolejny rok (gramy) W duchu sportu prawdziwej walki Cały stadion czeka na bramki Bo to szansa na pierwszy krok Kolejny"
  • Ku chwale Orła Białego - Rafta
    "Ku chwale Orła Białego, klubowe barwy zjednoczymy I choćby nawet padał śnieg, mistrzostwo wywalczymy Ole, ole, ola, oli Polska będzie mistrzem dziś Nie straszni nam Brytyjczycy, ani Hiszpania pełna gwiazd Bo"
  • TOITO - Kaz Bałagane / APmg
    "nie palę brąz la buda show robię ten turniej tour de france robię to triko i skos robię ten bigos i klops ona się pyta czy groch pyta czy wąs mówi że TOITO mówi że TOITO nie palę brąz la buda show robię"
  • Retrocukiernia - TED NEMETH
    "nie składają się te słowa w żadną całość ten chłopiec chce on chce buzi na dobranoc odczytaj je wstecz pluszowa sowa przepraszam cię, ale wybuchła mi głowa Trzymam się sów Bo mam dobry dzień Najlepszy"
  • Tik, tak - Alkatraz
    "Zasnął. Zasnął zmęczony bóg. Amen. Niech śpi. Spokój. Spokój w źrenicach sów. Słowo - To krzyż? GÓWNO! Demony z kart malują art. - w ciemno. Bawią się na końcach rzęs. Tik,"

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